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Safari Summer Books In Order

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Publication Order of Safari Summer Books

Ben M Baglio is one of the most well-established authors from the United States. Baglio is an author who loves to pen down books in the children’s genre. Baglio has also managed to create briefs about two of his most successful children’s book series known as Dolphin Diaries and Animal Ark book series. In the Dolphin Diaries book series, the author presents to the readers the story of a girl, who resides in Florida with her entire family. The girl and the family travel in different regions of the world, where they get to study dolphins as marine biologists. In another well-received book series, the Animal Park book series, the author, Ben M Baglio presents the life of two children who decide to come together so that they will not only help animals but they will also get to solve the mysteries that are related to these animals.

All the installments in the Dolphin Diaries book series and the Animal Ark book series were penned down by different writers under the guidance of Ben M Baglio and were released under the pen name of Nancy Daniels. On the last page of the book, the author, Ben M Baglio has dedicated a special thanks note, in the US, where all the books in the two series were published under the name Ben M Baglio. By doing this, the author has used his real names as a pseudonym for all the writers who had played a key role in penning down the novels in the series. By making use of his real names, Baglio has penned another book series, the Pet Finder’s club. The Pet Finder’s Club is a book series that features a group of three children, who have come together so that they can locate missing pets and return them to their rightful owners. Ben M Baglio was born on 1 January 1960 in the New York City. After completing his high school education, Ben Baglio was then admitted to Pennsylvania University, where he graduated with a degree in English Literature.

Initially, Ben M Baglio had began penning down books in the children’s genre. However, just as it is the case with any budding writer, Ben M Baglio did not receive commercial success as an author. However, as time continued to progress, the work of Ben M Baglio began to get recognized and eventually he became a well-established author. As a writer, Ben M Baglio has worked in New York City and England as well. In the Dolphin Diaries book series, the author introduces the character, Jody McGrath, who is the protagonist.

Safari Summer Book Series

Tusk is the third book in the Safari Summer book series that was penned by renowned author, Ben M Baglio under the pen name of Lucy Daniels. In this book, the author, Lucy Daniels introduces the readers to Jake Berman, a twelve-year-old boy, who resides with his mother and step-father in Tanzania. Due to the fact that Jake and his family live in close proximity with the animal reserve, he has always had the chance of interacting with some of the animals in the game reserve. However, of all the animals that Jake has had a close encounter with, one lone elephant is the animal that has fascinated him. Jake clearly understands that he must always ensure that he keeps his distance. One day, Jake and his best friend Shani are selected to be part of an elephant relocation program. Their game reserve has been selected for the rehoming of more than thirty elephants.

Nonetheless, once the relocation program was initiated, the nearby community did not like the idea and decided to become hostile. The local community was afraid that their crops and farms, will be destroyed by the elephants. The ideal solution was determined to be the construction of an elephant fence. Nonetheless, Jake is more than worried that the volunteering community members are not what they seem or appear to be. The first book in the Safari Summer book series is Pride. Living in close proximity with a game reserve has always ensured that Jake meets with some of the animals that most kids get to see in movies or in the zoos. It is not only exciting but dangerous as well, however, the energetic young kid is always more than ready for an adventure. In this book, Jake is more than happy that a film company has selected their game reserve as an ideal location to shoot a movie.

Jake and his family are more than excited as they are going to meet the stars and even handle some of the lion’s cubs as well. However, when the shooting of the film begins, the twelve year old realizes that the movie director is planning to shoot more than just a film. He discovers that the film director is planning to take home a real life sourvenier. As Jake tries to find out where the young cubs came from, he discovers that there is something more sinister going on. Chase is the fourth book in the Safari Summer book series. In this book some of Jake’s family’s old friend have decided to travel so that they can shoot a documentary next to where Jake lives. Immediately after the team begins to shoot the documentary, Jake discovers that there was a Cheetah cub, a few meters from their home, and Jake cannot believe his luck. The King Cheetah happens to be one of the rarest cheetah in the world and from the look of things it is definitely going to be perfect for the documentary.

However, Musabi has been suffering a terrible drought and thus the cheetahs are in exceedingly grave danger. Jake has to decide exactly how far he is willing to go so as to save the cheetah. With that said, the Safari Summer Series is a brilliantly written children’s book that will definitely captivate and entertain your children. Just like all the other book series by Lucy Daniels, the Safari Summer book series is not only educational but have also been brilliantly penned down and feature well developed characters.

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