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Publication Order of Nicholas Shelby Books

The Angel's Mark (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Serpent's Mark (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Saracen's Mark (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heretic's Mark (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rebel's Mark (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sinner's Mark (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

S.W Perry is a historical mystery author and a former broadcaster and journalist. He trained as an airline pilot before becoming a writer.
His debut novel is The Angel’s Mark, which is also the first in Nicholas Shelby series

The Angel’s Mark
The Angel’s Mark is the debut in the Nicholas Shelby series. Queen Elizabeth I has a wavering control over her kingdom in the middle of the turbulent backdrop of Spanish planners, catholic dissidents, and wars that threaten the country’s stability.

The story is set in 1570 in London when Catholics are hunted, and fear spreads about the plans to overthrow Queen Elizabeth. It was during that period that Intelligence collected by a web of spies and informers became a highly valued commodity.

It was also when discoveries in science and medicine had brought conflict with religion.

Young Elise takes her disabled brother, Ralph, to find a sanctuary they believe has wealthy relatives after her prostitute mother can no longer care for them.
While carrying his brother, they meet an angel who offers them help, but it soon turns out to be a nightmare where Elsie barely escapes and loses his brother
Soon the body of the boy is discovered in London with weird marks. Since people didn’t know the boy, no one minds about him or the scars on his body. The story opens up with Nicholas; a physician is conducting an autopsy on the body and notices the mark on the leg.

He later discovers another body with the same marks; he’s sure there is a serial killer on the run, killing the weak and impoverished in the city of London. Before he can get anyone interested in the discovery, his wife dies in childbirth.

When Nicholas couldn’t prevent the death of his wife and his unborn baby, he goes into grief, despair, and misery after losing the people he cared about the most. He loses his mind and drowns on the banks of the River Thames.

Nicholas is more than determined to hunt down the person responsible for the murders and is later joined by Bianca to help in the investigations. Bianca is a tavern keeper. After their questions bring more attention from one powerful man known as Robert Cecil, Nicholas has no option but to find out Cecil’s plan by acting as a spy.

As more bodies pile up, Bianca and Nicholas find themselves in the middle of a scary plot. Bianca faces more danger with the killer on the run, and Nicholas’s choice appears impossible to save him or Bianca.

Bianca Merton is an Italian mistress and the owner of Jackdaw Tavern and uses her skills as an apothecary to ensure Nicholas makes it. Rumors have it that Bianca is a witch, and there are efforts to ensure women stay out of the profession that is considered to be done by men.

Nicholas is determined to find the killer even when no one believes him or cares about the afflicted victims. He takes up a position as a physician at St. Tom’s and starts picking the threads of his job once more.

Bianca unites with Nicholas Shelby in his mission to hunt the killer.

He asks for John Lumley’s help to help him use his famous and well-stocked medical library. Lumley accepts to help since he’s a man of progress in the face of many in the medical field who feel there’s nothing more to discover. Instead, call up God’s will when they fail to heal.

While facing betrayal, blackmail, and danger, Shelby and Bianca are forced to be resourceful and rely on their knowledge to get themselves out of the situation. Can they find the killer before he gets to the next victim? Will the two escape alive?

The Angel’s Mark has all the elements one would be looking for in a historical crime novel. The story is entirely fictional, but its backdrop offers a good representation of politics, society, and religion to show life during the 1570s.

The Angel’s Mark is a well-balanced blend of sleuthing and politics with sympathetic and all-rounded characters.

The Serpent’s Mark
The Serpent’s Mark is second in the Nicholas Shelby series. The novel is set in London in 1591, with Nicholas Shelby going back to his old territory in London after a dangerous adventure that almost cost him and Bianca Merton’s lives. He has a good relationship with Bianca Merton, the owner of the Jackdaw tavern and an Apothecary.

Nicholas is soon dragged back to his other role as a spy for Robert Cecil. The two are in the middle of investigating the questionable practices of a doctor in Switzerland. Threats lurk in Elizabeth’s kingdom in the form of a mysterious physician who has allegedly come to cure a young boy but appears to have dark intentions.

They soon find themselves caught in a situation that threatens to overthrow the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Nicholas finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of fanatics, zealots, and charlatans.

Their lives become increasingly risky, and they confront the war between faiths. They find themselves fighting the zealot’s cruelty that seems to stop at nothing until their objective is achieved.

The doctor from Switzerland has come to treat a young boy, and Robert Cecil, Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, wants Nicholas to investigate the doctor’s questionable practices. The boy’s father has also requested Nicholas to keep an eye on the treatment too.

It does take long before Nicholas and Bianca find out that nothing is as it appears, and they soon find themselves in the middle of a thrilling conspiracy.
The story is fantastic, with all-rounded characters and a great historical atmosphere blended with a slow-burn romance. S.W Perry brings to life the London streets during Elizabeth’s era, from the sounds to the danger roaming on every corner.

S.W Perry knows how to bring to life London streets in the Elizabethan era describing the danger that lurked around in all the corners of the city.
If you are a fan of historical fiction, especially in the 16th century, and a story that gives you a taster of the Elizabethan era, this is a perfect book for you. The fascinating part of the story is the intriguing characters, the threat of war, c clever plot, conspiracy, and a web of deceit.

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