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Publication Order of Saint Squad Books

Saint Squad by Traci Hunter Abramson

Author Traci Hunter Abramson writes the “Saint Squad” series of mystery and suspense novels. There are also elements of romance and inspiration to the books. The series began publication in the year 2008, when “Freefall” was released.

“Freefall”, “Lockdown”, “Crossfire”, and “Smoke Screen” were all finalists for Whitney Awards for the best mystery/suspense novel.

The novels focus on a team of Navy SEALS that are all Mormon. They are called the Saint Squad, and each novel revolves around different members of the squad as they go on different missions.

“Freefall” is the first novel in the “Saint Squad” series, which was released in the year 2008. Lieutenant Brent Miller came to the Middle East with a single objective: get seven hostages out of the hostile country. The plan was close to working. Now he has been left with one of the hostages.

It is up to Brent to get the daughter of an LDS Senator, named Amy Whitmore, across many miles of desert to somewhere safe. What he does not yet know is that to stay alive, he will need her just as much as she needs him.

This is a page turner filled with turns and twists, with some added humor. It hooks you right from the start and keeps your attention the entire way through.

“Lockdown” is the second novel in the “Saint Squad” series, which was released in the year 2009. Just two times has she gone inside the building since the massacre. The first time was just a month after the tragedy. While the only other time was when she made herself go in to check on the SEAL team’s temporary office. The counselor she was seeing to help her deal with the shooting encouraged her to confront her fears. Riley is not so sure that she is ready to face them after all.

Riley Palmetta winds up caught in a hostage situation that is way too familiar, and she once more finds that her life hangs in the balance. It started out as just a well-organized and highly intensive course for the prevention of random acts of terror turns rapidly into a real-life nightmare that is going to test Tristan Crowther’s finely honed skills and faith, along with his elite group of LDS Navy SEALS. This is not just a race to save lives for Tristan, but it is a personal mission that moves ruthlessly towards an irreversible crisis. Both life and love will be on the line.

Here is another enjoyable book by a superb author. Riley is a stellar character that has been through a lot, yet is still a strong character.

“Crossfire” is the third novel in the “Saint Squad” series, which was released in the year 2010. Special Agent Vanessa Lauton is currently living a lie. She has posed for the past year now as a member of one of the Carribean’s most powerful terrorist organizations. Her contact with the CIA has a heart attack, he gets replaced by a member of the US Navy SEAL Saint Squad named Seth Johnson. The very same guy that Vanessa came close to marrying six years previously. Suddenly the heat is on.

Vanessa and Seth discover a terrorist plot, one that is aimed for US soil. Working together, they must find out the where and when before time runs out, all while making sure they do not wind up caught in the crossfire.

This is an excellent read that is a superb addition to an already great series. The reader is kept guessing as to what is going to happen next in the story.

“Backlash” is the fourth novel in the “Saint Squad” series, which was released in the year 2010. Marilyn has been married to Navy SEAL Kel Bennett, and has lived with fear as a nigh constant companion. She knows that this is what she signed up for when she married him. She knew he would be called away from home whenever the phone rings and he might not come back after he goes. Kel is injured during a military operation, and Kel’s essential lack of openness about the work he does strains their already struggling marriage.

A failed terrorist mission’s backlash brings Halim Karel to America to find the team members of Saint Squad. Danger mounts and SEAL team goes to work. Marilyn is shocked by the first glimpse she gets into the grisly things her husband does for a living: deception, violence, and sometimes killing. She becomes a part of Halim’s revenge plan, she has trouble to summon the needed confidence and trust in the military man she loves. Not just to save their marriage, but more importantly, to save their lives.

“Smoke Screen” is the fifth novel in the “Saint Squad” series, which was released in the year 2011. Taylor Palmetta has been in Europe for the past year working on her art career and hiding out from Quinn Lambert, the Navy SEAL that left her with a broken heart. Taylor seems to be unable to hide from trouble. Taylor looks for safety in Virginia Beach with her family, a sequence of threats puts her on high alert. It makes Quinn go into protective mode.

Quinn has private loss to deal with, but he still cannot deny the renewed attraction he feels for Taylor. Just as the romance starts to heat up, there is a plot to destroy the very foundation of the American way of life comes to light. The key may be in some of Taylor’s paintings. The Saint Squad returns to action while the team is frantically trying to protect their nation’s security. Quinn and Taylor try to find the courage to unlock their troubled past with each other.

This book is tons of fun to read, and is highly enjoyable. The plot of the book is an interesting one and keeps readers up into the late hours of the night. This book moves along quickly and is filled with a lot of suspense. Taylor’s character is the one that some can relate to the most. It is great to see the two main characters be friends first, before starting up a relationship with each other.

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