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Publication Order of Rylie Cruz Books

How to Date a Werewolf (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Date a Vampire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Date a Demon (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Date a Witch (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Date a Mermaid (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Marry a Werewolf (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American writer of thriller, mystery and romance novels, the novelist Rose Pressey has been writing for a number of years now. With a whole host of different books, she is well known for her versatile and highly unique take on the field of genre fiction. Creating suspense and intrigue, she’s always sure to keep her readers engaged throughout and guessing right until the very end. One such series that many are now enjoying is that of her Rylie Cruz series, a franchise which is currently growing in popularity. Following the eponymous character of its leading title, it tells the story of how Rylie Cruz must deal with becoming a werewolf and the havoc that this plays on her love-life. Not only that, but she also runs a dating service called ‘Get a Mate Dating Service’, which she uses to help others like her find love.

Dealing with paranormal matchmaking, Rylie Cruz comes into contact with supernatural beings of all shapes and sizes. With over four books in the series so far and counting, there’s stories looking at such beings as witches, demons, vampires and werewolves. All these combine to ensure that she’s really got her work cut out for her, as she tries to make a success of her business despite the odds.

How To Date A Werewolf

Originally brought out through the ‘Magical Press’ label, this title was first released on the 15th of February in 2011. Setting up the ongoing Rylie Cruz franchise, this managed to build the sense of tone and atmosphere for the series to follow. It also worked at establishing the characters and overall premise of the series, allowing the readers to get more involved and engaged overall.

With imaginative ideas and an easy-going bubbly narrative, the overall style of this series is accessible for anybody looking for a light fun read. Whilst the paranormal element might be fairly fantastical, the story itself is very grounded, allowing its readers to relate to it easily. Using universal themes such as love and friendship, it takes basic ideas and makes them work within its fantastical setting. The location itself is also brought to life, as it’s very clear that Pressey has a definite affinity for the areas described in the novel. Taking place in New Orleans, it all happens in the French Quarter there, allowing the somewhat Gothic ambiance to come into effect more. Creating a character in of itself almost, the locations are used extremely well and play of Rylie and whatever predicament she is facing. In regards to the character of Rylie Cruz herself, she is a headstrong individual just trying to find her place in the world. Whilst she may have magical powers, with her ancestry of werewolves forming her legacy, she is still grounded and rooted in reality. This is something that her many readers have also come to appreciate as well, as there’s something universal about her character that allows people to relate to her easily.

Inflicted with a family curse, Rylie feels that she’ll never be able to find true love, so she dedicates others similarly afflicted. Setting up the ‘Get A Mate Dating Service’ she goes about matchmaking local werewolves who are feeling lonely in their love lives. Soon, though, she begins to feel that the curse may be lifted, as she starts to feel that she is falling for one of her clients. Will this spell a new breed of danger, though? What is her secret? Can she find out how to date a werewolf?

How To Date A Vampire

Initially published in 2011 through the ‘Magical Press’ publishing house once again, this was first brought out on the 13th of December. Marking the second title in the ongoing Rylie Cruz series of novels, this continues from where the last left off, as it provides another adventure for the lovelorn protagonist. Following in much the same style and tone of the original as well, it also manages to provide some twists and turns along the way.

With some great jokes once again, this sequel has a lot of the now signature wit that many have come to expect from Rose Pressey as a writer. The ideas about love and relationships are also all there as well, as they allow the reader to get invested in the characters on a deeper level. Caring for them and where they end up, the cast of this series starts to feel somewhat more familiar over the course of the franchise. Set in New Orleans once again as well, it manages to bring the city to life once again as well, further establishing it and developing it overall. The city itself becomes a character almost in of itself again, allowing it to flourish, as Pressey takes the scope even wider this time. Being instrumental in the course of the narrative, the main hub of the story takes place in and around the French Quarter based estate as before, but this time the narrative is also taken beyond as well. Rylie Cruz herself is also back once again to deal with the problem at hand using her magic and powers of deduction, along with her now trademark wit.

Now with her ‘Get A Mate Dating Service’ fully underway and catering to the supernatural, things seem to be looking up for Rylie Cruz. With the curse apparently lifted she can start dating again herself, or so she thinks as another obstacle now lies in her path to happiness. Attacked by vampires her handsome new psychiatrist boyfriend Jack Chandler has found himself in the thick of it with all manner of supernatural entities. Will she get to be with him? What is the truth behind it all? Can she learn how to date a vampire?

The Rylie Cruz Series

There’s a lot of room for this particular series to keep on expanding upon its original and highly inventive premise. Episodic in nature, it tells fun self-contained stories that are witty and engaging, keeping their readers entertained throughout. With a lot more to come yet, and an omnibus edition already containing the first three novels, it appears that Rose Pressey won’t be stopping this successful series anytime soon.

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