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Publication Order of Home Fires Books

Keep the Home Fires Burning (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Woman's War (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Woman's Courage (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Keep the Home Fires Burning Books

Spitfire Down! (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Woman's Work (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strangers Among Us (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Soldier Returns (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Simon Block who writes Sagas as S. Block is a producer, screenwriter, and author that is best known as the key writer of “The Physician.”] The author was born in 1966 and received a normal education before he decided to pursue a career in scriptwriting.
He would, later on, turn his love for scriptwriting into the writing of Sagas fiction. As a Sagas fiction author, his best-known work has to be “Home Fires,” the popular ITV series inspired by Julie Summers.

For several years, he was the lead writer on the TV series until it was ultimately canceled. When the series was canceled he decided to continue writing it as fiction and hence was born the “Home Fires” and the “Keep the Home Fires Burning” series of novels.

He got his start on the TV show working with Julia Summers who was writing the work finding inspiration from her novel that had then become very popular. 10 episodes into the show, Block would become promoted to main writer, a role that he held for years.
During his time working on the series, he would make it into one of ITV’s biggest TV shows ever. In addition to his work on the Home Fires series on ITV, he has been a key writer on many TV shows and series such as Hotel Babylon.

In fact, he has writing credits for at least three episodes of the popular TV show. In 2015, he would pen at least five episodes for” A.D. The Bible Continues” the TV series. He is credited for writing “The Spirit Arrives,” “The Body is Gone” and “The Tomb is Open.”
The BAFTA Award-winning author has also worked writing shows that have been on ABC and NBC. He is also credited with writing on blockbuster shows such as “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries,” “Hotel Babylon,” and “Wire in the Blood.”

S. Block’s novel “Keep the Home Fires Burning” is set during one of the darkest hours in British history and features an extraordinary group of women striving to protect their homeland. Things will change forever when a plane crashes in the small town of Great Paxford.
The leads in the novel are joined by Miriam Brindsley, Frances Barden, Pat Simms, and Sarah Collingborne. These work with the Women’s Institute of Great Paxford to work through a calamitous event.

Through their actions, they seek to show that women can collaborate to surmount some of the greatest challenges thrown at them.
When her factory is shut down, Frances finds herself struggling even as some secret child her husband had turned up at her door. Pat got some respite when her husband who had been very abusive went to fight the war but he recently returned.
Nick and Teresa are newlyweds who are dealing with a lot of pressure given some dark secret Teresa is hiding. In the meantime, the Campbell family has their lives upended after a chronic illness runs its course.
As for Alison, she has been finding new purpose working with a huge influx of strangers in Great Paxford.

Through everything, the women’s institute provides camaraderie and support. Will this be enough to help them power through the war?

“A Woman’s War” by S. Block continues to follow the women of Great Paxford. They always draw their strength from each other, particularly during the very dark days of the Second World War.

The work is set in 1940 where the little village has experienced a lot of changes since the breakout of the war. Many have lost loved ones, some no longer have homes while some are prisoners of war even as others are fighting inner battles they dare not speak about.
Teresa, Frances, Steph, Erica, Pat, and Sarah each have their secrets and stories to tell. At the opening of the story, Frances is the leader of the Women’s Institute.

She has been charged with dealing with the many events in the lives of the women who have been ravaged by war.

She happens to be a natural-born leader, even though she comes across as brusque in some instances. Nonetheless, she always has the interests of her fellow women at heart.

She tells of the crash landing of the Spitfire, which destroyed the homes of the Campbells and the Simms. She tells of the death of their local general practitioner and how much grief his death had caused.

Frances speaks of the German pilot that was discovered after he bailed out of his plane and was then shot by a farmer. Throughout the telling, the village needs to find the strength they need by coming together to help each other through the war.

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