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S.T. Gibson is a poet, village wise woman hoping to graduate and author of bestselling novel “A Dowry of Blood.” The author has been very prolific even before she became a fiction author as she has written and published articles, academic books and post apocalyptic woodpunk fiction.

In earlier years, Gibson went to the UNC Asheville University for her bachelors. She would then proceed to Princeton Seminary, where she graduated with a Theological studies masters.

She has said that she has been writing ever since she was nine when she used to scribble comic strip superheroes in her notebook during math lessons. It was from these early storytelling experiences that the foundation for her writing career were laid.

Gibson considers herself a cross genre author and this is perhaps why she loves writing gothic fiction. She loves the gothic genre given that it is unique enough to stand on its own, yet it also combines elements of thriller, horror, fantasy and romance.

Gibson would then turn her passion for human communication, artificial intelligence and learning into accessible worlds of fascination and wonder. She now likes to call himself a speculative fiction author as it captures much of what she does write. Nonetheless, her favorite genres will always be romance and horror.

Writing has become something of an old friend, a defense against malaise that she happily spends much of her time doing. Gibson currently makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her wife and their dog.

Gothic fiction has always been something that fascinated ST Gibson ever since got into “Phantom of the Opera” while she was in middle school. It was a show that was full of melodrama but it saved her life in a lot of ways. It allowed her to believe that she was beautiful and that her emotions were very valid.
From this show she got into other horror shows such as “Anne Rice,” “Angela Carter,” “Dracula,” ghost stories and exorcism accounts.

When she was initially trying to deal with her bisexuality, she always felt like a monster for having such desires. However the stories of ravenous supernatural creatures desiring beautiful maidens made her feel better rather than scared.

She also finds himself drawn to religion and often blurs the line between the profane and the sacred which is something often explored in Gothic literature.

“Robbergirl” by ST Gibson is set in a Sweden haunted by folk stories and wracked by war. The former are so dark that most people only speak of them in whispers. The lead in the story is Helvig, a woman who grew up with her evil father that taught her to steal anything of value that caught her eye.
She arrives at the scene of an ambush conducted by her men to find a woman with a raven perched on her shoulder and hair pale as death. A genuine witch, Helvig just has to bring her back home. Helvig is irresistibly drawn into the woman’s web and they get to talking.

She soon learns that Gerda had been walking on the remote cold roads alone as she wanted to find and kill the queen living at the top of the world. Even as they grow closer, Helvig finds it hard to believe that anyone would believe childish folk tales, even though she has her own enchantments too.
With Christmas turning into new year and the ghosts turning more vengeful, Helvig and Gerda discover they are on a journey that will either destroy them or redeem them entirely.

ST Gibson’s novel “A Dowry of Blood” is a novel that follows a woman’s ordeal who is transformed into a vampire when her village is raided by paranormals. Now a vampire, she teams up with her vampire lord and retreat to a remote castle which they call home.

When Europe comes into the grip of a plague, they leave to travel across the continent. Over several hundred years, they add the beautiful and bright Alexi and the cunning and daring Magdalena to their family. Constanta takes her agency from her husband, just as much as he took her power and agency from her all those centuries past.

First and foremost, this is a story which explores the complicated web of abusive relationships beneath the blood and vampire stories. “Dowry of Blood” is a story of people who survive abusive relationships.

Some try to fight it even as they know the end will not be pretty; some retreat into depressive episodes and some diminish themselves and become pliant.

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