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Time to Say Goodbye (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
If Ever I Fall (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stand By Me (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Sister’s Lies (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Save a Life (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Daughter’s Choice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Playground (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

S.D. Robertson is a romance and general fiction author. He used to work as an editor for a local newspaper before he left to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming a novelist. As a teenager, he went to the University of Manchester from where he graduated with a degree in literature and English. Since then, he had spent years living in Australia, Holland, and France, where he worked diverse roles such as mobile phone network engineer, holiday rep, train cleaner, and door to door salesman. His inquisitive nature and love for writing soon led him back to university where he studied journalism. He then worked for several papers in Greater Manchester and Lancashire and he rose from the lowly position of trainee intern to become editor in just four years. He would hold that position for four more years before looming cutbacks got him to quit. The life-changing decision gave him the opportunity he needed to start penning his novels even as he now had the time to spend with his family. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in a small town near Manchester. The bestselling author has had his novels top the ranks on the Amazon Kindle To 100 and USA Today. When he is not writing his novels, he is watching films especially romantic comedies, or engaging in other delights such as spicy pizza, gadgets, posh burgers, squash, coffee, and tea.

Robertson writes because he just loves it when other people read and enjoy his stories. Writing is also something that he had always loved to do as a way of focusing his mind and processing his thoughts. He also finds that his best expression comes when he is writing rather than doing any other activity. As such, writing is something that he sees himself always doing. He first realized he wanted to be an author when he was but a primary school kid. S.D. had always been a bookworm and dreamed of one day becoming a writer of stories that people wanted to read. He had read a lot of novels over the years but then had gone into a rut where he did not read or finish a book for several years. The big turnaround came when in the late 1990s he got into a Newspaper Journalism course and thought he should leverage it to learn the skills to become a professional writer. But what he practiced as a journalist was very different from his later career as an author. Robertson never knew he was cut out for a life as an author until he had signed up for Avon Harper Collins though he always fantasized about it. Nonetheless, he always had faith it would one day happen since he would never have finished his manuscript and pitched it without believing in himself.

When SD Robertson left his job as an editor, his first piece of work was a novel chronicling his experiences as a journalist. After too many rejections for the manuscript from publishers and literary agents, she put it in a drawer and went back to re-strategize. But his hard work finally paid off when he was called by an agent of Avon HarperCollins that said they were interested in publishing Time to Say Goodbye his debut novel. It was the inspiration he needed to push forward and continue pursuing his dream of becoming a professional author. However, just like any other novelist, he still has his moments of doubt especially when he gets stuck. Nonetheless, he now understands that overcoming insecurities is part of becoming a professional, which he now is with more than five novels to his name. Surrounding himself with people who encourage and believe in him has also been a huge help.

SD Robertson’s “Time to Say Goodbye” opens to the death of William Curtis a biker that just had an accident. Will had been a single father to Ella a beautiful six-year-old. Alice his wife was deceased while giving birth to Ella and this had brought Will and his daughter so close and he had promised he would always be by her side. But there are things he has no control over and his promise is broken when he has an accident on his bike going to pick up Ella from her school. The accident robs Ella of an adoring father who is all that she has. However, he turns into a spirit immediately after the accident and can see everything and everyone around him. No one in his former world can see him, though his spiritual guide soon comes onto the scene and recommends that he move on to the other side fast. Leaving his daughter all alone is something he is very reluctant to do though if he does not make the decision, he may end up stuck on Earth when he should be in Heaven.

“If I Ever Fall” by SD Robertson is a story with three distinct storylines. There is Maria who writes stream of consciousness letters to Sam informing her of what is happening in the present and about her family life. Each letter moves forward in time as we learn more about Maria and Sam’s relationship and lives. Besides other things, Maria is afflicted with OCD and through her letters, we get a glimpse into how compulsive a person with the condition can be. On the other hand, is Dan whose narration is very awkward as time goes back every time he tells his story. It is going back towards an event that occurred several years past. Dan and Maria were once upon a time man and wife but now that they are no longer together, they are dealing with similar issues in their own unique fashion. Lastly, is the story of a man who is an amnesiac, which means that the only thing he knows is what he is told by his house mater the retired Dr. Miles. He often gets back flashes of his memory but his story just goes on to show how hard it can be to live a life where you don’t know where you are or who you are. He has to trust that what someone who always seems to be a stranger tells him is true.

SD Robertson’s “Stand By Me” is the intriguing story of Elliot and Lisa who have been the best of friends since childhood. Lisa the sporty, bright, and popular of the two had always defended Elliot when she was targeted by bullies who made her life miserable. For her help, Elliot has always been thankful. Two decades later, they are no longer in each other’s lives and it is Lisa who is having it rough. Her teenage kids are being secretive, her marriage is on the rocks and she is forever tired and cannot think straight. As such, when her old friend Elliot darkens her doorstep looking much better than his younger self, she is full of delight and excitement. With her friend back by her side, she is seeing light at the end of the tunnel. As their bond becomes stronger, she realizes that she had missed him so much and hopes they will never be separated again. But then something happens to spoil everything.

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