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Brutal Obsession (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devious Obsession (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secret Obsession (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Obsession (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fierce Obsession (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with S.J. Sylvis
Sticks and Stones (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Something Special (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home for the Holidays: (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Something Sacred (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Pucking Coach's Daughter (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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S. Massery is an American author of dark romance books. A resident of Massachusetts, Massery loves creating twisted, suspenseful books with sassy heroines and dark anti-heroes. Her writing journey began when she was a little girl; she would dream of stories and frantically capture them on paper. Her debut novel, Something Special, was published in 2018, and since then, she’s been unstoppable in publishing books.

After graduating from a college in Boston, Sara Massery took a couple of jobs before finally settling into her lucrative writing career. One of her previous notable jobs was working on a ranch in Wyoming. Now a dedicated full-time author, Massery loves reading books, spending time with her dog, and making others smile when she isn’t writing.

True to its name, Brutal Obsession features edgy themes. It’s a bully and hockey romance story that will appeal to everyone who loves bully romance books. A story of a couple who dreads and hurt one another, turning them from enemies to lovers—a standalone tale of vengeance and remorse. An act of revenge that kicks off as a game of shadows and danger rapidly turns into an act of revenge. He is the predator, and she is the prey.

Greyson Devereux discovered at a young age that being wealthy and appealing allows you to get away with stuff. He makes use of this to his benefit and acts invincible. Violet enjoys being a member of the school’s dance team and is a highly talented ballet dancer. When he smashes into Violet’s car one night, their lives are irrevocably altered.

He assumes that his father will assist him and hide his intoxicated conduct, but things do not turn out as he had hoped. Since suffering her injuries six months ago, Violet’s life has completely changed, and she has been experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. She goes back to Crown Point University, but she isn’t the woman she was before the accident. She is surprised to discover the person who had ruined her life there when her closest friend Willow convinces her to visit the local joint. Violet regrets the accident, all that followed, and how Greyson got off the hook so quickly because of his father’s influence. She is paying the price for what he caused.

Greyson is dealing with the repercussions from that evening, and it is entirely Violet’s fault. He is the newest player for the CPU Hawks and is attempting to salvage his hockey career. He is drawn to the girl who gives him daggers at the pub but is oblivious to her true identity until she is introduced. Greyson is a handsome but insane man who does an excellent job of hiding his issues and spares no time trying to make her life even more difficult. He develops a fascination with her and loves to tease her. He enjoys her humiliation and suffering but becomes frustrated when he can’t resist being drawn to her.

Violet views him as a cunning, cruel, and menacing stalker, but as a string of incidents occurs, she is left unsure whether Greyson is the cause or if someone else is at fault. Although their relationship is unhealthy, she starts to love the darkness he introduces into her daily routine as he progresses in his game. She enjoys his rage, and he loves her terror. Especially when sparks flare between them, they are perplexed by their need for one another. He feels bad about what he caused her, and she feels bad about what they are doing now. As their encounters become darker and more repulsive, there is a lot of verbal fighting. How far are they willing to go? Be ready for some startling scenes.

Sara Massery has woven a tale that will grab your attention as so much is happening. We meet the rest of the hockey squad and observe how they fare on the ice as Violet and Greyson battle with one another. There is familial conflict, and the author creates a sense of mystery and suspense surrounding past events in Violet’s life. If you enjoy a dark book that blurs the lines, this is for you.

Wicked Dreams is the first book in the Fallen Royals book series by Sara Massery. Nothing could’ve prepared Margo for what she went through on her first day back at Emery-Rose Elite School, even though she knew it would be difficult to return. The kids who used to be her closest friends turned their backs on her and treated her like trash. She knows the rumors circulating about what transpired with her family throughout the years. However, everyone seems to be still thinking about it, especially her ex-best buddy Caleb.

As soon as he declares that he hates her and intends to hold her accountable for her past transgressions, the pleasure of finally meeting him fades quickly. The issue is that she is unaware of what she did to first turn him against her. Wicked Dreams is an eerie, twisted, and moderately scary story that will hook readers from the first to the last page. Your heart will hurt reading Margo’s narrative because Caleb is determined to get retribution even though the young girl has already been through a great deal in her short life.

The story’s protagonist is not Caleb Asher. He is unquestionably the tale’s anti-hero. You can’t help but detest him while you adore him. He is a wealthy youngster who always has his way regardless of what. Nobody can limit what he can or cannot achieve. He oversees everyone at Emery-Rose Elite School. The degree of influence this high school student has over the staff members and the principal of this institution is a little frightening. And boy, does he flourish when in charge. Caleb is such an exciting and complex person. On the first day of school, he publicly declares his hatred for Margo Wolfe, making her life miserable. Everyone allows him to do it and supports him. Since he rules the school, his word is law. He harbors a deep and abiding hatred for Margo.

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