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Publication Order of Saganami Island Books

The Shadow of Saganami (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storm from the Shadows (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow of Freedom (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow of Victory (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Saganami by David Weber

Saganami Island also known as Talkbot Series is a series of Science Fiction books by Daniel Weber. It is a spin-off from Weber’s Honor Harrington series.
The first piece of the series, Shadow of Saganami was created in 2004 and looks into a group of kingdoms in a certain galaxy that is struggling to have their peace though often crippled by their enemies. It also does look into the political antagonism ruling the kingdom and the efforts of a few of its navy officer to bring it back to order.

The first book was listed as New York bestselling and the fourth book in the series Shadow of Victory explores the efforts of Honor from the Manticore Kingdom to bring sanity and peace to the galaxy to also serve as a climax to the long-fought war.

The Shadow of Saganami

The Shadow of Saganami introduces the Saganami Series. A group of newly graduated men and women are set on what is supposed to be a light mission most of them being midshipmen. They are set aboard the heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma under captain Aivars Terekhov who has been suffering from PSTD as a result of being in past gruesome battles. What started out as a simple mission is about to turn into one of the hardest battles for the newly graduated officers.

The assignment is at the Talbot cluster which is a cluster of the planetary system located at the verge of Solarian League which is near the lynx junction. The Talbot cluster is drafting a constitution after being annexed by the star kingdom when this happens. A group of dissidents and other solely-related corporations and planets are against this move and are willing to put any effort towards seeing the stability and constitution drafting of this kingdom. Under the aid of mysterious strangers who use modern weapons, these enemies are raiding and terrorizing people and their planets. A few of the Maticoran ships join hands with the Hexapuma as they try to secure their territory against these insurgents.

Terekhov discovers that these acts of violence are funded and supported by a few people among them and sets up a team of elites to quell the violence. Each member of the task contributes a significant part as they work through teamwork, individual initiative and of course military discipline. The once thought to be a patrol, and simple task turns into a difficult one as they work to level the terrorists and the corrupt leaders that are out to halt the progress of the new kingdom. Inspired by the discipline and traditions of the military the fighters engage in battles that see them putting an end to these evils.

When it comes to these kingdoms every step and action counts as a fail in the same is likely to bring about a considerable conflict since they are still in a state of caution. Under the leadership of their captain, the group moves out to counter the problems irrespective of the strengths and weaknesses that each person has in the fleet. The presence of these new officers into the navy is at first viewed as a wrong step, but their determination and inspiration eventually pay off as they fight for a change.

The story is fantastic with an introduction of characters who come from lineages that have participated in naval battles while adding bits of political antagonism and conspiracies. The action is also incredible with scenes that leave the reader wanting more and digging deeper into the story. David gives splendid details of characters, events, and places that make up the book. It also looks into some few aspects that are crucial into any society and economy and the effects they have at the end such as slavery.

Storm from the Shadows

Next in the Saganami Series is Storm from The Shadows. The Solarian Navy has always been seen as the strongest one in the galaxy for many centuries. Every kingdom respects their power and significantly references them for a long time. But all this might change as the galaxy searches for peace.

Admiral lady Michelle Henke, a great friend of Honor, has been captured by the enemy and lies at their mercies until they ask for an exchange of the prisoners of war. More to the exchange comes an agreement in which lady Michelle is not supposed to engage in the ongoing conflict, but she still ends up being sent on another war front. The enemies to the new kingdom are secretly planning how they will bring them down by launching a war on two ends which will prove difficult and an almost sure defeat.

Storm from the shadows diversifies and looks at the political machinations for around six empires who are interacting in each having a role they are playing in building the entire story. The empires are involved in talks aimed at establishing the best strategies to use in dealing with both the enemy and their allies. However, it is hilarious since these meetings only prove a hoax as the empires still engage in a war whose effects are devastating. Though a portion of these people wants peace, there are those who still want to dwell in the world of fighting.

Manticore under which Admiral Michelle serves has been targeted by a group of criminals who are out to keep their secrets. After her release, Michelle was unaware that she would fall on a battle with a syndicate identified as Manpower which is trying to keep their secret trade still moving. They consider the Manticore a threat and including Michelle who has been withdrawn from participating in the battle. They come up with dangerous and ruthless plans that could bring this kingdom to its knees. The group known as Manpower is stationed in Monica and before they can proceed with their plot are discovered and stopped which brings defeat and shame to those involved. Humiliation falls on Solarian league’s office of frontier security and the members of Manpower though they still embark on planning another strike to force Talbott and Manticore as they seek to serve their own selfish needs.

Every character in the book has a role to play and significant one to make the story enjoyable. The action, humor, and tension are also incredibly set delivering a satisfying read.

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  1. Akita: 12 months ago

    I’ve read this series 5 times over the last 20 years. I just finished shadow of sagnami as I’m getting started on the 6th reading. I really enjoy Weber’s books and I hope he outlasts me.


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