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Publication Order of Mary Crow Books

In the Forest of Harm (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Darker Justice (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Call the Devil by His Oldest Name (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legacy of Masks (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Music of Ghosts (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadliest of Sins (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Judgment of Whispers (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Trees Crimson Snow (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sallie Bissell is an American author of fiction. She is a Nashville native that grew up in the Nashville public school system and graduated from Peabody College. Once she graduated college, she got started on a career working in advertising. Bissell ended up working on different media campaigns that even included Grand Ole Opry radio spots.

Sallie Bissell briefly paused her advertising career after becoming a mother. She was very busy raising three children and when she got back to her typewriter, she got started writing fiction. She had been very into horses and even written for the youth adult genre Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant as a ghostwriter. Bissell wrote seven books for the Saddle Club series before eventually moving on and writing her own fiction books.

She is the author of the Mary Crow series. There are seven books in this fictional series, starting with In the Forest of Harm and ending with A Judgment of Whispers in 2015. The series was well received and readers keep coming back for more when it comes to these intriguing books!

In the Forest of Harm is the first novel in the Mary Crow series. This debut novel created some serious buzz in 1999 back when it made the rounds as part of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The novel is out now for the world to read, and you can see why this debut book is such a hit! Blood is being shed on the Appalachian trail in this exciting mystery book that is riddled with suspense. This novel is a wild ride from start to finish that might remind readers of Deliverance.

Three women are in danger in the no limits wilderness of the Appalachian Trail. The main character in In the Forest of Harm is Mary Crow (as you may have guessed from the series title). She works as an Assistant D.A. and is at the beginning of what promises to be a very successful career. She even has a series of convictions when it comes to capital cases that remain unbroken.

The book starts out with Mary having settled another case. She was prosecuting the son of a wealthy man for the crime of murder in the first degree. It was a very involving case, so after it’s done she decides to take a short vacation. After all, she’s earned it after this one. Mary decides to invite some lawyer friends to come along with her. Alexandra McCrimmon and Joan Marchetti come along with her back to North Carolina.

Mary’s idea is to have a relaxing weekend at home in the place where she feels the most comfortable. Her plan is to take Alex and Joan for a nice relaxing weekend hike on the indigenous and beautiful Appalachian Trail that runs through. She also wants to spend some time at the grave of her mother, who unfortunately passed away while Mary was a teenager.

But even though she wants to just have a nice time in the woods of the Appalachians with her friends, it seems that destiny has other plans. She’s got other things to deal with, and that could include some unfinished business from her past that comes in the form of the older brother of Cal Whitman. Mitchell Whitman is not happy that his brother has been convicted of murder, in part because of the hard work of Mary Crow.

Mitchell was also cross-examined by Mary during the trial and he is a psychopath that now wants to get revenge. It’s bad enough that his brother was put away, but to have helped put away as a result of the cross-examination is something he cannot let go. But just when you think it’s crazy enough to have one psycho on the scene, little does Mary know that there’s a second one on the way. enry Brank is not just a psychopath, but he’s schizophrenic as well.

Between Mitchell and Henry heading their way, Mary and her friends are in for a real storm. Henry Brank is not only schizophrenic but he has constant haunting memories of his sister. Probably because he murdered her. Henry’s gone feral and has been living in the wild for three decades now, all contact with civilization a distant memory. He survives by trapping animals and preys on people as well.

All of these people are destined to come together in a perfect storm unlike any other that the Appalachians have ever seen. With kidnapping and murder and rape and chaos all possible in one weekend, it seems that Mary has picked the worst possible time and place for a relaxing hike and get away with friends in North Carolina. Will they all be okay? With alternating storylines and three women in the crosshairs of deranged people in the tranquil wilderness of the Appalachian mountains, pick up this exciting novel from Mary Crow to see how it ends!

A Darker Justice is the second novel in the Mary Crow series. Mary Crow is still an A.D.A., and she grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. The mountains hide some secrets, and the FBI appears to know this– they’ve called her from Atlanta in order to go back to her childhood home for a matter that is professional but personal as well, and the case is stunning in its boldness.

Three federal judges have been targeted by an assassin, and now they are all dead. The assassin that hit them was clearly skilled, and the deaths were carried out swiftly with only a black feather left behind. The brazen and horrifying natures of the execution have the entire law enforcement division angry and jarred. Suspecting that the next target will be the Judge Irene Hannah, they want to do everything possible to protect her. But what can they do when the judge refuses federal protection?

Mary Crow must pair up with FBI agent Daniel Safer to help protect Judge Hannah. Daniel is quiet and intense but loyal to the job. For Mary, this is personal– Judge Hannah was her mentor as well as her friend.

But with the threat growing ever more close to home and the judge disappearing out of nowhere, Mary must navigate her Carolina wilderness in a race against time to find her. Little does she know that a rogue killer with accomplices is waiting in the woods. As she battles for survival in a lawless place, will she triumph– or fall to evil? Pick up this thrilling novel from Sallie Bissell to find out!

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