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Sam Archer is a fictional main character in a series of spy thriller novels written by Australian born author Tom Barber. Sam Archer is the youngest member of the Armed Response Unit, he hates coffee, he rarely takes breakfast, and he also becomes restless very fast. His best friend Chalky has a great sense of humor. Sam is desperate to be given an opportunity to prove what he can do and luckily enough he gets that chance.

Barber’s fictional character debuted in 2012 when Nine Lives, the first title in Sam Archer series was published. Since then, the character has been featured in over five novels. All the books in Sam Archer series have garnered five-star reviews in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and France.

Nine Lives

It is New Year’s Eve, and a dominant terrorist group is organizing to have a series of attacks in London within the next 48 hours. The government has an undercover agent spying on the group, and it plans on eliminating the terrorists before they can attack; unfortunately, they lose contact with their covert man. To complicate everything the cell disappear into thin air, dispersing into the streets of London and ready to strike. The government orders the best counter-terrorist teams they have in the country to track and hunt down the terrorist before things get out of hand.

There are nine terrorists. Nine lives of terrorists. Among the teams sent by the government is The Armed Response Unit (ARU). A unit known for its efficiency and ruthlessness issued with orders to hunt down the person commanding the terror group. They realize that the whole mystery is far much beyond what they had imagined as they are trying to locate the terrorist leader. The ARU is faced with many challenges, from bombings to rocket attacks and betrayals and a thread of many more twisted shocking occurrences, and from all this they find themselves struggling to keep their lives.

Archer, being the youngest member of the unit, is very much determined to prove himself and justify the spot he has on the task force. Then there is Chalky, his best friend, who is compelled to fight not just the terrorists but also has to confront his demons. Potter, Fox, and Deakins are tough men full of experience, but even they have never dealt with anything of this kind before. Lastly, we have their Sergeant Mac; he has to make quick decisions and lead his task force against the enemy they cannot see.

Other people get drawn into the danger as the events happen to include the Prime Minister, a man striving to get a solution to the whole mess and a way to keep the Capital protected. A strange female Mossad agent comes out of nowhere, and he takes part in the fight against the cell. There are two special agents from the DEA. One of them a retired member of the Navy SEAL, a man who was amongst the team that stormed the compound of Osama Bin Laden and until now he is still struggling with those memories. Then there is the cruel, mighty leader of a drug cartel in the Middle East, most of his operations are done in the shadows, and he somehow has a connection to the terrorists.

There are crowds all over London, people celebrating the New Year, and there are nine terrorists in their midst; this making that particular night one of the hardest and the most dangerous night that the unit has ever been faced with. The shocking and savage plans of the terrorists are revealed fully, and the Armed Response Unit is faced with the final question. How many times can a man cheat death before death finally makes its final move?

The Getaway

It is summer in New York City. There has been a thread of highly successive bank robberies carried out all around the city. A group of five men has been responsible for all the thefts in which have seen millions of dollars getting stolen. The thieves are not only cruel but also well organized and efficient. The FBI’s efforts tracking them down bear no fruits. The bureau is desperately searching for clues all over, with all the pressure they are getting from Washington D.C. and the increasing counts of bank robberies, results are needed, and they are needed fast.

Sam Archer is attending a funeral across the city he gets approached by an old family friend working with the FBI’s New York. He is the one leading the case against the robbers, and he comes with a proposal for Archer. He proposes that he needs Archer to go undercover and try to get inside the circle. He is to make contact, gain their trust and find out how they successively pull off their deals. With his English accent and the cover story, this is the perfect plan, and there was no way they were going to connect him to the FBI. Nevertheless, Archer is not willing to be part of the plan but the old friend reveals some shocking information to him, the info personally connect him to the case, and this is all the convincing info that he needs to agree with the plan.

As Archer makes contact with them and gets deeper into the group, he learns that the group is planning to depart the city forever in a couple of days. However, before they do, they plan to pull two final heists. Running against the clock, Archer is compelled to think of where he stands before he gets killed once he is caught up in the deadly crossfire between the robbers and the law enforcement. Moreover, as time finally arrives for the thieves to leave, it gets even more lethal; Archer has to find a murderer and prevent New York City from experiencing the greatest heist in its history.

The Gateway, the second novel in the Sam Archer series is an exciting read. If you like stories that feature undercover agents capable of infiltrating the highest ranks of authorities, then you will find Sam Archer series by Tom Barber an ideal series for you.

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