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Publication Order of Sacred Sins Books

The Sacred Sins series is a famous book series of mystery, romance, fiction, contemporary, and romantic suspense novels. This series is written by a high-ranked New York Times bestselling American author, Nora Roberts. There are 2 books in this series in total, which were released between the years 1987 and 1988. Author Roberts has done the setting of the plot of the overall series in Washington, D.C. Because of this particular setting and the depiction of its lead characters as detectives, the series is also known by the name, the D.C. Detectives series, in several places of its publishing. Both the books feature different sets of main characters, who pose as detectives working for the Washington State police department. Mainly, the detectives are shown in the stories in pairs of male and female officers. While trying to unravel the various mysteries taking place in Washington, D.C., the detectives engage in love affairs and go on to have passionate romantic relationships. However, their lives do not remain a simple and peaceful one. They go through various ups and downs, both professionally and personally, but finally manage to catch the culprits as well as embrace their love with full determination and dedication. Besides the chief protagonists, author Roberts has also mentioned important villains, who are seen as playing interesting roles in carrying the plots forward. The readers highly intrigued to read about the stories and the characters, and could not stop themselves from finishing reading the parts in a single flow. At least most of the readers felt this way. The list of chief characters depicted by Roberts in this romantic suspense series includes Tess Court, Ben Paris, Grace McCabe, Ed Jackson, Kathleen MacCabe, etc. Each of the books became immensely successful and went on to attract a large number of readers from across the globe. Numerous critics and prominent writers acknowledged Roberts’ efforts in creating such unique characters and describing the intriguing and interesting stories. The success of the books also brought with it fame and popularity for author Roberts. After the successful run of this particular series, she continued writing many other exciting mysteries in her literary career. She was able to glorify and expand her career to many more years after this series’ release and still continues to write other mysteries, suspenses, and thrillers.

The debut book of the Sacred Sins book series written by Nora Roberts is known as ‘Sacred Sins’. It was released by the Bantam publication in the year 1987. Roberts has featured the primary characters in this book as Ben Paris and Tess Court, and has set the story in Washington, DC, United States. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that Washington gets swept by the biggest and most talked about story of merciless heat waves across the state during the lazy summer days. But soon, this story gets knocked off by a very shocking discovery of the dead body of a young lady. As soon as the news spread all over, an investigation team is formed to look into the matter. The initial reports suggest that the woman was strangled and murdered by the killer. Beside the corpse, a note is found on which it is written that ‘Her’ sins have now forgiven her. After this discovery, a couple more dead bodies are found in the nearby areas. These two victims also appear to have been killed in the same manner by the killer and are left with a note each beside them, just like in case of the first victim. This makes the killer come into the headlines of every newspaper and with the name tag of ‘the Priest’. When the police personnel are not able to get anywhere close to catching the serial killer, they hire the help of a top-rated psychiatrist named Dr. Tess Court. After going through some of the findings of the investigation, Tess Court succeeds in coming up with the portrait of the twisted soul, and it appears to be very disturbing. On the other hand, detective Ben Paris seems all determined to hunt down the murderer and does not give any thought to his psyche. While doing so, he tends to fall for the beautiful Tess Court. She too sees him as a tall and good looking man and knows he has had many interactions with women in the past. In spite of Ben’s good looks, Tess does not react like the other women. When Ben sees that Tess is not showing any importance, he takes it as a challenge to pierce her heart with his love and show her what he has in him that makes most women fall for him. All the while, the two keep thinking of how to stop the killer from anymore innocent life. They decide to devise a foolproof plan to make the killer fall for the bait and finally catch him.

Another enriching story described by Roberts in the exciting series is entitled ‘Brazen Virtue’. This book was also published by Bantam in 1988. This book’s important characters consist of Ed Jackson and Grace McCabe. The novel deals with the return of a famous mystery author from a long book tour and finding her sister in a sad state. What follows next makes the author go on the trail of a deadly killer for shattering her life and ending his to take the perfect revenge. The story turns into a race of cat and mouse, and the writer tries everything in her capacity to emerge victorious before time runs out she too ends up being a victim, just like her sister. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that Grace McCabe is very popular as a writer of mystery novels. She goes on a grueling tour in several countries on the occasion of her latest book’s release and comes back to discover her little sister residing in a grungy suburb in D.C. Her sister, Kathleen McCabe, is forced to work as an operator of phone sex as she does not have any other means to earn her livelihood and seeing this makes Grace McCabe very sad. Kathleen is trying to overcome from her bitter divorce and is attempting to make ends meet with all that she can. The company that Kathleen works for, Fantasy Inc., is known to keep their employees anonymous for the safety of their business, but Grace sees it as a dangerous game being played on their part. As Grace is about to get to know the insights of the company and get her sister out of it, she discovers a shocking scene at her home. She realizes that the scene is exactly same to the one she has mentioned in a book of her’s. Not knowing what to do next, she takes the help of the cool headed detective named Ed Jackson. Ed warns Grace to stay out of trouble and let him handle the situation. But, in the desperation of taking the revenge of her sister’s murder, Grace dares to face the killer all by herself. This makes the killer come out of hiding to make her the next victim. Ed Jackson comes to Grace’s rescue and also succeeds in nabbing the brutal murderer.

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