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S.T. Abby is a bestselling author of romance novels that is best known for writing the “Mindf*ck” series of novels. She writes under other names that include C.M. Owens and Kristy Cunning.

She is a person known for loving a good laugh and breathes and lives the emotions of the many characters that populate her many works.

Even though Abby was born to a family of musicians, she has never learned to play any musical instrument. Moreover, her dancing is downright embarrassing even to onlookers, and she has said that she sounds like a strangled cat when she tries to sing.

Because of this, her family was very much relieved when she decided to give up the dream of becoming a singer. Nonetheless, since she was born in a very creative family, she would go on to become a very successful author.

She made her debut when she penned “The Risk” the first work of the “Mindf*uck” series of novels.

Her death in 2021 shocked many of her fans, who still fondly remember her incredible writing career and life.

“The Risk” by S.T. Abby is a beautiful novel that introduces Logan Bennett. He is a successful criminal profiler with the FBI that leads something of a dream team. They usually work on some very tough cases as they track down and capture the worst killers.

On the other hand is his polar opposite in Lana Myers, who has come to know by experience that good will not always win. She no longer has illusions of a just and fair criminal justice system.

She is very much aware of the evil in her world and often hands out her special brand of justice with no qualms to people deserving of it.

She is quite the character being a female serial killer that does not apologize for being who she is. When the two cross paths, there is an instant attraction that neither of them can deny.

The two bump into each other at a coffee shop and the chance meeting results in a chain of events that will ensure that their lives are changed forever.

S.T. Abby’s novel “Sidetracked” Lana and Logan are continuing to grow even closer despite their hectic schedules. They are spending a lot of time together and are falling in love even though Lana should have known better about falling in love with the detective.

Even though he has brought back her enthusiasm for life, he may just be the man that will cost her everything. In the meantime, Logan has been busy on some very high profile cases.

He is hunting down a srial murderer and rapist nicknamed the Boogeyman and is also hunting for Lana. She has so far managed to avoid detection even as she offers assistance and insight into the Boogeyman case.

When things heat up in the latter case, Logan finds himself targeted by the killer. But he is not going for the man but rather the woman he has discovered he loves so much. When this daring move comes to light, security is beefed up on both Lana and Logan’s team.

Having an around the clock presence of law enforcement makes the Boogeyman;s work harder as he cannot easily stay under the radar. Despite the increased scrutiny, Lana is still working on her revenge mission but has made a few modifications.

“Scarlet Angel” by S.T. Abby picks up right from where the last one left off and has not a single dull moment. The Boogeyman is back for Lana, forcing the two into a life and death fight.

Unbeknownst to the latter, she is not fighting the serial killer alone as there is a witness to the showdown after she fell prey to the most vicious killer in recent times.
Her killing skills are now no longer a secret she could keep between Jake and her. Will the witness keep her secret safe or will it become public knowledge.
With the progression of the story, her humanity takes over in contrast to her cold and calculating serial killing persona. She has never been known for indiscriminate killing, does not prey on the good or murder innocents.

Her protective instincts are usually awakened and she just cannot stand that anyone would ever want to harm Logan who has become the love of her life. She is willing to put herself in the line of fire as she faces off with a very dangerous killer just so that he could be safe.

He sees him as having brought light and banished even if for a time her darker ages. She knows that if she were to lose him the darkness may just as soon come back.

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