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Publication Order of Pinnacle Hotel Mystery Books

The Socialite's Guide to Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Socialite’s Guide to Death and Dating (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

S K Golden is an American author of cozy mystery books best known for her Pinnacle Hotel Mystery series. In 2024, she published Stolen Pieces, a fast-paced crime caper featuring a badass mom forced to retire to protect her son. Sarah was born and spent her childhood in the Florida Keys. She graduated from Saint Leo University with a bachelor’s in Human Services and Administration. Sarah is married to a commercial fisherman and lives on the island with her husband, their five children, their two cats and a corgi named Goku. She has worked as a pharmacy technician and bank teller in the corporate world. She once worked as an executive assistant at her father’s church. Sarah is now a fulfilled writer and is happy she has no business in the corporate world.

The Socialite’s Guide to Murder is S.K. Golden’s Pinnacle Hotel Mystery series debut novel. In 1958, The Pinnacle Hotel wasn’t just a luxurious destination. It was a world on its own, especially for Evelyn Elizabeth Grace Murphy. Struggling with agoraphobia, she made this grand hotel her world for fourteen months. It’s a world steeped in comfort, nostalgia, and dark memories, as it’s her father’s property and the only place she feels safe.

A tragic discovery has marked Evelyn’s life: finding her mother dead in a Manhattan alley a decade and a half ago. This experience honed her ability to uncover hidden truths, a skill that will be tested. The hotel becomes the stage for a murder mystery. A theft disrupts the festivities during a party honoring the renowned artist, Billie Bell. The stolen item? Bell’s latest artistic creation. The prime suspect? Evelyn’s confidante and Hollywood’s idol, Henry Fox.

As Evelyn begins a quest to clear Henry’s name, tragedy strikes again. Billie Bell is found dead, escalating the situation from mere theft to a chilling murder. The murder weapon bears the initials of the hotel’s chief of security. This revelation throws the hotel into turmoil and casts a shadow of suspicion over everyone.

Evelyn joins forces with Mac Cooper, an employee at the hotel, to find justice. Mac is more than just a colleague to Evelyn; he’s the object of her unspoken affection. As they work together to solve the mystery, they navigate a maze of clues, secrets, and lies. Their investigation not only seeks to unveil the killer but also forces Evelyn to step out of her comfort zone, confronting her fears and her feelings for Mac.

Evelyn’s journey is about finding the killer, rediscovering herself, and facing the world beyond the hotel’s walls. She and Mac Cooper find themselves delving deeper into the enigmatic world of the Pinnacle Hotel. As they uncover hidden compartments and secretive dealings, they realize the hotel’s grandeur hides more than just luxury—a maze of mysteries and truths.

Their investigation takes a dangerous turn when Evelyn is involved in a near-fatal car accident, revealing a chilling fact: someone sabotaged her car by cutting the brake lines. This discovery raises the stakes, transforming the investigation into a game of life and death. Evelyn is a complex character. She embodies the tropes of a poor little rich girl and a bird in a gilded cage. Her self-imposed isolation within the hotel walls is a shield against past traumas, masked by her seemingly frivolous and privileged demeanor. Beneath her ditzy facade lies a sharp mind, although she remains somewhat naive about the extent of her privileged life.

The setting is a key character in itself. The grandeur of the Pinnacle Hotel offers a stark contrast to the typical cozy mystery environment. Its elegance and opulence add layers to the narrative, making Evelyn’s world fascinating and intricate.
For readers who enjoy mystery, humor, and a touch of luxury, The Socialite’s Guide to Murder is a delightful read. This novel promises a puzzle that keeps you guessing in an unusual yet captivating setting. Evelyn and her quirky little dog make for an engaging duo, adding light to the otherwise tense plot.

The Socialite’s Guide to Death and Dating is the second novel in the Pinnacle Hotel Mystery series by S K Golden. The story plunges readers back into the secretive world of the Pinnacle Hotel. Evelyn is entangled in a new mystery that challenges her wits and social status.
Evelyn and her partner in crime-solving, Malcolm Cooper (Mac), stumble upon a grim scene in the hotel’s parking garage. Judge Cliff Baker is found dead in his luxurious Cadillac. The cause of death is a needle in his arm, but no signs of chronic drug use. The mystery deepens with the discovery of a terrified woman trapped in the trunk, hinting at a scandal far more complex than a just overdose.

Evelyn’s investigative journey is fraught with obstacles. She faces skepticism and hostility from the police, particularly from Detective McJimsey, who rashly accuses her of the murder. However, her affluent status and connections ensure her swift release, highlighting the influence and privilege that weave through her life.

Family dynamics add a layer of complexity to the narrative. Evelyn’s father, Mark Murphy, disapproves of her relationship with Mac. He sees Mac as a man of a lower social class and threatens her with disinheritance. Their conflict escalates when Mac confronts Mark about his treatment of Evelyn, revealing tensions between class expectations and personal desires.

The plot thickens dramatically with three deaths in quick succession and an attempt on Mark Murphy’s life. Mac’s arrest for these crimes propels Evelyn into action despite being financially constrained by her father.

The novel balances humor and melodrama with a cast of intriguing characters. The presence of Evelyn’s pets, Presley, the dog and Monroe, the cat, adds a touch of charm to the story. The narrative promises further developments in the series, particularly with the potential partnership between Evelyn and Laurence Hodgson in solving her mother’s murder. The Socialite’s Guide to Death and Dating is more than a cozy mystery. It’s a tale of intrigue, class conflict, and personal growth, set against the backdrop of a hotel, both a luxurious haven and a hotbed of secrets. The book stands on its own, offering humor, drama, and a promise of more captivating mysteries to unravel in the Pinnacle Hotel series.

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