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Publication Order of Giordano Bruno Books

Heresy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prophecy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sacrilege (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Dead (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Treachery (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Conspiracy (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Execution (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead of Winter: Three Giordano Bruno Novellas (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alchemy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Dead is a prequel.

S. J. Parris is the heartthrob columnist of several leading publications, like The Times, the Daily Telegraph, New Humanist, the New Statesman, The Observer, The Guardian and Die Welt. Her real name is Stephanie Merritt, and she used the nickname, S. J. Parris as an author.

Her role as a Deputy Literary Editor for The Observer starting from 1998 to until 2005 saw her evolution as an English critic and a model figure for the editorial pages. She has also traveled many a mile into the world of novels and the author’s crown fits her aptly. A natural story-teller, she explored the nitty-gritty of writing novels with her ambitious debut, Gaveston (published by Faber, 2002) and then followed up with Real (published by Faber, 2005).

The Devil Within (published by Vermilion, 2008) was her first courageous leap into the world of non-fiction and was a critically acclaimed memoir. In a melancholic style, she narrates the most difficult period in her life and takes the reader into the dark side of her personality. A moving piece of autobiography, it was well received and found its worth in critics and recognitions.

She studied English Literature at the Queens’ College, Cambridge and it was from back then that she started reviewing books for prominent newspapers. She graduated with flying colors and was given a chair that would test the best out of her. She was made the Deputy Literary Editor of The Observer in 1998.

Her energy and strength showed itself in any direction she went. She actively got engaged with the Talks and Debates Programme at London’s Soho Theatre. Her astute skills got reflected on issues like contemporary arts and politics and she was well-heard by all age groups.

In 2002, she won a Betty Trask award from the Society of Authors in 2002 for her novel Gaveston. Her memoir, The Devil Within was shortlisted for the 2008 Mind Book Award. It also drew a lot of praise for leading personalities and institutions.

Her public interactions saw her as a panelist for a variety of different radio shows. She had a hiatus sort of career in various Radio Four shows and then she moved on to BBC. Here she did a Review program called the News Night Reviews.

Apart from the usual places, you can also find her at the Hay Festival as a presenter and at the National Theatre, where she holds a regular chair. She has also been a judge for the Costa Biography Award for three years now. She is also on the panel which decides the Orange New Writing Awards winner and also the Perrier Comedy Award.

S.J. Parris’s journey as an author and her books.

Her series on Giordano Bruno, an Italian philosopher takes the reader to the bright, yet dark, world of the renaissance in Europe. In Hersey, published in 2010, she first brings back to life the character of Giordano Bruno. History knows him as a philosopher, mathematician, and a revolutionary thinker. He is also an alleged spy but there’s no concrete evidence. But in S.J. Parris’s novels, the beauty and genius inside the mind of this free-thinker squeeze out in epic proportions. Bruno navigates deep into the enemy territory in the trail of a medieval-era spy. The historical detail and out-of-box twists and turn make this book worth reading many times.

Reading S.J. Parris’s work is taking a memorial tour into the yesteryears of Europe. You will feel the vibe of the historic Oxford campus and resonate with the light of renaissance shining in the background. Debates and discussions about Copernicus’s earth rotation theories, or the majestic description of the 16th century England are proof enough to call this a classic. And the best part is, you won’t understand if you are reading a historical masterpiece or treading through a novel. For seekers of thrill, an anonymous killer is set loose in the Oxford University and a somber electricity hangs in the air. Who will be next?

In S.J. Parris’s second novel, the theme is Change. A moment in history is created when the old world charm has to dissolve to make way for the dawn of a new era. The novel starts with a prophecy of Queen Elizabeth’s death. If she dies, she will take with her the values and tannest of the Protestant religion. Here also, the author’s historical knowledge and writing skills create an aura that’s both enlightening and dark at the same time.

The next two in the Giordano Bruno are as astute as the first two. Mixed with heavy doses of the religion of the medieval world and some naked true events, Sacrilege is one of the finest work by S.J. Parris. In Treachery, the series continues with equal fervor and a number of back-stabbings and shattered trusts vindicate the name of the novel.

Her autobiography, The Devil Within is a journey into her own past and into the lives she touched. She flows with her writing to a time in her life when was most vulnerable. The memoir spends a quality amount of time on her years of depression and then a brief hiatus with therapy. She explores the world of male ego, through her boyfriend who manhandled her often. She never believed in therapy but still did it for a request by her boyfriend. This, along with numerous other inspiring stories, make up The Devil Within, which is very aptly named.

S.J. Parris is a world apart from the average novelists. Whatever she touches becomes gold. She is currently with The Observer and also frequently write for The Guardian. She has a lot of expectations to fulfill and her fans will not let her rest so easily. She is expected to outshine her own works and continue with the Giordano Bruno Series. She has already created volumes of work that can easily be converted into a mini TV series or a movie. Her novel, Real was actually a commissioned work for Gabriel Byrne’s Plurabelle Films. More is sure to come, so keep your eyes and ears open for some more European thriller from S.J. Parris.

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    Hi, I am not on twitter or any social media. I love all your books and my day if perfect, would be in with a coffee reading one of them! I am there into Bruno’s life .Your descriptions put me in a naive,church a tavern incredible! Just reading your latest Alchemy and TRYING to go slow! Really sad when finished! I want to see Bruno and see what he looks like! Is he based on anyone in real life? Am intrigued inspired and hopelessly in love with him😂thank you I wait with bated breath the next one.


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