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Publication Order of The Extinction Trials Books

S.M. Wilson is an author of fiction.

They are the writer of the fictional Extinction Trials series. This series is made for young adults but can be read by anyone. It comes with the enticing tagline of being something like the movie Jurassic Park meets the young adult novel The Hunger Games.

The series kicked off with the publication of the first book in 2017. It was naturally titled The Extinction Trials. Here we are introduced to a new world and a variety of characters that live within it. Here humans are real and dinosaurs too are just as real. But the world as we know it has definitely changed.

The Extinction Trials is a tale of survival as well as the many things that can be done to survive in this world that may include betrayal of someone that you thought was your friend. Sacrifice can also sometimes be required of you to get where you need to go.

The main characters in this book are Lincoln and Stormchaser. They live in a world where all resources are incredibly limited. Food is very scarce on the continent where they live, which is called Earthasia. Everything is not that rich except for the land of Piloria, which also happens to be where a bunch of dinosaurs live.

The only way to survive in this world is to go for something that brings you a great deal of reward for the risk. When a contest comes up that is totally risky but worth a lot if you can get through it, Stormchaser and Lincoln are intrigued. Never mind that whoever takes on this trial is not guaranteed to come back. In fact, it may end up being quite the opposite. But that’s okay; the two boys are determined to take the trial on and face it.

If they can win the contest, then they are in for way more than just food as a reward. But it’s not going to be that easy as the land that they are about to enter is full of monsters and animals that are a lot smarter than you would ever hope that they would be– and a lot more. But can it be any worse than living on a continent that is already horrendously overpopulated with human beings and with resources constantly on a short supply?

The contest involves sending a hundred people to the continent of Piloria to see what they can do to pass the grueling missions handed down to them there. When there are so many dinosaurs out there from T-Rexes and more, it’s not going to be that easy. As the competition gets more fierce and they have to juggle the challenges while trying not to get eaten on Piloria, they start to find out that trusting each other may be easier said than done.

If the humans had just respected the land that they lived on, then they would not have to turn to Piloria as the source of all their riches. There are simply too many people to be supported on the current continent; they will have to branch out if they are going to be able to survive because they have gone past the point where there is enough to sustain everyone.

If you loved the Hunger Games series or talented author Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park series, you are going to love this inventive series of novels that is placed in a totally unique fantasy world with situations like none other.

Exile is the second book in The Extinction Trials series. Storm and Lincoln were able to survive on the dinosaur continent as they faced off with missions before, but what are they supposed to do now? The people that went to the land are the same ones that are seen as the ones most likely to survive the continent and do some missions for them.

After all, they were able to get around okay before. Storm and Lincoln made it out of Piloria and were none the worse off for it; although they can’t say that for everyone that went in initially. Now they are apparently the main candidates that are being volunteered. What are they being volunteered for? To go back to a continent totally made up of dinosaurs for the purpose of testing out a new virus.

The virus was designed expressly for the purpose of getting rid of everything else so that the humans can just come in and settle down. That way they won’t have to deal with the prospect of facing the dinosaurs and taking them out one by one, giving them a fighting shot. Well, the humans would have a fighting shot, anyway– not the dinosaurs. The virus is made to take them out.

The virus seems like a solution to the problem that they are facing. It seems that if people want to be there and the problem is that the dinosaurs are getting in the way of that. If you’re looking for an easy fix to just bulldoze right over the issue, then you can just get rid of the dinos and you are good to go.

Now things are starting to get tricky for the human race as well though, because they are encountering new problems at an alarming rate. Now there’s a plague that is running through the continent of Earthasia faster than you can say the word ‘contagion’. No one is safe and it’s causing chaos. Now everyone is more concerned with keeping their own life intact, and that includes Storm and Lincoln.

If you are looking for an inventive book in the young adult genre, you cannot do any better than this! S.M. Wilson has truly crafted an interesting and creatively unique series of fiction that teenagers and middle school kids are going to find incredibly engrossing. If you have a bit of time, definitely decide to check out the Extinction Trials series by S.M. Wilson and see what these science fiction and fantasy books have to offer. It’s not every day that you get to hang out with dinosaurs, after all.

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