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About S. Isabelle

A gifted storyteller with much to offer, S. Isabelle has been garnering a lot of critical and commercial success for some time now. Showing a clear sense of imagination in her work, she has taken an innovative approach to writing fantasy, really making it her own in the process. Pushing the format forwards in new and interesting directions, she has made it fully her own, saying something different and unique. Largely appealing to a Young Adult demographic, she’s known for her creative and intelligent style of writing that really delivers on every level.

Understanding her audience well at this point, she offers just what they’re looking for, while also remaining true to herself. With fun and engaging premises coupled with creative and compelling characters and situations, she’s a skilled professional in complete control of her craft. Allowing her work to essentially speak for itself, she brings it to life upon the page, delivering something quite different in the process. Writing in a straightforward manner as well, she immediately gets to the point, providing a clear and articulate vision with her fiction.

A key aspect of her work is that of her characterisations, as they feel wholly real upon the page, allowing the reader to feel as if they really know them. Making a lasting impact upon the audience, her protagonists have a real presence, feeling wholly real and authentic for the reader. Getting to know them over the course of her stories, they remain with the reader long after they’ve put the book down. There’s also a clear message underlying each of her stories as well, as Isabelle makes sure to say something important and unique.

Highly accessible, she’s an easy writer to get into, yet it’s equally as difficult to put one of her books down, as it’s definitely addictive reading. Compelling and entertaining in equal measure, she balances the tone perfectly against the story she’s writing and what she’s saying. With so much more to come still, she isn’t going to be finishing her literary career any time soon either, as she’s clearly a writer to watch in the years to follow.

Early and Personal Life

Always an avid reader with a large amount of books, Sophie Isabelle would be keenly interested in writing from an early age. Developing this as a craft throughout the years, she would come to find her own distinctive voice and approach to writing as an art-form. Dedicating herself to her passion for writing, she would also work on fully establishing her now trademark brand with its own style and tone. Drawing a lot of her inspiration from her own life, she put it into her love of the fantasy genre, giving it her own idiosyncratic flair.

Attending university, she would receive a Master’s degree in library science, as she would continue to write throughout much of her adult education. Extending that learning into her position working within a youth librarianship position, she would gain a vast amount of experience within her field. While writing she would also take the time out to enjoy baseball and TV, all while searching for her next big idea to write about. Currently still writing and working to this very day, she has a lot books planned for release upon the horizon, as she continues writing into the future.

Writing Career

The first short-story that S. Isabelle would write was titled ‘Break,’ which she would write for the anthology titled ‘Foreshadow: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading and Writing YA.’ Releasing this would allow people to know who she was, as she went on to find her audience. Reaching readers far and wide, her work would appeal to an international audience, with her writing relating to a wide-range. Typically beginning with a single scene, she will allow her imagination to grow around that, building upon the premise to establish a full story or novel.

It was in early 2022 that she would write her very first full-novel, releasing ‘The Witchery,’ which would be a YA fantasy novel. A stand-alone title it wouldn’t be a part of any series as such, making it instantly accessible for younger readers to explore. Looking at stories from multiple different perspectives, she examines a story from all angles, gaining a full understanding of what’s taking place. Maintaining a presence both offline and on, she will continue to find a worldwide following, as more and more discover her work every day.

The Witchery

Originally coming out in 2022 on the 26th of July, this would be the first book for S. Isabelle as an author of Young Adult fiction. A fantasy story aimed at younger readers, it was first brought out through the ‘Scholastic’ publishing imprint to much acclaim. The book itself is completely stand-alone, with an entirely self-contained narrative, making it more than ideal for a casual and engaging read.

Taking place in Haelsford, Florida, the story opens with a hellmouth that’s situated there, which the young witch Logan believes is there. Attempting to control her powers, she finds herself in witchtown ready to attend a new school year at the prestigious Mesmortes Coven Academy. Finding herself within the Infamous Red Three once there, she meets witches Iris, Jailah, and Thalia, and they all attempt to build upon the truce between witches and humans. Will they be able to work together, can they end the Wolves’ reign of terror finally, and what is going to finally become of the Witchery?

It’s a fun story with a lot of inventive twists and turns, really making the most of its creative and entertaining premise. There’s so much to enjoy here, from the well-written characters, to the expertly handled world-building going on in the background. Easy to read as well, the story flows along at a casual pace, carrying the reader along with its well managed sense of momentum and pace.

The characters themselves are also very well handled, as they feel fully three-dimensional, almost speaking directly to the reader in a sense. Constantly keeping the reader guessing as to what’s coming next, it has plenty to ensure the reader keeps turning the page. Really setting the tone for Isabelle’s literary career, it shows that there’s definitely a lot of potential to carry on for many years yet.

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