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About S.E. Lynes
A British writer, Susie Lynes, or S.E. Lynes as she’s professionally known, is best regarded for her mystery thriller and suspense novels. Delving into the darker aspects of the human psyche, she really gets under the skin of the reader, making for some highly creepy reading. Many of her stories are psychological thrillers, as they speak with a deep level of insight not seen to such a great degree in the genre.

Making the format very much her own too, she has her characters essentially speak for themselves, as they come alive off the page. Drawing her audience in with her dark and intoxicating ambiance, she creates an atmosphere that’s quite unlike any other. This has proven to be hugely successful, and her work has a lingering quality that really pushes the genre to its limit. Constantly turning the page to see what comes next, she keeps her readers hooked at every turn, something she’ll continue for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in Warrington in the UK, S.E. Lynes would grow up with a strong passion in both reading and writing. This would develop throughout the years on into her adult career, working as a producer, whilst always focusing on her own work creatively. Becoming more adept as a writer, she’d continue to push herself, refining and honing her voice as an artist and author.

Studying at Leeds, she’d soon graduate, before later going on to receive an MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University as well. This would see her gaining the credentials she needed to continue in her own writing, becoming the well regarded novelist she currently is today. Her interest would primarily be in mysteries and thrillers, something which would stay with her throughout much of her life.

Following her education she’d go on to tutor creative writing herself, but not before moving around somewhat herself first. Going to live in Aberdeen with her husband following this, she would then go on to work as a radio producer working for the BBC. This would then see her moving with her family to Rome, which is where she would begin to write full-time for herself.

This now continues to this very day, as she carries on writing, living with her family, and always on the lookout for her next big idea. Lecturing Creative Writing at Richmond Adult Community College, she continues to mentor from her family home in Teddington. Constantly seeking new inspiration, she’s constantly developing herself and her writing, something that will go on for some time yet.

Writing Career:
In 2016 S.E. Lynes would come out with her first novel titled Valentina, which would be a stand-alone thriller novel. With psychological elements burning underneath throughout, it managed to sustain a subdued and creepy tone for its duration.. There’s a dark ambiance that worked extremely well, and it’s one that Lynes would become highly adept at over the course of her career.

Lynes would opt for stand-alone titles, not really focusing on series as such, although they’d all be somewhat similar thematically. Enjoying more psychological thrillers overall, she’d focus on character mainly, steering her stories with a slow gradual burn. This would help to maintain a growing sense of unease, something that she would become a master in over the years.

Along with all of this she’s also gone on to write and publish three children’s books in Italy, clearly displaying her versatility as an author. Largely though, she focuses on thrillers, drawing inspiration from writers such as Patricia Highsmith and Gillian Flynn to name but a few. This has led to her establishing her own style, creating a tone that is all very much her own with its brooding air.

Receiving acclaim internationally the world over, she’s been a hit with both the public and the critics in equal measure. A bestseller in a number of different countries, she’s fast becoming a household for many both young and old. With a lot more to come there’s plenty planned upon the horizon, with her writing career carrying on into the foreseeable future.
Initially released through the Blackbird Digital Books publishing outlet, this would first come out in 2016 on the 1st of July. Published entirely as a stand-alone novel, it would not be a part of any series as such, with its own self-contained mystery. Working as a psychological thriller, it provides a high level of suspense, and this would be the first novel to introduce Lynes as a fully fledged author.

Moving to the rural countryside of Aberdeenshire, the Glasgow journalist Shona McGilvery believes all her dreams to have finally come true. That is until her partner Mikey is working away offshore all the time, leaving her to contend with the rural expanse by herself, slowly driving her mad. Then she meets her new friend Valentina, and Shona feels she’s happy again, but then secrets begin to unfold, and her friendship might not be all it seems. What’s the secret that’s being hidden? Are they really both friends? Will she be able to uncover the truth behind Valentina?

Can You See Her?
Brought out through the Bookouture publishing label this time, this would also be a stand-alone title from Lynes. Providing another self-contained mystery thriller, it would take on psychological dimensions too, following in much the same vein as her previous books. First published on the 22nd of April in 2020, it would be a huge success upon its release, bringing in readers both new and old from all over.

There was a time when Rachel Ryder would turn everyone’s head, with her being a striking individual that drew attention everywhere. Now it seems she’s almost invisible, living a life of quiet domesticity, married to her husband, not being noticed at all it feels like. Then she does something completely unexpected of her, something that really turn everyone’s heads once again, as she finds herself being questioned as to whether she’s killed someone. Did she really do it? Could she actually manage to do it? What will happen now everyone asks ‘can you see her’?

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