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Fear of Falling (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Afraid to Fly (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Kings of the Castle (With: Naleighna Kai,J.L.Campbell) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Chatham (By: London St. Charles) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Evanston (By: J.L. Campbell) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Devon (By: Naleighna Kai) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Morgan Park (By: Karen D. Bradley) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of South Shore (By: MarZe Scott) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Lincoln Park (By: Martha Kennerson) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Hyde Park (By: Lisa Watson Dodson) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
King of Lawndale (By: Janice M. Allen) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Sugar(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Such Violent Delights: A Holiday Paranormal Romance Anthology(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

S.L Jennings is a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author of contemporary romance and paranormal novels born in the United States. She is the author of the Dark Light series and Fearless series.

She got married to her high school lover and is a mother of three boys. Jennings loves makeup, food and shiny and sparkly things.

Fear of Falling
Fear of Falling is the debut in the Fearless series. After having an abusive relationship during her childhood, Kami has been afraid her entire life. The thing that scares her most is the very thing she wants. She’s scared of love after the people supposed to love her betrayed her. There are only two people whom she trusts, and feels safe around, her family, best friend Dom and Angel.

She has never felt safe and has always seen Security as a luxury meant to be enjoyed by those who had perfect childhoods. Kami feels she has been running the whole of her life, but she feels she can’t keep on running after meeting Blaine.

She doesn’t let anyone inside her heart until she meets Blaine, and everything about her changes. He made her forget herself and awaken the part of her that she wasn’t allowed to feel. That part of her was unlovable and never knew anything about exciting or beautiful things. He alters her 23-year routine while making her face her biggest fears.

Kami feels that Blaine is someone worth risking falling for. Blaine was instantly interested in Kami when he met her and wanted to know her more. When Kami gets a job at Blaine’s bar, he gets to study her more.

Kami can’t imagine she’s letting something in for the first time, and Blaine can see the fears in Kami’s eyes. He wants to shut down all her worries, not knowing that her fears are more complex than he thought.

The fears have been consuming her for a long time, and at first, she feels there is little Blaine can do about it. Even though their relationship is complicated, Blaine is always there for her no matter what. He feels he is falling for her and hopes that she can trust him to be there for her.

Blaine tries all he can to break all the walls put up by Kami, and this leaves her scared more than anything. She feels she can’t love him no matter how hard he tries. He was so supportive, loving, patient and understanding of her in every aspect.

He gave her hope and encouragement, making her feel she could trust or even love someone again. Kami is grateful for having Blaine from the beginning despite what she was going through. He didn’t let her go at any point.

Kami had an ugly past that left her shattered, and when she finally let her walls down, something happened; someone from her past returned. Her story will leave you heartbroken and devastated, feeling sorry for her.

Fear of Falling is a real story about real people with real issues. Even though you might see Kami as weak at first, you’ll understand how strong she has been having gone through so much tragedy and pain once the story opens up. She thought that there was no way she could get away from it and conquer her biggest fears.

Can Blaine break all the walls built by Kami and make her love once more?

Jennings uses this article to show the reader that abuse is real and is all over. It doesn’t happen based on race, gender or social status in the society meaning everyone can be a victim. It doesn’t only affect those who have lived through it but also those who saw it happen and those who only heard about it.
Through the story, Jennings shows how sometimes someone can come along and change everything in a person’s life. It’s more of a story about love, hope and overcoming fears. It’s a story of a woman struggling through the world against her, people who’ve hurt her in the past and her life demons.

Kami’s traumatic past is revealed in flashbacks as she sees herself as unlovable and remains emotionally afraid and unattached for many years. Blaine’s love for Kami is strong enough for her broken soul. She sees some hope as she gets to spend more time with him and realizes that they need each other.

It’s amazing how Blaine and Kami’s relationship progressed in a raw and painful way full of distrust, but it slowly changes to something beautiful after some time.

Taint is the debut in the Sex Education series. Allison is among the kind of Kennedy-esque loveless marriage. Her Husband Evans has always been caught having affairs with other women, one of them being Allison’s best friend. Ally decided to go to Justice Drake, hoping that she could learn to make her Husband remain faithful to her.

Allison has no self-confidence after many years of betrayal in a sexless and dull marriage. She feels pretty awkward and goofy, making her not fit in the wealthy home she was born into.

Justice Drake is a sex coach and the owner of Oasis Spa, where wealthy socialites learn how to become whore in the bedroom to entertain their husbands, who have lost interest in them and eventually have become unfaithful. He’s known for turning wives into whores.

Drake does some background checks on everyone in his sex education school and knows that Allison is an exceptional student. She doesn’t follow the rest of Justice’s clients as she stands up for herself and calls him out on some things that she doesn’t understand.

In some instances, it ends with her storming off and coming to Justice’s house later after classes, leading to some fascinating encounters. The two try to be just friends since Ally is married, even if it’s to a cheating husband.

Justice is hiding some things, and Allison tries to get to the bottom of everything since he knows a lot about her. Is Justice interested in Allison? Can Allison leave her Husband to be with a sex coach?

There’s a lot of sexual tension in the book that will keep the reader hooked to their seats. It also has the theme of marital infidelity and how it has ruined many marriages.

Jennings incorporates some funny and playful humor to keep the readers entertained. The story is told from Justice’s point of view, giving a better explanation of who he is and his job as a sex instructor. He is all focused on business which is sex, as he teaches, shows and communicates with his clients.
While reading, you’ll feel like you’re one of his clients, and you might get shocked by the things he says and wants you to do.

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