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Salacious Players Club (Series by Sara Cate)
Author Sara Cate writes the “Salacious Players Club” series of romance novels. Kink/BDSM, forbidden romance, and sex club.

Welcome to the Salacious Players Club where the rules are simple, and the players are shameless. Are you ready to play?

Following the kinky desires of Maggie, Emerson, Garret, and Hunter, the owners; the series is a collection of interconnected stand alones that are guaranteed to be a bit forbidden, twisted, and very salacious.

Salacious is an adjective that means conveying or having undue or inappropriate interest in sexual matters.

“Praise” is the first novel in the “Salacious Players Club” series and was released in 2022. Praise kink and age gap. Emerson calls Charlie perfect, his good girl and flawless pet. Charlie, who is wounded and broken down by her emotionally neglectful ex, wanted somebody to tell her that she was good enough. And then, she stumbled into a new line of work with a boss that brings her right to her knees, literally. He has Charlie doing things that a real secretary wouldn’t ever do.

Emerson Grant tells her that she is more than merely good enough, but worthy of his praise. There are just about a million reasons why she should just stay away. The owner of the Salacious Players’ Club isn’t just Charlie’s new boss, but he is also twice her age. And her ex-boyfriend’s dad.

With him, Charlie is adored, treasured, and she is his. Charlie’s a good girl, however she’s falling for the wrong guy. Emerson knows just what he wants. And he wants Charlie. So just how far will she go to hear the guy’s approval?

Readers found themselves being obsessed with Emerson and Charlie’s dynamic from the moment they met. The premise is fantastic, there’s a solid forbidden romance, and excellent sex positivity.

“Eyes on Me” is the second novel in the “Salacious Players Club” series and was released in 2022. Voyeurism and step-brother. Garrett is a voyeur, which means he likes to watch. In his line of work, that is a gift. Being one of the four owners of the Salacious Players’ Club, he is comfortable being on the sidelines. It’s what he was made to do, and he works much better alone.

Until the day he stumbles on this one cam girl app and finds he’s watching the one person that he never should have been watching: his stepsister. There are three major issues with this. One: him and Mia cannot stand one another. Two: she’s no idea that he’s the guy on the other end of the video. Three: Garrett’s hooked, on the app and on her, too.

Now, Mia has got him wanting and doing things that he swore he would never do again, like opening up and getting attached. He is falling for her, however she is just falling for the mystery guy that he is pretending to be. If he is actually going to make this right, then he must do more than merely watch. However how far is he going to go in order to keep her eyes on him?

“Give Me More” is the third novel in the “Salacious Players Club” series and was released in 2022. MMF. Drake is a man whore and playboy. A scoundrel. Basically, he gets around and is unafraid to admit it.

So when his best friend opens up the Salacious Players’ Club and asks him to head up the construction, how could he possibly say now? Now they’re on a cross country road trip touring some of the other kink clubs, and he could not be any happier. Life is good.

But then Hunter all of a sudden asks Drake to sleep with Isabel, his wife, while Hunter watches. Drake would do anything for his best friend, however this is one request he should just say no to. Isabel is the woman of his dreams, however she is Hunter’s. And the precise reason he should say no is also the reason he says yes. Because it’s not just Isabel that he wants.

These are the two most important people in his life, and if they go down this path together, how is Drake ever going to be able to step away? He is unsure if his best friend comprehends how much he is willing to do for him, and why.

This is a very steamy read with some amazing sex scenes that are well written highly detailed, and smoking hot, and readers fell in love with Isabel, Drake, and Hunter. This has a wonderful storyline is a wonderful one too, and readers loved how they visit these different clubs and learned more about themselves after each one.

“Mercy” is the fourth novel in the “Salacious Players Club” series and was released in 2022. Best friend’s son and reverse age gap. Maggie doesn’t want to hurt Beau, she only wants to punish him. It is bad enough being the sole female owner of the Salacious Players’ Club, however she is also the only one that doesn’t have a kink of some kind, or so she believed.

Imagine her surprise when the kink quiz suggested that she isn’t quite as vanilla as she first thought. In fact, she much more like Emerson Grant than she believed. Only problem is that she has no clue how to be a Domme. Until the app matches her up with somebody willing to help her learn. The guy is too young for her, too good looking, and too stubborn. Not to mention also the son of Maggie’s friend.

Beau Grant is a brat. She would normally hate that about the guy if she didn’t also love punishing him so very much. Underneath all of that attitude is a guy that is misunderstood, in need of direction, and selfless. However if he wants mercy, he must earn it.

There are only about a million reasons why she should just stay away, however she is tired of doing what everybody believes she should do. Maggie finally knows what she wants, and is finally ready to take what’s hers.

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