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How We Fight For Our Lives (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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When the Only Light Is Fire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prelude to Bruise (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alive at the End of the World (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Saeed Jones

A poet and a writer, the American author Saeed Jones is an author with a clear and strong point of view, as he definitely has something to say. Working as editor of culture at Buzzfeed too, he’s been a prominent fixture in the literary scene, as well as a strong advocate for the arts too. A creative and innovative writer, he has created an extremely impressive profile for himself in a relatively short amount of time. Getting right to the heart of the subject matter, he is clear and concise, saying exactly what it is that he wants to say with both passion and strength. Winning awards for his work too, he has attracted not only the attention of the general public, but has also gained a huge amount of critical acclaim as well.

This has led him to the career that he currently has today, with a backlog of work that will continue to grow in the years to come. Gifted at prose, he also regularly writes an advice column for the Buzzfeed’s ‘Reader’ newsletter, which is called ‘Dear Ferocity’. Not disappearing any time soon, his writing career will build from strength-to-strength as time goes on, with plenty more expected on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Memphis, Tennessee on the 26th of November in 1985, Saeed Jones would grow up with a strong interest in both writing and reading. Raised in Lewisville, Texas, he would go on to attend college at Western Kentucky University, before receiving an MFA from Rutger University-Newark. Going on to work for Buzzfeed, he would also have some of his poetry published in the subsequent years following as well. Currently living in New York City, he still writes to this very day, as he continues to build upon his literary profile into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Releasing his first debut title back in 2011, Saeed Jones would arrive on the literary scene with the book titled ‘When the Only Light Is Fire’. This would be his first anthology of poetry, which he would later follow up with his next poetry anthology titled ‘Prelude to Bruise’ in 2014. Making a name for himself as a gifted wordsmith with a clear and definite mastery of prose, he would also win awards for his work too. Winning the ‘Pushcart Prize’, along with the ‘Joyce Osterwell Award for Poetry’, he has been recognized throughout the community, along with his receiving ‘Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry’ in 2014. Contributing to an overall anthology of poetry as well in 2018 titled ‘Ghost Fishing’, he has become a regular fixture on the literary scene both online and off.

When the Only Light Is Fire

Initially published through the ‘Sibling Rivalry Press’ publishing outlet, this would be the first book from Saeed Jones. Combining all his poetry to that date in one collection, it was first brought out on the 18th of October in 2011 to a mass-audience. Attracting attention from a variety of different of readers, it would attract a worldwide audience from all across the globe.

Casting a light on an otherwise unseen way of life, Saeed Jones manages to take a look into life in the deep South of America. Casting a lot of his own personal thoughts into it all, this is a highly intimate selection of poetry, clearly showing what he has to offer as an author. Evoking a number of different emotions and ideas, he manages to allow the subjects to speak for themselves at the same time too. Following a strong thematic line throughout as well, this collection is a conclusive entry into the beginnings of a highly influential career for Jones as an author.

Traversing the outskirts of the South of the United States, Saeed Jones takes a look at the life there, getting to the very heart of it. Evoking a feeling of what life there entails, he conjures up an atmosphere and sense of ambiance for the reader to delve in to. This then takes them on a journey throughout the landscape, from the seemingly dangerous backgrounds of bars and secluded back-roads at night. Journeying through Tennessee, Texas and Alabama, Jones brings the landscape to life, shining a light on the darkness, giving it a whole new fresh perspective. Readers will see these communities like they’ve never seen them before, really showing what they look like when the only light is fire.

Prelude to Bruise

This time published through the ‘Coffee House Press’ publishing label, this would come out on the 18th of August in 2014. Showing a clear development from his first title, this would be another collection of poetry, this time with a more intimate personal tone to it. Definitely a must for any fans of the writer, it shows how he has evolved both as a highly skilled writer and as a poet too.

Bringing another selection of poetry to the general public, this collection definitely shows a clear development from the first. Evolving his ideas and his themes, Saeed Jones makes these a lot more personal and intimate for the reader this time round. Placing his own experiences at the center he makes them universal, allowing readers from all backgrounds to relate to them. Using a series of exemplary linguistic tricks as well, he truly is a master of his craft here, allowing the language to flow effortlessly around the subject matter, complimenting it throughout.

Putting himself at the center of his work, this collection of poems seeks to externalize the gay black experience of modern America. Making his voice heard Jones works at creating an impassioned sense of identity which makes up the central core of his work here. Allowing his world to come alive off of the page, he uses his prose to evoke a real genuine feeling in that of the reader. With themes of gender, race and the discrimination faced within everyday life, these pieces really manage convey a very real and extremely visceral feeling. Rich and layered, this is a truly immersive experience for the reader, as it allows them to invest themselves in a prelude to bruise.

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