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S.A. McEwen is a thriller, mystery, and psychology author who has made a reputation for herself writing gritty and nuanced fiction that explores human relationships and how fast they can turn dark.
As a qualified social worker and educator on the mental health of youth, these are things that she is well qualified to talk about.

In addition to her fiction writing and social work, she is also the mother to two rambunctious boys and a puppy.

Scott McEwen currently makes her home in San Diego, California, from where she embarked on her fiction writing journey even as she practiced law.

Scott was brought up in the Eastern Oregon Mountain and used to be an eagle scout. She used to take any opportunity he could get to hunt, fish and hike. Later on, she went to Oregon, where he graduated with an undergraduate degree.
Following her graduation, she worked and studied extensively in London, England. Scott provides support and works with several military charitable organizations.

One of the most prominent of these organizations includes the Navy SEAL Fund, the Navy SEAL Foundation, and the SEAL Team Foundation.

Given that the war on terror exists in both fiction and fact. Moreover, hard women and men have to fight their battles every day, and Scott could not have been more proud to chronicle the fight.

“The Good Daughter” by S.A. McEwen introduces Natalie who is not your ordinary character as she is a woman of color that was brought up in Australia as the child of Sri Lankan immigrants.

She now works as a sex worker and due to her race and job, Natalie often feels adrift and alone. She keeps herself apart from everyone and even her family cannot penetrate her shell.
She never allows herself to get into any romantic entanglements and since she rarely comes out of her shell, she hardly has any friends.

But then she meets a white, wealthy, and handsome man named Griffin who not only wants her but in fact sees her as a valuable person. However, since she is so closed off, a connection is almost impossible even though he still persists.
Despite her nature, she begins to fall for the man only for two tragedies to make an appearance. Natalie begins to spiral but he will not let her go until she breaks and begins to let him in.

One of these tragedies is the murder of her colleague and best friend’s boyfriend. Soon enough she realizes that the cops are not interested in resolving the murder and she embarks on her own investigation only to find a shocking truth.

S.A. McEwen’s novel “Good Girl Bad” is the story of Rebecca Giovanni that has been living a great life. She has a new husband who is a lot better than the old one, a dream job, and two beautiful daughters from her previous husband.
She completely trusted her husband until she woke up to find the man and her sixteen-year-old are not in the house. The front door was left wide open and their dog was killed.

The police have been making some bizarre insinuations but Rebecca will never believe that Tabby and Leroy left the house and went away willingly. Blended families are a lot of work but she believes she has been doing a stellar job so far.
Moreover, she does not believe either her husband or daughter would leave without their wallets and phones. But where could they be and what strange thing happened on the night they went missing?

Meanwhile, her ex-husband seems to be hiding something and is cagey about his whereabouts on the night in question even as her daughter has also been acting very strange.

“The Lost Boy” by S.A. McEwen tells a kidnapping story of a four-year-old that went missing from the yard where he was supposed to be watched by his mother.

Of course, the mother is devastated alongside his father. While they wait for news in the investigation their relationship showcases all its ugliness and complexity.

Olivia has been the perfect mother and wife, even though she had been contemplating divorce. Nick is an adoring father and spouse who has nevertheless been cheating on his wife with someone very close to the family.

Nick has a teen son from a previous marriage who may have psychopathic tendencies that has recently come to live with them. Olivia has a dark past as her son happens not to be the first in her family to go missing.

Taking everything into consideration, it makes for a cohesive fabric fill with complex relationships where love and redemption triumph in the end.

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