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Sally Franson is a reputed American writer of women’s fiction, chick lit, and contemporary stories. She has written two books in her career so far and both of them are widely successful. Franson’s work has appeared in a number of literary magazines and journals such as NPR Weekend Edition, The Guardian, Witness, etc. She has received recognition from several literary associations, including the Ucross Foundation, Glimmer Train, The Macdowell Colony, the Sewanee Writers Conference, Best Travel Writing of America, etc. Franson likes to write humor once in a while. Author Franson was born and brought up in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. She studied at Barnard College and then earned a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota University. Currently, Franson resides in Minneapolis with her loving boyfriend, who she always looks up to whenever she needs any help with respect to writing and editing her novels.

Franson got herself enlisted in the list of bestselling authors with her very first novel. She received wide acclaim for her debut book, A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out. She came to Minneapolis around 10 years ago when she joined Minnesota University for an MFA degree and has continued to stay. Franson bought a nice home in the Kingfield locality and also found a supportive boyfriend, who is a poet by profession and is involved in teaching at Macalester. Author Franson says that she wished to settle down in New York when she was a teenager. Her preacher father used to warn her against this wish and would often tell her that not all people who move to New York are able to fulfill their dreams and are left heartbroken. But, Franson never lost hope in her ambitions. When she finally succeeded in moving to New York, she found it quite stressful and loud. Franson had to struggle for almost 10 years to establish herself as an author. She says that she wasted too much time during her 20s. At one point, Franson suffered from cancer, but luckily it got cured in time. She found the real sense of her personality after she relocated to Minneapolis.

When Franson came up with the first draft of her first novel, she had given the working title as A Lady’s Guide to literature. But, her publishers thought that it might put people off. They also criticized the original title by saying that the readers might think that the story is very old-fashioned. Franson realized what the publishing company is saying is actually true and subsequently, she agreed to change the title to a more apt one. The reason behind setting her story in Minneapolis is that Franson believes the city is a melting pot of major companies of the world. It is home to people who have been living here forever, which includes suburban people, old-money families, small-town remnants, artists, etc. The city is a mixture of cultures. It has diversity in the ways of living and is quite affordable. These unique features motivated Franson to choose Minneapolis as the setting of her novel.

Author Franson is very grateful to all the readers, who liked her work in the first novel and appreciated it. She is also thankful to all those critics, who have given excellent reviews for her book and have helped it to become successful. Franson hopes to keep doing the good work and entertain her fans for as long as she can. The experience of writing and publishing her debut novel was an eye-opener for her. Now, she looks forward to writing with more responsibility and sensibility. Franson believes that exposure to criticism at the very beginning of her writing career was very important for her. It has helped her in realizing that there is a lot more to learn in order to achieve more success in the future. Franson wishes to keep getting the love of the readers with all her future projects.

The debut book written by author Sally Franson is entitled ‘A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out’. It was released in 2018 by the Dial Press publication. This novel revolves around the life of a brilliant young woman, who navigates a tricky career and wonders about what she wants to become in the 21st-century world. Franson has mentioned the primary characters in this novel in the roles of Casey Pendergast, Ben Dickinson, and a few others. The novel opens by introducing Casey Pendergast as a 28-year-old woman with a successful career. She is an English major and works in a small advertising company in Minneapolis that pays her well. Casey owns a condo in the city and is listed among the favorite employees of her boss. When her boss selects her as a participant in a new venture, she appears to be surprised at the decision. The new project requires her to meet popular authors and make them write personalized copies for a wide range of products like gun museums, coffee chains, granola bars, etc.

Casey Pendergast seems to be enjoying the opportunity to meet new authors and persuade them to work in her company’s favor. However, she also feels appalled to know that it takes very little persuasion in making the authors accept a large sum of money. She considers it ‘selling out’ in her view. While carrying out this kind of work, Casey feels her world is falling apart. Casey is not able to stand how eagerly the authors are ready for compromising their integrity. One of the authors agrees to leave academia and craft campaigns for a clothing chain, while another writer of nature agrees to give away all her work to granola bar manufacturers. While interacting with the numerous authors, Casey becomes attracted to one of them. At the same time, she begins to doubt her line of work, thinking that her success comes at a great human cost. This novel’s story is narrated in an unforgettable voice. It is filled with detailed observations about various sections of the society. Overall, this book tells the story of a brilliant woman in escaping the rat race and untangle the current era’s contradictions. It was highly appreciated by a number of readers from all parts of the world. The book attracted readers in multiple countries and entertained them from start to end.

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