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Saga of Larten Crepsley Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Saga of Larten Crepsley Books

Birth of a Killer (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ocean of Blood (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Palace of the Damned (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brothers to the Death (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Saga of Larten Crepsley series is a series of fantasy and horror novels written by the well known Irish author Darren Shan. There is a total of 4 novels published in the series between the years 2010 and 2012. All the novels of the series serve prequels to another series written by the author called as ‘The Saga of Darren Shan’ or the ‘Cirque Du Freak’ series. Each novel in the series revolves around the life of the main character named Larten Crepsley, who is depicted as a vampire, and give a description of the first 200 years of his life. The series is set in a period long before Darren Shah from the sequel series went on to become Larten Crepsley’s assistant. Over the course of the series, author Daren Shan has tried to depict the life story of Larten Crepsley spanning over a number of continents and multiple centuries. Author Darren Shan began writing the novels of the series in the year 2010 when he wrote and released the first novel Birth of a Killer. In the novels of the series, Larten Crepsley is known by the name Mr. Crepsley by the people around him. He is described as a vampire who is the same person who blooded Darren Shan in the other series called as Cirque Du Freak. After blooding Darren Shan, he became his mentor. Darren Shan was the Vampire Prince and because of having Larten Crepsley as his mentor, he formed a father-son bond between Larten Crepsley and himself. Larten Crepsley served as the deuteragonist in the Cirque Du Freak series and the protagonist in the Saga of Larten Crepsley series.

The first novel of the Saga of Larten Crepsley series was published in the year 2010 by the Little Brown Books for the Young readers publishing house. It was titled ‘Birth of a Killer’ and introduced the main protagonist Larten Crepsley. The plot of this novel gives a description about the life of Larten Crepsley before the war against the vampaneze was fought, before he had become a vampire, and before the Cirque Du Freak. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Larten Crepsley is introduced as a young boy during the time of a number of centuries before. At that time, he was a child laborer and used to do his job very well. No one had any complaints about him or his quality of work. In order to teach a lesson to the other kids, the foreman kills Larten’s son. This situation changes the way of thinking of Larten Crepsley and decides to make the foreman pay for what he did to his cousin. At that very moment, he gets filled with extreme rage and intents on not letting the foreman survive any more. He flies away and is forced to sleep in the crypts and eat the cobwebs that he could catch. Soon, he gets the offer of protection by a vampire named Seba, who also promised him to train as his assistant. Larten Crepsley accepts the offer and begins his training under the guidance of the vampire Seba.

As a child, he was born with 7 siblings in the year 1794. Two of his siblings died at a very young age and his eldest sibling, who was his sister got married and left the other siblings as soon as she got the chance. Larten’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Crepsley, were very happy to let her go as they thought that her work was very poor. Also, she used to bring very less income to their house. Larten Crepsley began working in a silk factory as a child laborer and witnessed the killing of his cousin in the year 1807 at the hands of the foreman named Traz. Enraged, Larten killed the foreman and ran away into a crypt and met Seba Nile, a vampire. Realizing that he needed guidance, Seab offered him the opportunity to become his assistant. He agreed to work as the human assistant of Seba Nile and traveled for the next 5 years along with him as his assistant. In order to participate in the vampire council in the year 1812, Sebaleft Larten Crepsley at the Cirque Du Freak and went on to attend the important council meeting. While roaming one in a town, Larten ended up meeting with a boy named Wester, who was looking to take revenge from one of the Vampaneze called Murlough, as he had killed his parents. Wester also joined Larten and became Seba Nile’s assistant. Eventually, Larten Crepsley became a half vampire very soon and then went on to become a full vampire in the year 1819 when he was 25 years old. Larten got the opportunity of attending the council in the year 1824.

The second novel of the Saga of Larten Crepsley was published under the title ‘Ocean of Blood’. It was published by the Little Brown Books for the Young Readers publishing house in the year 2011. The plot of this novel continued to deal with the life of the main protagonist Larten Crepsley. In the opening sequence of the plot of this novel, author Darren Shan has described Larten Crepsley as a teenager before he went to become the master of Darren Shan and a vampire general, and before the happening of the War of Scars. The circumstances forced Larten to listen to the fusty old vampires who told him what to do and what not to. This situation had made him sick. He decides to take off with his journey ahead on his own along with his blood brother named Wester. The two take off into the human world in order to find out what they can get over there with their new blooded vampire status. Larten Crepsley tries to take full advantage of the opportunity an suck all that he can from the human world. In doing so, he experiences a violent and hedonistic lifestyle of living. Larten comes across cheats beckoning, power corrupting, and enemies waiting to take revenge in the lustful world of the humans. After spending some time in the company of the cubs, Larten and Wester return to Vampire Mountain, where they find Seba Nile stationed as the Quartermaster. While roaming in the human world, Larten meets Evanna and Malora, who is one of the servants of Evanna. During one night at the cave of Evanna, Larten gets very much drunk and tries to kiss Evanna. She becomes very angry at this gesture of Larten and cuts his cheek that leaves a permanent scar. On the other hand, Malora decides to become Larten Crepsley’s assistant without getting blooded. While traveling with her on a cruise, Larten meets Daniel Abrams. His secret as a vampire get revealed when he is seen trying to feed on one of the crew members of the ship. This makes all the others angry and they kill Malora. Seeing this, Larten kills all of them except Daniel, a small baby, and a couple of other people. After realizing that he has done a very brutal act by killing all the people on the ship, he decides to parent the baby by himself, as his mother was also killed by him.

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