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Publication Order of The Spanners Books

This Changes Everything (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Changes My Family and My Life Forever (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Sally Ember

The American writer Sally Ember is well known for romance novels, many of which have brought in readers from all over the world. Achieving a huge amount of success, she’s managed to create a name for herself that’s lauded throughout the literary industry. This has seen her achieve a bestseller status quite unlike any other, as she writes in a manner which is both accessible and engaging in equal measure. Focusing largely on science-fiction and paranormal as well, she imbues her stories with a sense of fantasy and wonder, really allowing the reader to ultimately lose themselves in the process. With a lot more to come, she will definitely be writing for a long time to come, as she continues producing her novels into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Ever since she was just nine years of age, the future author to be Sally Ember was always passionate about both reading and writing. Born and raised in Clayton, Missouri, in the United States, she’d grow up nurturing this love of hers, as she’d come develop her craft in both style and tone. It was in her teens that she would also start meditating as well, something which has come to heavily influence much of her work, as she infuses it with elements of Buddhism.

Gaining an Ed.D., Sally Ember would receive a higher education, something which would allow her to take her craft to an even higher level. Currently teaching a G.E.D. acquisition program now, she continues to work within higher education and academia, something which also reflects heavily upon her work. She also continues to meditate regularly too, as well as keep fit and active, whilst writing from her home in St. Louis, where she has lived since 2014.

Writing Career

Starting out as a novelist back in 2013, the writer Sally Ember would begin her fictional literary career with the novel ‘This Changes Everything’. This book would also mark the first in the series of novels called the ‘The Spanners’, a franchise which come to make up most of her career as a whole. Infusing the series with elements of both science-fiction and the paranormal, she would also inject romance into it as well, as many readers would come to appreciate it as it went on.

Her themes and ideas largely revolved around the more utopian idea of science-fiction, as it would come to portray an optimistic view of the world. Winning various awards for her work too, she is not without critical acclaim either, as many of her peers and contemporaries have also been singing her many praises. She has also presented a series online titled ‘Changes’, with over fifty archived videos, as they consist of talks with a number of important and influential guests.

This Changes Everything

Released by ‘Sally Ember Ed.D.’ herself, this was to be the first book in the long-running series of novels titled ‘The Spanners’. First published on the 19th of December in 2013, this would come out to much acclaim, as it would ultimately introduce a whole new franchise for the reader. Setting up the world along with the characters too, it manages to develop both them and their personalities, allowing them to come alive off of the page.

Working as a parable essentially, this is a book with a clear message from the author, as Ember seeks to provide the reader with a clear viewpoint. Using the characters and the central story as her conduit into her own perspective, she manages to convey this clearly in an entertaining and informative manner. Taking elements of romance and fantasy, she uses the various tropes and conventions in a self-aware manner, in order to make the story more digestible. This she does with a sense of humor that is both fun and witty, allowing the reader to really invest themselves in the characters and the world as a whole.

Consisting of over five alien delegates, the ‘Many Worlds Collective’, or MWC, has arrived on Earth in holographic form, in order to meet a selected liaison. This takes place on the 21st of December in 2012, long after meeting in secret with Earthers, as they are all set to meet with Clara Branon, Ph.D., 58. With the Chief Communicator, or CC, working as the alien’s liaison, their contact must be made public, so as to avoid a number of potential disasters waiting to befall Earth. Working as the contact between the alien entities and the general public, Clara must bridge the gap of understand for the betterment of humanity. Will she be up to the task? Can she help humanity understand and take heed of their warning? What will they discover when they find that this changes everything?

This Changes My Family and My Life Forever

Published through the ‘Sally Ember Ed.D.’ imprint once more, this continues the story of the last one, with the next chapter in the series. Originally brought out on the 1st of April in 2014, this would mark the second novel in the ongoing series of novels titled ‘The Spanners’. It would later be followed up with the third book in the series, which would be called ‘This Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change’, which would be released in 2015 through Sally Ember’s own publishing outlet again.

Now the ‘Chief Communicator’ herself, Clara Ackerman Branon is all set to act as the principle liaison between humanity and the alien race. Bringing about a mutual understand between the governments and nations of the world, Branon uses the ‘fish’ to communicate with the aliens themselves. They do meet some resistance though, which comes in the form of the ‘Psi-Defiers’, as they all aim to oppose the changes that they see underway. One of their ever reluctant leaders is that of Rabbi Moran Ackerman, who is also the nephew of Clara, as he leads this group against the changes. Will he succeed though and, ultimately, prevent a new age of civilization? Can Clara help heal the world? What will become of her as she realizes to herself ‘this changes my family and my life forever’?

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