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About S.G. Redling

S.G. Redling is an American author of thrillers. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and has been a radio host for fifteen years, entertaining the people of Huntington WV and its surroundings. After closing up her microphone for the last time, she has moved on to writing thrillers, mysteries, and urban fantasy.

She is an extremely talented writer. Her characters are complex but easy to relate to, and her protagonists are strong, determined and witty. Her stories have a unique flair that make them enjoyable and entertaining to read, and her gift for creating compelling stories with engaging narratives is remarkable.

With a great passion for crafting taut narratives, her writing is always fresh, captivating, and full of suspense. She has a knack for creating suspenseful stories that draw the reader in and keep them guessing until the very end, and is especially skilled at creating complex yet believable characters and plots that pull the reader in and provide the perfect backdrop for her stories. Her writing is full of suspense and tension which keeps the reader guessing until the very last page, and in addition to that, her skill at creating tension and suspense is insurmountable, as she also has a strong sense of structure and pacing when crafting her stories. This ensures that her stories have a natural flow and her characters and plots are consistent throughout.

When she isn’t writing, S.G. loves to paint, travel, and challenge herself to learn new things. She has an appreciation for different cultures, and tries to make the most of any opportunity to explore them. She also enjoys a good laugh, especially when it comes to embarrassing herself with her attempts at speaking Italian.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in West Virginia, SG Redling was a voracious reader from an early age. She was inspired by the books she read, and developed a passion for writing from them. As a teen, Redling was an active contributor to a number of literary magazines, and she continued to write even during college, where she earned a degree from Georgetown.

After graduating, Redling took a job at WKEE-FM as a morning radio host, where she stayed for 15 years. During this time, she gained experience in radio and a better understanding of the industry, as well as an increased appreciation for the craft of writing.

In recent years, Redling has returned to her earlier passion of writing, and has become a successful author of thrillers, mysteries and urban fantasy. She has penned numerous novels, including the best-selling ‘Flowertown’ and ‘The Widow File.’ Redling is still very active in the literary world, and in her free time enjoys travelling, learning languages, tasting wine and gardening. She resides in her home state of West Virginia.

Writing Career

Maggie James is an American thriller author who has written a variety of series and stand-alone novels. She published her first book, ‘Flowertown,’ in 2012. Two years later, her second novel, ‘Damocles,’ was released.

In 2014, Maggie started her Dani Britton series with her novel ‘The Widow File.’ This was followed by Redemption Key, the second book in the series, in the same year. The third and final installment of the series, Trigger, was released in 2019.

Maggie also wrote the Nahan series, which consists of two books: ‘Ourselves’ and ‘The Reaches.’ The first installment was released in 2015 and the second followed in 2018. Her stand-alone novels include ‘Baggage’ and ‘At Risk,’ both of which were released in 2016.

Maggie James has proven to be a successful author. Her books have been well-received by readers, making her a popular name in the thriller genre. She continues to write and publish new works, making her an author to watch out for.


S.G. Redling’s stand-alone conspiracy thriller novel ‘Flowertown’ was published on April 3rd 2012 by Thomas & Mercer. It was the first novel to be published by the author and received critical acclaim for its unique take on the conspiracy thriller genre. Readers praised the book for its thrilling plot and engaging characters, making it a exciting adventure to read.

The small town of Flowertown is a US Army medically maintained quarantine built to contain the survivors of a dangerous pesticide spill. Those survivors are dosed with powerful drugs and are not allowed to leave. Ellie Cauley, one of the survivors, finds her life changed as she and her paranoid best friend begin to suspect a conspiracy lurking within the walls of Flowertown. What secrets is Flowertown hiding and why?

‘Flowertown’ is a captivating and thrilling read that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

The story follows Ellie Cauley and her best friend, stuck in the quarantine of Flowertown. The town is an army-maintained quarantine, created to contain the survivors of a dangerous pesticide spill. The pair quickly become suspicious of the secrets being hidden away in the mysterious town.

The story is full of thrilling twists and turns that will keep readers guessing. The suspense is palpable as the reader follows Ellie and her friend on their journey of discovery. It’s a gripping, fast-paced read with a satisfying ending.

Overall, ‘Flowertown’ is an exciting and suspenseful read. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a thrilling story full of secrets and conspiracies, with plenty of mysterious secrets are hidden away, lurking just beneath its surface.

The Widow File

The conspiracy thriller novel “The Widow File” was released on November 5th, 2013 once again through the publisher Thomas & Mercer. This was the first installment of the ‘Dani Britton’ series and was met with critical acclaim. The novel has since gone on to be a bestseller and launch the author’s literary career.

Dani’s uncanny ability to uncover secrets makes her the perfect asset for a security firm. But when her coworkers are murdered, her newest case takes a deadly turn. Now Dani must outwit a ruthless hit man while uncovering the truth behind the Widow File. With only wits and a bag of random investigation materials, can Dani survive long enough to discover who wanted her dead?

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