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Publication Order of Saigon Commandos Books

Saigon Commandos (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Zero Shots Fired (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dinky Dau Death (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cherry Boy Body Bag (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Boonie-Rat Body Burning (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Di Di Mau or Die (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sac Mau, Victor Charlie (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Die, Du Ma! (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mad Minute (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torturers of Tet (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollowpoint Hell (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suicide Squad (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jonathan Cain is an author of full-length fictional novels that often fall into the genre of action and adventure. It is the pen name used by author Nicholas Cain.

Nicholas Cain, which is the true identity of the author named Jonathan in real life, has had an interesting past. He served in the Vietnam War as a volunteer. After serving over seas in conflict, Cain then decided that he would like to work in law enforcement. As a result, the ex military man pursued a career in the field of lawn enforcement.

He has written several novels. Cain stopped his trend of writing full length novels in the year 1990. After that, he took a break and worked for a while in Los Angeles as a private investigator– almost sounding like a character out of one of his own novels!

Jonathan Cain is the creator and writer of the Saigon Commandos series. This series of fictional novels was created in 1983 with the release of the debut novel, which of course shares the same name. The sequel came out shortly after, which is titled Code Zero Shots Fired. The third book came out as well, and then a fourth and more all the way up to a dozen. The twelfth book came out in 1986 and is titled Suicide Squad.

Saigon Commandos is the exciting new book in the series that has the same title! The series is the brain child of the talented writer and interesting person with a colorful past that readers know as Jonathan Cain.

If you love action and adventure novels or anything in the genre of science fiction, then you definitely may be someone that is really interested in this novel. Like any good author would, this novel draws upon elements of their own history. Since one of the things that Jonathan Cain definitely knows about is serving in Vietnam, you can take one wild guess where this book starts out.

Vietnam was the place to catch all of the action once upon a time. You may have thought that the entire country was crazy, but Saigon in particular was a chaotic sight to see. That was where the men that belonged to the 716th division were stationed. They did their best to make sure that they lived up to their duty.

The truth was that they had surely what had to be one of the most difficult jobs of anyone else stationed in this overly hot and exotic place. It was their sole task to keep Saigon in order, or at the very least keep the place from blowing itself up. This was no easy task as it seems like there was just conflict after heated conflict and one crazy thing happening right after the other.

It was nearly impossible to predict what was going to happen next for these guys, and in truth it might have been a little scarier to know the future. There was just so much going on at any given moment and that much happening. It was all a little difficult to keep track of.

There were all types of characters roaming around this place. Hustlers shared space at the bar along with girls who served drinks in those bars but weren’t sincerely appreciative of their patrons. There were also deserters and people who have murdered others in the past and might kill more people in the future. There were people looking to pick your pocket and people looking to try and do anything that they could to get ahead and survive one more day.

The city was far more cunning than anyone could have predicted. The guys that were shipped in fresh were like easy targets, ready to be taken advantage of. The people in this place could smell someone that had just freshly arrived from the outside world. The girls were looking to get their money and everyone else in Saigon was lying in wait for all of the potential victims to first arrive and then get taken advantage of.

Will the new soldiers be okay? Are the men that are assigned to keep Saigon intact going to be able to keep the city in order? How many victims will this city take? You’ll have to read the first book in Jonathan Cain’s Saigon Commandos series.

The second book in the exciting action and adventure series by Jonathan Cain continues to bring the action! If you loved the premiere novel in this series set in Vietnam, then you may just be interested in another installment of the action. Such is the case in the sequel titled Code Zero Shots Fired!

Check out this book for yourself to catch all of the action and adventure! The Saigon Commandos series was turned into a full length Hollywood feature film in 1988. It was directed by Clark Henderson. It starred P.J. Soles, Richard Young, John Allen Nelson, and more. The screenplay was written by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver.

The basis of the movie is that it is set in the city of Saigon, which is of course in Vietnam. Things are going crazy there as usual in this late-80’s movie. When a related pattern of murders is traced back to drugs, it is up to Mark Stryker, an ex-Green Beret, and his MPs to find the people responsible.

Stryker is the only one that can help get to the bottom of what truly is going on. A nosy reporter called Jean Lassiter is willing to help this tough guy figure out what’s going on– and is naturally a good candidate to do so, as he works the crime section.

With the help of the reporter, Stryker will be able to fully delve into the investigation. Checking out politicians that have been corrupted as part of their participation in the black market is going to reveal more than he bargained for, as the murders appear to be related to illicit dealings in the heroin market.

Stryker wants to help figure out who the killers are, but can he escape a murder charge that has clearly been arranged to set him up? Watch the movie inspired by the series from Jonathan Cain to find out!

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