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Saga of The De Magela Family Books In Order

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Publication Order of Saga of the de Magela Family Books

Wall of Doom (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wall of Peril (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wall of Glory (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wall of Conquest (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wall of Victory (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Saga of the de Magela Family is a series of fantasy novels written by Abigail Keam. The books follow the exploits of a princess who must save her kingdom from the clutches of an evil tyrant.

+The Story

Abigail Keam is a pretty diverse author. She is best known for her mystery novels. However, she has dabbled in romance and thriller. The Saga of the de Magela Family series was a stark surprise when it debuted in 2013.

Abigail had shown that she had the capacity to experiment with different genres but fantasy felt like a far cry from anything that she had ever done. That did not stop the author from planting her flag in the fantasy genre.

Though, that particularly experimental period of her career did not last. Not only was the Saga of the de Magela Family series not particularly well received but it became clear that the author was at her strongest when writing the romance aspect of the Magela family series.

As far as most readers where concerned, Abigail had no business playing in the fantasy sandbox. And one assumes that she listened to the criticism because it wasn’t long after that she returned to her roots and began to churn out the mystery novels for which she is best known.

The Saga of the de Magela Family series revolves around the character of Princess Maura. Maura was always more privileged than most girls. Her mother was Queen Abisola.

So Maura had everything she could possibly want. Her people loved her and her mother spoiled her. Princess Maura had every reason to expect life to continue as it always had. She did not think that things could change so quickly and so drastically.

But that is exactly what happens. By the time the Saga of the de Magela Family Series kicks off, Maura’s kingdom is facing a grave threat. A great tribe from the east has begun to amass.

A group of people called the Bhuttanians are cutting a bloody swathe across the land. The nomadic people have been unified under the control of Zoar. Zoar is a powerful chieftain. His goal is to create a vast empire that stretches across the known world.

To achieve his goal, Zoar has initiated a campaign of conquest, one that has seen him march out against every kingdom of significance he encounters, forcing them to submit to his rule or be destroyed.

Zoar is a ruthless leader that will attain victory at all costs. When Queen Abisola learns of the threat posed by Zoar, she does the unthinkable. Abisola decides that she will fight.

She will mobilize her people into a great army that will rise up to meet the forces of Zoar in battle. The odds are against them but they simply refuse to surrender their freedom.

However, more than merely getting her people into shape for battle, Abisola goes the extra mile and gives her daughter to Dinii. The Dinii are bird-like individuals who Abisola entrusts with the honor of training Princess Maura in the ways of battle.

Their objective is to turn her into a hardened warrior that will present a decent challenge to the Bhuttanians. Abiola does this because she knows her people’s chances of survival are almost non-existent.

Abisola’s home has always been a peaceful country that survives on agriculture. She understands that she stands little to no chance of changing her people into a true army in time to face off against Zoar. To Abisola, Princess Maura is the only hope her people have.

The Saga of the de Magela Family series tells Maura’s story as she attempts to fulfill her destiny. There are a number of critical elements attached to this story. Chief amongst them is Princess Maura’s rise to power.

Initially weak, spoiled and unreliable, readers are allowed to follow Maura as she faces enormous trials and challenges over the course of an arc that is designed to transform her into the warrior Queen that her mother wanted her to be.

An important element of Maura’s growth is her relationship with the Dinii who take an enormous risk in hiding and training her, and who could just as easily betray Maura by giving her over to Zoar.

Another aspect of note in these books is Maura’s relationship with Dorak. Dorak is the Aga’s handsome son. He meets Maura when the heroine is captured. Over the course of her imprisonment, the two of them inexplicably fall in love.

This puts Dorak in a bind. On the one hand, he loves Maura and feels like he would do anything, break any oath to keep her safe. On the other hand, Dorak’s loyalty to his family and his people comes before everything else.

Dorak also seeks power and he spends a considerable portion of the Saga of the de Magela Family series trying to figure out whether or not he is willing to sacrifice Maura to get it.

The novels, it should be noted, take place in a fantastical world where you have entities like the Mother Bogazkoy plant which can grant long life.

These novels have been criticized for being campy and predictable.

+Wall of Doom

Princess Maura is the spoiled daughter of Queen Abisola who must mature quickly in the wake of a deadly threat. Maura comes from a peaceful, agrarian country. Her people know nothing of war.

As such, they are ill-prepared when they learn that the Bhuttanians are coming to conquer them. A collection of nomadic tribesmen from the East, the Bhuttanians have rallied under the leadership of a chieftain called Zoar who will not stop until he builds a vast empire.

To save her life and keep the legacy of her people alive, Abisola gives her daughter to the Dinii people. They will train her and make her a great warrior that will fight Zoar one day and restore peace.

+Wall of Peril

Princess Maura has one job to do, and that is to stop the Bhuttanian Empire from conquering her people. Dorak was the last person Maura ever expected to fall in love with. But that is exactly what happened when she was held captive.

Now Dorak, the Aga’s handsome son, must decide if he’s willing to sacrifice her for power.

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