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Publication Order of Sam Capra Books

Adrenaline (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Minute (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sam Capra's Last Chance (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Downfall (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inside Man (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The First Order (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Traitor's Dance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Written by American author Jeff Abbott, the Sam Capra series is a well-regarded and highly influential spy series. Having created a lot of spy fiction, Abbott is a master at the genre and adept at interweaving rich narratives with strong characters. Building on his material for some years now, the Sam Capra series is unlike no other in his backlog of work throughout his long and extensive career. The series itself focuses upon the eponymous lead protagonist Sam Capra; an extremely gifted and talented CIA agent who is unsurpassed in his brilliance. Getting set-up though, he finds himself with nothing as his family and everything he has ever loved is taken from him by unknown forces looking to do him harm. He then takes it upon himself to look after those less fortunate and the innocent, all the while seeking to bring justice to those that wronged his family.

With a particular set of skills he has numerous adventures over the course of his four books so far and counting. Running from 2010 when the first book, Adrenaline, was published they have been released up until 2014. There are apparently more to come, as they are being released to both commercial and critical acclaim.


Originally published in 2010 on the 24th of June, this was the book that was to bring about the start of the Sam Capra series. Introducing the eponymous CIA agent working for himself now, it sets about establishing the entire premise and tone of the series. Creating the initial situation, it manages to not only give readers an idea of who he is, but it also works to build a sense of what’s to come in the books to follow.

The principal character is Sam Capra, the ever resourceful CIA agent out to right wrongs and fight against injustice all across the world. Taken from one extreme to another, Capra is forced to adapt to his new surroundings immediately putting his character to the ultimate test. Being the main driving force, it’s his arc and desire for justice that gives the novel its main weight, pushing it forwards as a whole. Young and showing lots of promise, he has a lot going for him and it’s those around him that put his character to the ultimate test. His wife acts secondary as an unseen force just out of sight, along with his child who she was pregnant with, thus both giving him the impetus to fight for them. Getting them back won’t be easy though, and he must struggle against a system that’s unfairly declared him guilty. Other characters include those working for the government, along with those who are going to continue recurring over the course of the series. Then there’s the people that had sought to frame him and will stop at nothing to cover their tracks as he attempts to uncover their whereabouts. All this builds up a cast of characters that manage to propel Capra’s plight forwards, as he attempts to do the right thing whilst finding his loved ones once again.

Sent to London, Sam Capra finds himself stationed in the big city at the beginning of what promises to be an exciting and fruitful CIA career. That along with his home-life, it seems that has everything with his pregnant wife as they wait to start a loving family together. All of a sudden though he gets a call from his wife telling him to get out of the building in he’s, which he does only to find it blow-up behind him. Suspected of murder he’s sent to jail where he must clear his name, meanwhile his pregnant wife is nowhere to be found. Will he be able to break-out and prove his innocence, as he finds himself running on adrenaline?

The Last Minute

Leaving where the last one left off, this is the follow sequel to the first book in the ever popular Sam Capra series. Originally published in 2011 on the 1st of January, this sought to continue the story of the ever elusive CIA agent Capra on his mission to gain justice and find those who wronged his family. Further developing the characters, it looks to delve deeper into their psyches as it poses Capra’s greatest challenge yet.

Returning as now ex-CIA agent with only goal, to find and safely return his pregnant thought to be lost wife. Single minded letting nobody else standing in his way, he’s going to get his family back whatever it takes. With a clear sense of purpose, this once again is the driving force for the novel, as those around him seek to use his predicament to their advantage. Given the task of undertaking an assassination that’s seemingly impossible, he’s made to carry out a mission against his will. With his loved one’s lives at stake, he’s going to have to use everything in his power to get them back before it’s too late. Operating undercover though, he has a global network at his disposal running through a series of bars spread out on an international scale. This secret network is both powerful and strong, but it is also equally mysterious in its nature as a covert and elusive organization. Will he be able to get his family back in time, or will it be too late leaving them lost and forever out of reach? Can he survive this ordeal, or will the task in hand prove to be too much for him taking his life in the process? What will happen to now ex-CIA agent Sam Capra as he uses all the skills at his disposal and manages to undertake his mission in the last minute?

The Sam Capra Series

Whilst many fans would like to see this series made into a Hollywood film, largely due to the blockbuster nature of the source material, there have been no plans as of yet to adapt them for the big screen. With popularity building though, along with the series being in its early days, no-one can truly tell what’s next for the books. As Jeff Abbott has stated there’s more novels to come still, as there’s plenty of life left in the character of Sam Capra yet. Showing much potential, he’s got much more to come as the franchise is set to continue strong on into the future.

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