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S.L. Grey is a renowned pair of popular writers Louis Greenberg and Sarah Lotz, who are famous for writing science fiction, mystery, fantasy, thriller, horror, suspense, and literature & fiction stories. The two have collaborated to write several very successful books in their writing careers. One of the most popular book series written by them is the Downside series. Besides this well known book series, Sarah and Louis have also teamed up for writing several exciting standalone books. Sarah Lotz hails from the United Kingdom. She is a screenwriter and a die hard fanatic of zombies other than being a reputed novelist. Sarah Lotz is particularly famous for writing thriller and crime fiction stories.

Sarah writes most of her books under her original name and sometimes uses the pen name Lily Herne for writing the zombie novels of the young adult genre in collaboration with her daughter, author Savannah Lotz. Author Louis Greenberg is also a widely popular author. He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa; and works as an editor and fiction writer. Prior to becoming a famous writer, Louis used to work as a bookseller. He worked for this job for several years before trying his hand at writing and achieving a grand success in the field of writing. Author Greenberg is the holder of a doctorate in the post religious apocalyptic fiction as well as a Master’s degree in the subject of vampire fiction. Author Lotz says that she loves to use fake names for writing stories. She is also very fond of the macabre.

In addition to using various names for the cover of her novels, Sarah Lotz uses the pseudonym Helena S. Paige for penning quirky erotica stories. In doing so, she has partnered with authors Paige Nick and Helen Moffett. As of today, Sarah Lotz resides in Cape Town. She spends her free time in the company of her family members and enjoys relaxing with them. Her fondness for animals has made her keep several pets at her house. Sarah loves to play with them whenever she has time. The successful novel series penned by Sarah Lotz under her own name include the Georgie Allen series and The Three series. Author Greenberg feels lucky to have found a writing partner in the form of Sarah Lotz. He believes they have a better tuning as writers and it helps them to think of interesting ideas for story development. Sarah too enjoys working with Greenberg and share her name with him on book covers. Besides writing exciting novel series, the two writers have each written mind blowing single novels in their respective writing careers. They love to have the support of their fans and feel that it keeps them motivated all the time.

The Downside series written by S.L. Grey is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. Each and every book of this series consists of a different set of lead characters, who are typically shown in male and female pairs. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘The Mall’. It was released by the Atlantic Books publication in the year 2010. The chief characters of this novel are depicted as Rhoda and Dan. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Dan works in a shopping mall and hates it very much. Rhoda is described as a junkie girl, who uses cocaine. She too hates the state in which she has landed herself. The two run into each other one day and then set off to search the babysitting charge of Rhoda, who had run away.

As they try to look at every possible place, they end up exploring the neon lit corridors at the backside of the mall. Soon, they receive some disturbing messages that lure them to go inside the building. Once insides, they see that ancient mannequins are placed in the grave like piles. Also, the ceiling has continuous dripping of raw sewage. Rhoda & Dan think that the only way they can head to in order to save themselves is down. As they use the disused service elevator to go down, they plummet inside the earth and discover themselves in a very sinister underworld. The underworld makes Dan & Rhoda realize the worst of the fears.

Finally, they manage to escape from the sinister underworld. But, as they come out, they realize things are a lot different than they were before. Shoppers have pumped up silicone fully and their assistants have been chained to the counters. Also, the nearby cafe is selling bleeding meat. Rhoda and Dan wonder what kind of place they have arrived at? Just then they get struck by the reality that they have not arrived back at the mall, but their worst nightmare has just started. They begin thinking of ways to get themselves out of this mess and start living their normal lives. But, the path seems very difficult and full of numerous deadly obstacles. The two know that they have the support of each other and that is enough for them to face any difficulty and overcome them in the end.

The second volume of this thrilling series is called ‘The Ward’. It was also published by the UK-based Atlantic Books in 2012. Author Grey has mentioned the central characters in this particular book as Lisa, Farrell, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Lisa is an addict of plastic surgery. She also suffers from issues of self-esteem. There is only hospital capable of treating patients like her and it is known as New Hope. This hospital looks like a grey-walled, grimy facility and is dubbed as No Hope by the patients. Farrell is introduced into the story as a famous photographer. He wakes up one day and finds himself in the New Hope hospital alone. The last thing he remembers is that he had a big fight with his model girlfriend.

Farrell discovers some criss-cross needle marks on his arms. A nurse keeps visiting him every now and then, and keeps altering his drip. Farrell gets sinister vibes from the nurse and feels something is not right with the place. After some time, Farrell finds himself completely blind. He becomes disoriented and panicked, and begins to lose hope of his survival. After a short while, Farrell comes across Lisa and requests her to help him in escaping from No Hope. As they make an attempt at escaping, they get taken deep underground. They arrive inside the Modification Ward, where Lisa thinks of having her face changed forever. But, it will come at a costly price for her and will haunt Farrell and herself all their lives.

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