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The American writer and author S Jae-Jones is an author of fantasy novels of an almost whimsical nature and tone. This has lead to many finding a great deal of solace and escapism through her stories, as they bring to life her vast and ever impressive imagination. Showing her large and expansive universes in many rich colors and tones, she has a sense of vibrancy unlike any other in her field to date.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Los Angeles where she was born and raised, she would always be a voracious reader, always looking to immerse herself deep within a book. This would then lead to her undertaking an interest in writing herself, something which she would work at building upon throughout the following years. Taking in a lot of inspiration from her surrounding environment, she would manage to create a style that was all of her very own.

Living an active life, she would take to the outdoors, undertaking extensive active pursuits and various activities. These included such things as sky-diving, rock-climbing and hiking, all of which are a source of inspiration for both her and her work. Gaining a love for what she is writing about, she takes her experiences and feeds them all back into her books, as they provide a great deal of material.

With a strong creative streak, she is constantly looking at new and exciting ways to express herself and her voice. Such methods include that of photography and art, all of which allow her to develop herself even further as an author and writer. Gaining a clear insight into what it is that she wants to say as a novelist, she has managed to manufacture a style that is all of her very own.

Moving around a lot she has lived in New York City, along with a number of other places, she has seen and done a lot. This is something which has definitely benefited her work, as she has a worldly outlook, giving her novels breadth and scope. Now currently living in Dixie where she continues to enjoy the great outdoors, along with continuing to write on a regular and ever consistent basis.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 2017, S Jae-Jones would make her debut onto the literary scene with the book ‘Wintersong’. This would also work to become the first novel in her ongoing series of the same name, as she would later follow it up with ‘Shadowsong’ in 2018 just over a year later. Both of these would effectively mark her as a fantasy writer to watch in the following years to come for fans of the genre.

The ‘Wintersong’ series would come to epitomize what really made the works of Jae-Jones work for readers of the author all across the world. With universal themes and ideas, they really drew everything together, making them all work alongside each other. Knowing and understanding the genre, with its many styles and interpretations, Jae-Jones has found a niche that really works for her and her alone.

Working as an artist as well, she is highly skilled at illustration, something which helps further her and her craft. Previously working at a large NYC publishing house as well, she used to edit novels for other writers, something which helped give her an insight into the industry. She is actively a great outdoors person, something which helps to inspire each novel that she releases as well.

Gaining critical acclaim for her work, she has been lauded by both her many peers and contemporaries alike. As well as this she has also been extremely commercially successful too, with scores of readers worldwide eagerly awaiting each release of her novels. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she has managed to be highly prolific with her profile over the years too.

Still writing to this very day, S Jae-Jones definitely has a lot more to come yet as an author of modern and contemporary fantasy fiction. Living in Dixie she is never short of ideas, as she always has plans for her next novel thanks to her ever present creative streak. This is something that looks set to continue for quite some time to come too, as she will carry on writing on into the foreseeable future.


Brought out through Thomas Dunne Books back in 2017, this was first released on the 7th of February to much acclaim. Not only setting up the much loved ‘Wintersong’ series, this would also mark the arrival of an exciting new writing talent. Introducing the many leading characters, it would also work at establishing the premise, as well as the overall tone and ambiance of the series to follow.

Dreaming of the legendary Goblin King all her life, the nineteen year old Liesl lives a humble life tending to the family inn. That’s when her sister, Kathe, is kidnapped by the Goblin King and taken to his Underground Realm, where he is Lord of Mischief and ruler of all. Heading there herself, Liesl must make a deal with him for the safe return of her sister; her hand in marriage, which he duly accepts. Can they get out of there? Will she be stuck there forever? Who will sing the Wintersong?


Released through the ‘Wednesday Books’ publishing label this time, this followed on directly to the first, effectively providing a sequel. Published on the 6th of February, it continued in much the same vein as before, it being released just under a year later. With many of the same themes and ideas as before, it manages to take what worked and essentially elaborate upon that.

Set just six months after the first novel, Liesl is now back above ground, the life before an almost distant memory now. Working on both her and her brothers musical careers, they are all looking to the future, whilst her younger brother Josef seems both cold and distant. Try as she might, though, she can’t get the memory of the young man she left behind out of her mind, as she soon heads back to the lair of the Goblin King to discover the truth of who he really is. What will she find? Can she uncover the truth? Who will this time be singing the Shadowsong?

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