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The international, award winning, best-selling author Karen Rose, was born as Karen Rose Hafer in Baltimore, Maryland in 1964. Raised in the Maryland in the suburbs of Washington, DC, she met her husband on a blind date as a seventeen year old.

Ms. Rose and her husband Martin both attended and graduated from the University of Maryland. They moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where she put her degree in chemical engineering to work.

While her brain was working at creating two patents, she was also spinning stories in her head, sometimes a distraction of her work. Ms. Rose started getting them down on paper and realized how fun it was. She was completely hooked on writing her stories.

She debuted her first suspense novel, Don’t Tell, in July 2003. Since then, she has had over two dozen novels and novellas published. Ms. Rose has been on the best seller lists of Amazon, the New York Times, USA Today, and lists in London, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, and Australia.

Her novels have been translated into over twenty world languages. Ms. Rose has also been honored with the 2005 and 2011 Romance Writers of America’s RITA award for Best Romantic Suspense and several other novels have been a finalist for RITA awards.

Ms. Rose and her husband of more than thirty years live in Florida with their collection of dogs and cats and children. She’s free to spend time with her other passions of cooking and gardening.

The collections of novels by Ms. Rose are arranged as series with the settings in different US states. Major cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Cincinnati are represented, each with their own romantic yet gritty and suspenseful story line.

Throughout the series of novels and the series within each city the books are connected. Characters from previous novels and cities can frequently be found sharing the narrative across the story lines. Ms. Rose has created these integrated story lines with a deftness and grace that demonstrates exactly why she is an award-winning, best selling Romance Suspense author.

The first entry in the Sacramento Series is the heart-racing novel Say You’re Sorry. There’s a serial killer menacing the women in the capital of California.

He is preying on vulnerable women in Sacramento and he is exceptionally shrewd, only leaving the identifiable marks that he chooses with no other clues for the police to go on. He leaves letters, one, maybe two, all being carved into the torsos of the victims. Altogether they have spelled “SYDNEY.”

Even a cunning killer can overestimate his skills. When the killer gets ahold of Daisy Dawson, her small stature gives him a confidence he’s misjudged. She fights back fiercely with a competence he’s not expecting and she quickly gets herself free. Daisy is equally smart and grabs a crucial piece of evidence- she yanks a necklace from the killer’s neck.

The necklace is more than a valuable piece of evidence in the killing of multiple young women. It turns out the necklace is a link to a seventeen-year-old cold case.

Special Agent Gideon Reynolds, after seventeen years, has the real possibility, with Daisy’s help, of possibly closing the old case and of stopping the nightmare in Sacramento. It’s going to be more difficult and riskier. The serial killer is angry and is targeting Daisy and Gideon.

Sacramento Series number Two- Say No More is just as edgy and exciting.

Never tell. If they catch you, say nothing.

Gideon’s sister, Mercy Callahan, is back in Sacramento to attempt to make peace with him. She also needs his help- she’s ready to help him find the sadistic cult that robbed her of her childhood.

Mercy and Gideon went through so much together as kids. Every day their lives were on the line, day to day survival was never a given. They had to rely on each other simply to see another day. Then Ephraim Burton happened to her.

Mercy hasn’t been ready until now to talk about that nightmare experience. When she spots Ephraim Burton, she is sure she will never be safe. She’s going to have to trust Gideon to help keep him away from her- he’s the man that created her most recent torment. He made her life a living hell.

Mercy does have more than only Gideon watching her back. Rafe Sokolov would do anything, go to any length to protect her and have her back in his life.

When Rafe realizes Mercy is in danger with Ephraim back in her orbit, he is determined to help her and get her back. There’s a possible path of destruction coming due to Ephraim being around and targeting Mercy.

He’s dangerous and ruthless and it’s not only Mercy who’s in danger. Those close to her- Gideon, Rafe, and anyone else, they are at risk too. Ephraim will attempt to bring them all down.

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