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The Fire Child (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Before I Died (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assistant (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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SK Tremayne is the pseudonym of a British author and journalist named Sean Thomas. He was born in England at Devon in 1963. His father is the writer D. M. Thomas and his genealogy is Cornish. Sean Thomas lives in Camden of north London and he graduated in Philosophy from University College of London. As a journalist he’s published for the Times, The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, and the Guardian. In 2013 he evolved into a commentator and blogger for the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom. He also publishes articles as Tom Knox and when he writes under this name he specializes in religious and archaeological thrillers. Sean Thomas has created 3 novels under his very own name, the 2nd novel named Kissing England, received the Literary Review’s the Bad Sex award in the year 2000. Thomas’s 4th book called Millions of women are waiting to meet you was obviously a precious moment of his love life; it had been a best-seller, converted into 8 languages, and was the Guardian newspaper’s publication of the week in the year 2007.

About SK Tremayne aka Sean Thomas

Sean Thomas, a jobbing Navy Street journalist, authoring art, politics, travel; Just before publication there was clearly, however, one issue. What to call himself? His very own name had many complicating problems: it was related to free-lance journalism regarding art, politics and sex, it was also linked to the Cleaning Lady Episode, and therefore readers might be surprised by the jump in genre. More to the point, his own name had the taint of fictional failure when it came to fiction. And lastly, his real name merely wasn’t butch sufficient for the kind of thriller that he was composing required a far more viral, thrusting pseudonym. Thus it turned out that after many editorial group meetings, he invented a brand new thriller writing identity, Tom Knox. So there he started to be, Tom Knox, a global thriller writer.

It’s amazing the initiatives some authors could make to have literary fame. In the face of this kind of stringent competition, and in a constantly more competing market, Sean Thomas took a far more profound route to literary accomplishment. He changed his sex. For industrial reasons, Tom Knox had to expire. However he had recently been preparing his demise, most famously because He’d sampled the progress in the wind. Now he desired to compose taut, more fictional chillers and thrillers with home-based contexts. But this could again be a substantial leap in category just because a Tom Knox fan might be expecting to discover Buddhism de-coded as a mind-altering medicine would be astonished to discover him authoring about spooky marital discord in a kitchen area, or a lonesome child on a seaside. So he required, again, a brand new name and ID. And that identify needed to be a woman’s or at least the naming of somebody certainly not a man.

To some extent because he desired to write this book about a family who lost the identical twin child, and then dread, 1 year later, which they mis-identified the enduring twin from the viewpoint of the grieving mom. The change seemed visually right, and it would be a salutary imaginative difficult task to him, as an author, to communicate in a female voice. But he also thought about being a non-man ‘due to the fact it will help these days never to be a man, if one creates fiction. As he authored this book The Ice Twins is 6th on the graph and it became his 1st Sunday Times best-seller. And several of his readers are supposing he is a woman and they’ve published reviews addressing him as ‘her’.

About his creations

The Ice Twins

Under the pseudonym S K Tremayne, Sean Thomas published a novel known as the Ice Twins in 2015, about a London husband and wife who lose a kid, one of identical twins, and after that proceed to a remote island area in Scotland. At this time the parents start to suspicious they’ve misidentified the surviving kid. The Ice Twins grew to become a Sunday Times’ Top 10 Bestseller in Feb 2015. Precisely the same novel, converted as IJstweeling, gone into the Dutch top 10 best-seller list, subsequent its publication in the Netherlands in March of 2015. Under the name Eisige Schwestern, exactly the same book came into the Spiegel’s best-seller list in Germany in May 20015. The book continued to invest 15 weeks in the Germany top 10 list. In September 2015, The Ice Twins came in paperback style, evolved into a first Sunday Times best-seller in the United Kingdom.

This novel was a remarkably atmospheric book about wrongly recognized twin identities, tangled up with pressure. Readers will absolutely adore the interpretation of a family shattered apart by tremendous grief, and the family portrait of a marriage being applied with bitterness and mistrust.

The Fire Child

This novel is a relaxing and completely new psychological thriller written by S. K. Tremayne , the author of the Sunday Times best-seller novel , The Ice Twins.

When Rachel marries darkish, good looking David, everything appears to fall under place. Grabbed from individual life in London to the gorgeous Carn-hallow House in the Cornwall, she gets prosperity, love, and a loving stepson named Jamie. However Jamie’s behavior changes and Rachel’s ideal life starts to unravel. He tends to make distressing estimations, declaring to be haunted by a spectre of his missed mother who is David’s earlier wife. Is that this Jamie’s means of penalizing Rachel, or is he a lot more traumatized than she believed?

As Rachel starts off digging in to the past, she starts to grow suspicious of her hubby. Why’s he so unwilling to talk about Jamie’s reactions? And what actually happened to trigger his ex-wife’s unforeseen death, lower than two years back? As summer time slips away and Dec looms, Rachel sets out to fear there could be real truth in Jamie’s text ‘You will likely be dead by Christmas time. This is a gradual build psychological thriller and it has a darker and atmospheric therefore persuasive, readers become completely immersed in the lives of these individuals and the explanations of Cornwall. The author’s focus on detail is fantastic and added life to the places.

S. K. Tremayne is a best-selling author, an award-winning traveling writer, and a standard contributor to magazines and newspapers all over the world.

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