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Publication Order of Detective Dana Russo Books

S.R. White is an Australian published author.

S.R. White was not always an author! He previously served on the police force in the United Kingdom. He worked that job serving the community for a total of twelve years before deciding that it was time for a change and to take on something new.

S.R. decided that he wanted to get back into the life of an academic. So he enrolled at Nottingham Trent University, where he graduated with his MA in the subject of creative writing. He took off from there, starting his own books and eventually getting them published. He no longer resides in England and has now relocated to somewhere completely different. White resides in Australia now in Queensland.

S.R. White first hit the literary scene when his debut fictional novel Hermit was released. The book came out in 2020 and immediately started doing very well. In Australia the book sold a lot of copies, making it to the list of the top ten best sellers at the time. It did very well and ended up being nominated for an award from the Crime Writers’ Association in the category of the best crime novel written by a first-time author.

Hermit is the first novel to come out from S.R. White. Read the novel that rocketed to be a best seller and that countless critics and readers have expressed their praise for. Peter May calls the story “beautifully observed”. The novel was a crime club pick from the Sunday Times, which called the story a ‘fascinating case’. Chris Hammer has praised the book as being ‘compelling’ and ‘original’ and highly recommends it to readers. If you love mystery novels, true crime stories, Dateline or Law & Order, or anything having to do with murder mysteries, check this book out and see what you think!

This is the story of a crime taking place and the person tasked with solving it. The main character in this story is Dana Russo, a qualified detective that is good at what she does. She lives in Australia where she does her job, and more often than not, her job involves solving crimes that extend frequently to murder.

Now she’s got a new case and she can already tell that it’s going to be a difficult one. She’s dealing with a death that has gone down in Australia’s bushlands out in the wild. Now she’s trying to figure out and confirm whether it’s murder. There’s even a suspect for the murder, a man named Nathan. He’s the leading suspect in the case and so she’s doing her best to not let this lead to waste. The only catch is that she has about twelve hours to try and interrogate him and make some headway.

This isn’t going to be easy since the man is silent. But he was discovered at the crime scene and they ran a check on him. It turns out that he had vanished entirely about fifteen years previously and hadn’t been seen until this very moment. So what is he doing at the scene of a murder and why? That’s one question that Detective Dana Russo is determined to find the answer to.

Is this simply the case of a man that has simply been discovered at the wrong time and being in the wrong place? Or does this inscrutable man truly have a connection to this murder and who knows what else? The man is totally silent, and so it’s very difficult for the detective to interrogate him and find out where he’s been. She also wants to find out the real reason why he isn’t speaking and whether he’s dangerous or not.

Dana needs to have evidence desperately to try and back her case up and prove that this guy is guilty, but she’s got nothing. This is a really important case and she would rather crack it than have nothing to go on and have to let it go back into the wild. She’s got the clock lined up against her, though, and the detective really needs to get this guy to go ahead and talk.

Is he mute? Is he simply choosing not to speak and acting out of willpower? She’s trying interview after interview, but they’re going nowhere. As the intensity grows, she has to deal with her past and trauma that she’s been through to get to the truth. When she gets there, it might be too much to take. But that’s a risk that she’s happy to take on if it means that justice is served.

Dana must admit that she’s just as intrigued personally as to the reason why this guy will not speak and disappeared fifteen years ago as she is driven to find out for the case and for professional reasons. She’s trying to figure out what’s going on, and is picking up on similarities between the man she’s interrogating and herself. But is it all in her head? Is she lost in her desperate search for the truth?

Intense, dark, and intriguing, this Australian crime novel is a truly interesting read. Pick up a copy to find out what happens in this atmospheric mystery with a slow burn!

Prisoner is the second novel to come out from S.R. White. It was released in 2021. Read this mystery novel and follow along on another intriguing adventure featuring Dana Russo!

Dana is a detective in Australia and she’s good at what she does. When a man is discovered in a northern Australian swamp crucified by someone, Dana and her team are the ones that are called in to check it out. As it turns out, the person killed just came out from prison and was a convicted racist. They had actually gone through with a horrible crime years ago that was committed just a few feet from the site of his eventual demise.

Can Dana figure out what’s going on with this distinctive case? The clues are there, but can she put together why someone would want to murder this man in this fashion? As the leads start adding up, the detective is in for a wild and sinister ride as she hunts down a killer. Pick up a copy of this crime novel to find out what happens!

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