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Sam Callahan (Series by Chad Zunker)
Author Chad Zunker writes the “Sam Callahan” series of thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “The Tracker” was released.

Sam Callahan came from a bad childhood, having been through the foster care system and juvie. Once he became fed up with getting shuffled through the foster system, he became a street kid, where he acquired skills, such as stealing cars, breaking and entering, and picking pockets.

On some of his cases he works with Tommy, who is his old hacker buddy. Sam also gets into a relationship with Natalie, whom he teaches some of his neat tricks to.

The story is told in third person, which allows the reader to see other points of view from certain characters and follow them around on their journey, including Sam on his adventure.

Chad is drawn to stories where the underdog is able to overcome incredible odds. His own dad died from cancer during Chad’s teen years. It was a wound that ran deep and instantly placed a series of significant emotional hurdles right in front of him. As a result of this, Chad finds that he relates well to young characters such as Sam Callahan that struggle to find themselves, to find the reasons behind their pain and their loss, and are searching for ways to overcome all of it and still make something out of their lives.

“The Tracker” is the first novel in the “Sam Callahan” series and was released in the year 2015. Trust nobody. Sam Callahan learned this lesson from growing up in abusive foster care, being locked up in juvie, and out on the streets. With his past behind him and his future having been staked on law school, he moonlights as a political tracker, getting paid to hide in crowds and shadow the candidates, recording their missteps for their opponents’ use.

One night, after some anonymous tip is texted to him, he witnesses a congressional candidate and mysterious blonde in a motel indiscretion which ends with a murder. He records all of it on his phone.

Now he’s a target. He gets set up to take the fall and is pursued by both the FBI and hitmen, he gets forced to go on the run. Using the same street skills that he forged during his troubled youth, as well as his own heightened mental capabilities, he goes underground until he’s able to uncover who’s behind the conspiracy and just how far up it goes.

Chad delivers an outstanding novel which grabs your attention instantly, with fantastic characters and an incredible storyline. These are fleshed out characters, and it feels like they are people you actually know. The action sequences move at a fast pace, and the book does a great job of educating readers on what a ‘political tracker’ is and does.

“Shadow Shepherd” is the second novel in the “Sam Callahan” series and was released in the year 2017. Sam, as a former political tracker with his brand new law degree, has got his life all turned around, leaving behind his childhood wrecked by abuse and a fatally dangerous job where he shadowing political candidates. Now that he is a lawyer, he hopes to have a future that is risk free, however harm’s way has got a much longer reach than he ever could’ve expected.

His first legal client gets gunned down in a Mexico City hotel, and he is barely able to dodge a bullet himself. All of a sudden, he finds himself on everybody’s most wanted list: relentless FBI agents, savage assassins, hostile cops, and even one infamous assassin. And he doesn’t even have the luxury of learning why.

When Sam’s girlfriend gets dragged into the fray by some kidnapper, he would do anything he could in order to save her life. The only catch? He has just twenty-four hours to do it, but has any number of ways to die.

Chad delivers another suspenseful and action read that comes with a major plot twist at the very end. This is an addictive read that is tough to find that place to stop for the night, as you just want to continue reading as you catch your breath. The fast paced action begins right at the very start of the novel and never lets up for an instant.

“Hunt the Lion” is the third novel in the “Sam Callahan” series and was released in the year 2018. This is the most important mission of his whole life, because it is the most personal.

Sam Callahan, who was once a key player in some clandestine CIA squad, believed that he had at last found a normal and safe life as a rookie lawyer in Washington DC with the lady that he loves. However when he gets called to some covert intelligence mission in the middle of Russia, he can’t refuse, risking everything yet again. This time around, he would be joining the Lion, his estranged dad, who is a deep cover agent that Sam never even knew existed.

When the operation goes wrong, and his team gets ambushed, Sam is fearing a setup. At least he was able to escape with his own life. And so did his dad. Why though? With a bulls eye having been painted on his back, he has to track down the truth behind the betrayal back in Moscow and locate his dad again.

Sam, who is now crisscrossing through Europe under shadow’s cover, will come face to face with his own past, and it has never looked this dangerous before.

This page turner is another enthralling story that is a nonstop roller coaster ride from beginning to end. And there is an added bit of enjoyment when Natalie must get out of a sticky situation by using what Sam’s taught her with some great results. There are plenty of thrills and it continues to keep you guessing about what is coming next. Sam is a strong character that matures and grows, but still needs to face up to his demons.

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