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Shannon Mayer is a USA bestselling author of the Elemental series, Rylee Adamson series and several other urban, mystery and suspense novels. Her love for the paranormal began when she realized that she did not want to grow up believing that magic did not exist. Her love for writing began at a very tender age. She grew up reading books by one Robert Jordan, which were also some of the first fantasies novels she fell in love with mystery ad suspense stories. When Shannon Mayer is not writing, she spends most of her time taking care of old people, herding cattle, practicing archery or staring at the rains. Currently, Shannon Mayer lives with her husband on their farm which is located at the Southwestern of Canada. All in all, one of her most noticeable one of her most noticeable works. In this series, the main character, Riley has been part of Shannon’s life for a very long time. Hence, that is why she decide it was high time to tell her story to the entire.


Priceless is the perfect merger of everything that you should expect in an ideal mystery book; a kickass heroine, an assortment of paranormal activities and a red hot lust relationship. As the first installment in the Riley Adamson series, we are introduced to one Rylee Adamson, who is the main character. Since Riley has been blessed with special gifts, she usually puts them to good use by finding lost children. These kids are those that neither the FBI nor the Police force could find. Apart from Rylee, we are also introduced to another character, O’Shea an FBI agent who is very suspicious of Riley’s success since she always thrives where the entire FBI unit has failed. In addition, O’Shea is also more than determined to prove that Rylee murdered her own little sister. Of course she did not do it but Rylee is not able to see past his prejudice.

The suspicion goes for some time until he is able to take a good look at the things that Riley has to deal on a day to day basis. Eventually, the tables are turned, and Rylee O’Shea has no option but to trust her. With that being said, Riley is your ideal heroine. Apart from having supernatural powers she is fallibly human. One thing that you are going to note while reading the book is that not everything usually goes her way. Irrespective as to whether she is fighting crime or leading high speed car chases or going head to head with magic wielding kidnappers, Rylee is still able to maintain her softness and quiet personality. After she was abandoned by her biological parents, Riley is once again left by her adopted parents. Since she has been left to face the world alone, Rylee decides to dedicate her to help those who might be in need.

Her dedication goes much deeper than rescuing missing children; she becomes a beacon to those who are in need. This in turn adds an unanticipated amount of emotional surprise to the story-line. Apart from adding the unanticipated emotional element of surprise to the storyline, the author also achieves a perfect balance between antagonism, lust, and affection. This is clearly achieved through the relationship between the two main characters, Riley and O’Shea. With that said, the world building and character development was exceptionally executed by the author. Shannon is simply one of those writers who tend to get better with each book.


As a sequel to the first installment, Immune is not only entertaining but also funny and sexy. Despite the fact that it is a short read, under 200 pages, the author has gone an extra mile to ensure that there isn’t even a single wasted moment. Apart from being a tracker, Rylee is also immune to almost all magical attacks. She has the supernatural ability to find anyone, anyplace. Irrespective of her supernatural abilities to find people, she just cannot locate one of the most important person in her life who is now missing for more than 10 years. Ever since her sister went missing, Rylee has been using her abilities to find missing children and fight bad guys. Whether dead or alive, Rylee usually brings them home and many at times it is not usually a happy ending.

After the events that transpired in the first book, O’Shea now believes that Rylee is an amazing and dedicated woman who has nothing to do with her missing sister. In this installment, O’Shea joins the arcane division of the FBI and is more than determined to ensure that Riley becomes his partner. At this point in her life, Riley has a lot of things to deal with including her own insecurities and a nasty venom killer who is after her life. As they work together, the two become great sidekicks. Hence, they eventually grow closer. Apart from having a lot of action, this book has a great deal of sexuality and a great cast of characters including demos, day walkers, vampires, werewolves, witches, and psychics. Furthermore, each of the mysteries is a section of a larger plot-line that will unquestionably grab your attention.

Raising Innocence

Being the third installment of the series, Raising Innocence begins where the last novel left off. The lovable, take no crap character, Rylee once again hits a dead wall while trying to solve another supernatural case. All the other important characters, such as Evie, Alex O’Shea, and Faris are all back in this installment but this time some new prenatural creatures. Raising innocence begins as Riley is trying to deal with her loss ad betrayal. Her best friend, Milly is not what she claims to be while her partner Liam has disappeared. Despite everything that is happening in her life, Riley’s services are still required by the arcane division since there are several children who have gone missing. But the good news is that the FBI have presented her with a rare opportunity of meeting someone like her though the tracker is dying. All in all, she is totally stunned to find out that she is not the only one with such abilities. Like all the previous installments, she finds herself fighting against some very powerful adversaries from both sides of the pool.

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