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After graduating from the University, Sally Page moved to London to venture into the advertising industry. During her free time, she studied floristry, would later open a flower shop, and began writing non-fiction books about her floral life. She never gave up on her writing interests and, years later, created her writing company, Sally Page’s debut novel, The Keeper of Stories, blends her love for history and writing and her interest in the stories that other people have to tell. She lives in Dorset with her two daughters, a student doctor and author.

Sally Page’s lovely feel-good novel The Keeper of Stories is the ideal winter weekend read for cuddling up with.

Janice is a janitor who also enjoys gathering tales from those she works for, those she hears on bus rides as she commutes between jobs, and anybody else she finds intriguing in her regular life. In contrast to her feckless and annoying husband, Martin, who continuously takes advantage of her and demeans her employment at every chance, she brings tremendous pleasure in her work. She is very picky about her clients, who view her as far more than simply a cleaner”.

As we get to know Janice better, we meet some of her top clients, including the just widowed Fiona as well as her young son Adam, renowned singer Geordie, and the obnoxious Mrs. Yeahyeahyeah, whom Janice keeps solely as a customer simply due to her dog, a big-mouthed fox terrier named Decius. Janice hesitantly allows herself to at least visit when Mrs. Yeahyeahyeah asks her to do the cleaning for her mother-in-law, and that choice will forever alter her life. In her 90s, Mrs. B is a strong woman who is adamant about staying in the house she lived with her adored husband, the now-dead Augustus.

The encounter starts badly, but it becomes clear that Mrs. B can see that Janice is far more complex than it initially seems. Can she be the one to persuade Janice, the story keeper, that she has a narrative of her own and that it is worthwhile sharing with the relevant people? This genuinely lovely and endearing boot plays on people’s innate curiosity about different cultures while still being upbeat and entertaining. It’s difficult not to cheer for Janice from the start since she is such a beautiful character, and it was so enjoyable to watch her grow and let go of her spouse and her painful history.

Readers who follow Janice throughout her days get to know a variety of fascinating people, like old Geordie, who embraced opera as a youngster but has since lost his hearing and reacts badly depending on what he believes Janice said; she enjoys spending Monday mornings with Geordie since she believes it will make her day. Then there is Fiona; she lost her spouse, decided to pursue a career as a mortician, and is building an exquisite dollhouse that is a morgue with handcrafted coffins rather than a dollhouse. But Adam, Fiona’s kid, will not only win Janice’s heart but also the hearts of the readers. Janice’s collections and week are filled with one story after another, but it takes the tenacious Mrs. B. to persuade Janice to see things.

The Keeper of Stories” is a story about humanity and all of its shortcomings and contradictions. A wonderful tale of regret and storytelling. It shows both self-centered and egotistical individuals and others that exemplify kindness. It also offers the benefits of friendship, the positive and negative influences parents have on their children, and the devotion to a beautiful dog.

The Memory Keeper of Kyiv is the tragic murder of by Hunger, a famine that took the lives of millions. The most significant historical fiction novels teach readers about past events by immersing them in a meticulously researched narrative with likeable characters. This book is a must-read since it came out simultaneously as the Russian government once again subjected Ukraine to awful bloodshed and human misery. Stalin’s instructions for the collectivization of farms and the limitation of food supplies led to the Holodomor, which began in 1930 and resulted in the deaths of about 4 million Ukrainians.

During Stalin’s forced communal farm scheme, an artificial famine known as the Holodomor, or “Murder by Hunger,” devastated millions of citizens in Ukraine. This period of history was terrible and has since been hushed up and forgotten. Never should we ignore it. When the government confiscated profitable fields, anyone who disagreed with the authorities or tried to obtain food was either executed or sent to Siberia. When humans are forced to exist by consuming grain and earthworms from rat burrows, they continue to die, when a woman would die while waiting in line for a piece of bread.

The system is unfair, harsh, and flawed as individuals are forced to work long hours in fields that aren’t their own and are not permitted to operate their farms in exchange for compensation other than a slice of bread. This is a fictionalized account of events that happened during the Holodomor. The characters are modelled by real-life individuals who experienced that period and either provided testimonies or wrote about it. The narrative is tragic and emotional.

It’s hard to fathom how a government could treat its citizens in such a manner and how the victims survived this great man-made famine. Two sisters, Alina and Katya, lived on the farm with both of their parents until Soviet enforcers arrived in the Ukrainian town of Sonyashnyky. They wed brothers Kolya and Pavla. Stalin’s enforcers then came. At first, they tried to get every farmer to sign up for the Collective Agriculture system, yet after they refused, it was imposed upon them. Everything, including their cattle and food, was seized.
Many died, but some did survive. This is the tale of a family that might have existed then and describes how they survived. It also talks about Katya’s experience following the Holodomor and how she handled the fallout and survivor’s guilt. A narrative of her granddaughter and daughter, as well as how she finally found peace on her deathbed.

This is a tale that will stick in your memory. You’ll think about it long after you finish reading it.

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