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Whatever. (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

S.J. Goslee is an American author of fiction. She writes young adult novels about teenagers that anyone can read! She also indulges in fan fiction from time to time, mostly centering around werewolves.

Goslee also enjoys creating and reading run on sentences, way too many commas, and alternative rock and anything involving dogs from hanging out with them to funny dog videos online. She shares a large number of pets with her family, which includes her husband and their two songs together. She resides just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She is online but admits that she is terrible at both digital and real life encounters! She apologizes to any readers that she has met in real life. She says that she spends a small amount of time daily on the site Tumblr and you can find her checking in about once a month when it comes to her Twitter account.

Goslee officially became a published author with the release of her book Whatever. The book came out in 2016 and was published by Roaring Book Press. Her next book is titled How Not To Ask a Boy to Prom. The full name of her debut novel details how junior year totally gets messed up for one student, while the second novel deals with the story of how a gay student works up the courage to ask another guy to go with him to prom.

Whatever is the first full length fictional novel in the young adult genre from author S.J. Goslee! This immediate classic blends drama and comedy seamlessly, telling the story of a young teen boy who one day figures out that he’s gay. He always identified as a slacker, but somehow, he thinks this is going to rock his world and force him to challenge his identity in this humorous YA book.

In this debut novel, readers get to meet the main character of Michael Tate. Mike is your average guy and there’s not that much about his life that sets him apart from anyone else. He likes to hang out with his band, which isn’t that good but it gives them all a reason to enjoy some affordable beer and listen to music.

Other than that, they all just kind of spend time trying to fill it with things they like. Besides being in a band, Mike also frequents parking lots, trying out new tricks on his skate board. He also happens to have a girlfriend, so there’s that. They’ve always been good friends, but one day she decides that it’s time for their relationship to come to an end.

Lisa breaks up with Mike and he’s lost without the person who knows him the best being by his side. He’s sad, but he also knows that there’s something to all of this that makes sense. Mike could be on the verge of a realization that is going to totally change his world and perhaps it will be so humongous that nothing will ever be the same again.

He’s on the verge of some type of realization, and now he has to deal with prom. He has been put up to be a part of the homecoming court and can hardly turn it down. It feels like he doesn’t even know what’s real anymore, and he’s not sure if this is a normal part of how you should feel when you have been dumped. Is this what heartache does to you?

Being gay in the modern age is tough, and what’s funny is that Mike actually has no idea that he’s gay. But he’s starting to realize that maybe his sexual orientation is not exactly what he thought it was, and there’s more to his sense of self identity than just being a boarder or a slacker.

With high school feeling less like a place to learn and grow and more like the end of the world, Mike is dealing with the equivalent of the apocalypse. He’s starting to have thoughts that aren’t exactly straight, and on top of that he has to deal with being publicly elected to a dance court and having to deal with annoying cheerleaders on top of all of that, he has a lot to contend with.

Mike has to deal with issues that thousands of gay teens that are coming of age have to contend with. He always thought that everything about his life was so constant– until he started to realize that maybe he does have something about himself that he has never realized or admitted to himself before.

Can he adjust to his new sense that he might be gay? Would his friends and his family support him if he did figure out his sexual identity at last, or would this be the last thing that an average guy in high school needs? Tune in to find out by picking up Whatever from new young adult genre writer S.J. Goslee.

How Not to Ask a Boy to Prom is the second fictional full length novel from Goslee. Meet another new character in this compelling second YA book from this dynamic author named Nolan Grant.

Nolan is sixteen years old and your average student enrolled in high school. Other than the fact that he’s gay, of course. He is also still in the virgin category as he’s never gotten active in that way. That would be pretty much impossible because he hasn’t had the big moment of being kissed. He has never even had someone that he called his boyfriend.

Penn Valley has tons of options when it comes to boyfriend prospects– oh wait, no it doesn’t. Nolan is freaked out beyond belief when his sister decides to “help” him out by putting on a prom proposal scenario so that he can ask his crush to the dance.

He freezes up, but Nolan is able to get out of being embarrassed. Strangely, the help comes from Bern who offers to be his date. Nolan thinks it’s a great solution– but Bern’s former girlfriend doesn’t! Can Nolan survive going to prom? Pick up this book to find out!

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