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(Written by S.R. Johnson – thanks Shelby!)

I’m Shelby Johnson but I also use the name S.R. Johnson when I write books. I love to write romance books but unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to write as I would like. I’m a stay-at-home wife and mother. I have a daughter with ADHD and Anxiety and I have a son with Autism. My life is a bit complicated considering I was born with Multiple health problems myself and I’ve had several surgeries in my life. I like to help people in need when I can and am naturally caring. In my spare time, I make candles, and soaps, as well as other crafts when I’m not writing my books. I also love to read.

Finding Love Series:
1) Finding Love
Renee went to a club with her friends where a handsy guy tried to take advantage of her but before he could another man threw him off of her. Ezekiel had watched Renee until he saw a drunk man, make a move on her. He couldn’t watch, he needed to protect this woman so that’s what he did. Ezekiel saved Renee and banned the drunk man from his club. It took six months for them to see each other again but this time, Ezekiel made sure Renee knew that he wanted her and that he would do anything to have her. Renee believes him until her sinister ex-boyfriend shows up.

2) Keeping Love
Ezekiel and Renee got engaged and dealt with her ex-boyfriend. However, Renee’s ex-boyfriend is on trial for kidnapping and even though Ezekiel forbade Renee from going to the trial, she went anyway. Renee had to deal with the repercussions of her actions when Ezekiel found out she intentionally disobeyed him. Renee plays matchmaker with their friends as she plans for her future with Ezekiel.

3) Forever Love
Renee’s ex-boyfriend escaped from jail but Renee and Ezekiel don’t know where he’s at and that bothers them. Ezekiel keeps Renee close while she’s pregnant. However, Ezekiel should have realized that nothing is stronger or more determined than a mother protecting and loving her family and unborn babies.

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