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S.L. McInnis is a Canadian author who made her debut with the suspense novel, Framed. The book is a psychological thriller filled with suspense that asks the question: How much can you trust your closest friend?

Prior to writing her first novel, McInnis worked for a long time in public television and radio. She has her degree in Broadcasting and used that to get her career working for radio and TV stations. Additionally, she studied music for years which is a trait she shares with the main character of Framed. She is married and her husband also worked in television as he is a former TV-Vice President. The two now live in Toronto where he works as a chef and McInnis pursues her writing career.

McInnis does a lot of reading and also enjoys binging crime dramas and true crime documentaries on television. She does it for entertainment, but you can easily tell by her writing that she has done her research.

Framed is S.L. McInnis’ debut novel that was released in 2020. The book tells the story of Beth Montgomery who sees her perfect life thrown off when her wild best friend Cassie returns to her life after a long estrangement. The book received many great reviews upon release. Publishers Weekly said that the book was “Exceptional,” and “a fresh riff on the Gone Girl motif.” While Samantha M. Bailey, author of Woman on the Edge, said that the book was a “stunning blend of brilliant psychological suspense and hard-hitting police procedural” and that the book contains a “cast of vivid, well-developed characters, a gripping, taut plot with twists in every chapter, perfectly placed clues, and a shocking, fully satisfying ending.”

Beth Montgomery is a woman who seems to have it all figured out and a perfect life in Los Angeles. She is married to a handsome, ambitious man and the two have a beautiful home in the hills above Los Angeles. Beth gets a surprise one day by the appearance of her college best friend Cassie Oglivy. Cassie was always wild and sexy, and her reappearance is a welcome surprise in the life of Beth.

Meanwhile, news reports of a quadruple homicide and a botched drug deal that has left an undercover office dead has taken place across town. This is Los Angeles so Beth doesn’t think much of it or even think to connect the dots between this crime and the reappearance of her old college friend.

Despite not seeing each other in so long, Cassie settles into Beth’s new life easily. She makes herself comfortable in Beth’s guest room and starts to get comfortable with Beth’s husband as well. Cassie’s mere appearance has shown the cracks in Beth and Jay’s marriage that were already there. Beth starts to see that her old friend has a lot to hide, but she still doesn’t expect anything dark or sinister. One night Beth gets a shocking late-night phone call that coincides with Beth’s disappearance. These events wake Beth up to the fact that things aren’t all they seem to be with Cassie and that the perfect life that she has enjoyed is now gone forever. Sometimes losing touch with an old friend is a good thing. Sometimes you’re better off if they don’t come back.

Framed is filled with twists and turns that surprise the reader and the book does a great job of hiding plot details in plain sight. The author takes you in directions that you don’t expect to go and the book remains surprising until the last page as the plot weaves together in a powerful way and ultimately lives up to its title.

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5 Responses to “S.L. McInnis”

  1. Deborah: 2 months ago

    Just finished the book, love the ending

  2. Anne Batt: 2 years ago

    I just finished Framed and loved it! I found this website searching for more of this author’s books, only to discover this was her debut! AHHH!!! I am hopeful this was the first of many more!

  3. Linessa Frazier: 2 years ago

    I just finished FRAMED and immediately sought out any other books by SL McInnis because it was that good. While there’s currently only one book, I am primed for whatever next looks like fit this phenomenal author.

  4. Judy Wiebe: 2 years ago

    Excellent book! The characters and the story grabbed me and I read it through in one sitting. I googled the author hoping to find the release of another book to enjoy

  5. Larry D Wells: 3 years ago

    U just finished your book and I sincerely hope you will be writing a few hundred more.


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