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S.J Tilly is an American romance and contemporary author. Most of her time, she is either reading or writing. S.J loves playing with her dogs and working in the garden. Her novels include the Sin, Sleet, and Darling series.

Sleet Kitten
Sleet Kitten is the debut in the Sleet series. When Katelyn goes to her cousin’s party to celebrate his political career, she somehow feels out of place and needs to escape without anyone noticing. Her heel breaks while trying to leave after noticing her ex looking so great. She comes up with a plan and sneaks away into the homeowner’s library.

As she enjoys the moment of being alone, she meets with the party host, who happens to be a popular NHL player, Jackson Wilder. However, at that time, Katelyn has no clue who he is or how famous he is.
Jackson was in a relationship for several months, and later, he realized he didn’t connect so well with his fiancée. He also found out that she was cheating on him.

After stumbling at each other, the two decide to spend the night together and as the morning comes, Katelyn plans to leave with no hopes of meeting Jackson again. However, Jackson seems to have other plans and is prepared to do anything to Win Katelyn’s heart since no other woman has ever caught his eye like her before. He even nicknames her kitten as they share good moments.

He wonders how she managed to catch his attention in a matter of hours, something that he has never experienced before. Since Katelyn has never watched The Godfather movie, they decide to watch it together, but soon after, she falls asleep.

On the following day, they exchange numbers and start sending messages to each other. The next day, she realizes that Jackson is a famous hockey player for Sleet.

She gets a package in it tickets to a hockey game which actually spreads the news to her that Jackson is a professional athlete. Katelyn is confused and doesn’t know what to do with this hot gut that caught her sneaking into his basement.

How will she handle herself when she gets to the game after realizing over twenty thousand people in the stands are wearing his jersey?

Katelyn has always felt like a well-managed adult, possibly preparing to face life, but one date with Jackson and a trending video makes her question everything she thought she knew. But seeing how fun and great Jackson is, she slowly falls for him. Will she put up with the attention of dating a famous player considering most ladies wants him?

The novel is well- written filled with fun and playful scenes. The chemistry between Katelyn and Jackson is sweet and off the charts; you can’t help but envy them.
Mr. Sin

Mr. Sin is the debut in the Sin series. Sasha is in Vegas on a work trip and, while relaxing one night, decides to go to a bar. She hasn’t been with anyone for some time and feels this might be her chance to sin. At the bar, a particular man tries grabbing her becoming more insistent, and this is where Vincent comes in. Vincent saves her from this man, who later takes her to his room for an intense one-night stand.

He was everything Sasha had always wanted in a man and saw no harm in letting her passion rule her decisions for a single night. But what if she found out he was a devil in a suit? But knowing that she would be leaving the following morning to fly back to her home, Sasha was sure she would never see him again, but fate had different plans.

Time passes, and the two can stop thinking about each other. When she returns home to Minnesota and goes in for her new P.R. job, she is surprised to realize that Mr. Sin is her new boss. This was the last thing Sasha expected to happen, and she feared that everything she had been working for was at stake.

He also happens to come from a crime family that has become legitimate. His father was a part of a mafia group, and Vincent wants to have a different image. He’s also a single father and a man she should not want, but unfortunately, she can’t stop thinking about it. He didn’t like how Sasha sneaked out of his bed in Vegas, but now he feels that she’s where he wants her if only she could stay out of his way. At first, Sasha wished she should have the other direction, paid her tab, and then returned to her room, but he was there to confuse her.

They can’t just assume nothing happened between them but the job is bigger than the two.

Vincent isn’t afraid of showing his feelings for Sasha. He’s also happy seeing how Annie, his daughter, and Sasha interact, witnessing how Sasha has brought out the little girl in Annie, showing how much she needed a mother in her life.

Vincent didn’t take long before realizing he could have something special with Sasha since she’s the kindest and sweetest being he has met. Sasha has a lot of compassion and love for people; you can’t help but love her. However, soon Vincent’s past comes haunting him when his ex-brother-in-law shows up, threatening both Sasha and Annie. Will Sasha’s love be enough to save him?

The story is intriguing, with twists to keep you guessing what will happen next. Be sure to get hooked up right from the start to the end. Vincent and Sasha had an instant attraction and great chemistry from the time they met, and what they thought would be a one-night -stand turned into something more once they met again.

There are steamy scenes as their relationship develops into something more. The author used a dual point of view for the reader to understand both characters’ feelings. The suspense added flavor to the story leaving the reader craving for more.

The secondary characters are well developed and will make you want to know more about them. The characters are well fleshed out, making the story more engaging.

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