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Sabrina Paige is an American Romance writer who creates intelligent, sexy ladies and hot, possessive alpha male characters. Her favorite characters are outlaw bikers, military men and cowboys. She writes about hate-love relationships and loves funny and ridiculous scenes in her books

Prick is the debut in the Stepbrother Romance series. Kate has always viewed Caulter as a womanizing, cruel and arrogant prick. He has a tattooed body and pierces in his ears. She hates him with passion since he has slept with all the girls at Brighton Academy except her.

Caulter has always liked Kate from the day he saw her, but he felt she was too good for him. Kate hated him with no second thought, but things were about to change as there is always a thin line between love and hate.

Kate is the school president and worked so hard that she had no time to lose her virginity like the rest of the girls. During their graduation celebrations, she decides it’s the right time to get rid of her virginity before joining college.

She knows that Caulter is the best man to do the job as he’s the notorious playboy. Kate texts him knowing that he won’t turn her down. Caulter, on the other hand, is stunned after seeing Kate’s message; after all, she’s the girl every boy in school has always wanted.

Even though he knew she was out of his league, he still flirted with her while chasing after her during the school days. She feels like she made the worst mistake by getting intimate with Caulter even though they had a fantastic night.

Kate lost her virginity to the school’s famous whore, Caulter Sterling. She sneaks away in the night while Caulter is asleep, expecting not to see him again. She didn’t think celebrating her eighteenth birthday would go crazy and lose her virginity.

She’s so angry for losing her virginity to the man he sees as the devil. She later consoles herself that it was a one-night thing, and now that they are out of school, they will be seeing each other again. However, the two can’t stop thinking about each other. It was a steamy night that she finds hard to forget.
Her father later introduces Caulter as his future stepbrother ten days later. To her surprise, Kate finds out that her father-the senator is marrying Caulter’s mother, meaning they’ll be family.

Kate is blindsided when she hears the wedding will be held at the end of summer, and the two will have to take their love/hate relationship to Kate’s new home. She’s stunned to see Caulter again but didn’t anticipate meeting him as a stepbrother later. Kate feels her life is completely fucked, remembering that they’ll be starting the campaigns that summer where she’ll be meeting Caulter frequently.

They are expected to smile, showing people that they have a big happy family. As her father is running for president in a few years, he’s working on the re-election campaigns, and the image is what matters.

Kate is a perfect daughter and never disobeyed anything her father planned for her. She has always spent her free time studying and showing how she’s a good girl. Even when she has her aspirations, she never speaks them out to her father.

Kate always wanted her father’s approval throughout her life as he always controlled her. She accepted her father’s plans, some of which she didn’t but was forced to accept for peace to prevail between them.

Caulter was also dealing with his issues, especially his relationship with his neglectful movie star mother and the different men in his mother’s life. In one way or the other, Kate and Caulter came to accept that they had a lot more in common than they ever thought.

At first, both show their disinterest, but Caulter can’t hide his lust for Kate for long. Kate can’t also keep her lust for him hidden. The characters are well developed, and their struggles are real. Can both Kate and Caulter conceal their emotions for the public image and pretend nothing exists between them?
The story is narrated from Kate and Caulter’s point of view, showing their relationship’s progress. The chemistry between them is off the charts making the novel an enjoyable read. The story is a little straightforward yet enjoyable to the end.

It’s incredible how the author neatly wrapped Kate and Caulter’s story to make a hot and fun read. The characters are smart and compelling, having both bad and good traits, making them more real.

Colton’s life has always been one big party he believes would never change. His coach had gone extra and found him a tutor to keep him on track. He gets a young and hot tutor who seems so attractive than he thought.

He wants to make her his own, and he’s prepared to do anything to claim her. He always gets what he wants whenever he feels like it, and women throw themselves at him due to his status. As Colton is good at chasing Cassie, Cassie is good at resisting something he isn’t used to. He comforts himself, knowing that she can’t resist him forever

Cassie can’t stand jocks and doesn’t know anything about football. She’s given a tutorial job to help Colton make it through graduate school, and her work involves ensuring he passes his classes. He is a football star on academic probation. Colton is famous for both playing football and his skills in bed, and Cassie can’t imagine he’s tutoring this arrogant and spoiled player.

He teases her about how he’s ready to show how everything is bigger in Texas. Sparks fly instantly even when Cassie doesn’t want to be in the campus man whore’s bedroom. Colton pursues her and starts a physical relationship that keeps on advancing.

The story is narrated from alternating points of view, switching between Colton and Cassie’s. There are steamy and hot scenes and a little drama which kept the story thrilling. The banter and humor in the story will keep you entertained to the end.

The chemistry between the two characters is fantastic and had to sneak around due to the university’s policy on the relationship between tutors and students. Can Cassie and Colton end up together in the end?

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