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Publication Order of Poison Wars Books

Sam Hawke is an Australian author of fiction. She specializes in writing novels that fall largely into the fiction and fantasy genres, although this author is just getting started when it comes to making her entrance into the literary world.

She has always been an avid reader of books, but Sam Hawke recounts that she has wanted to be an author herself ever since she saw all of the books on the selves at the library and realized that people wrote them and they didn’t just pop into life and breed among themselves there to appear.

She did not always want to be a writer and previously considered such interesting careers as being a zookeeper or working as an engineer or perhaps a tax accountant. She finally settled on working in law and has been doing so and writing ever since!

This writer also does more than just read. She is a black belt in jujitsu and is really adept at the sport. She also decided to marry her training partner. Together they like to just hang out and also go to as many countries to travel together as they can. She now currently lives in Canberra along with her husband and their small dogs.

Hawke first became a published author with the release of her book City of Lies in 2018. It is to be the first book in the fictional Poison Wars series of novels. Transworld bought the rights to this book as well as the one coming after it for Australia, the U.K., and New Zealand. This means that there will be a local version of the novel available for everyone in these areas and the spelling will be totally changed back to the original way it was in the first version, something Hawke is very excited about.

She has a strong support team in the United States as well as in the U.K. and works with the editor Diana Gill. She thanks all of her readers and the people who encourage her and support her every day.

City of Lies is the debut novel in Australian author Sam Hawke’s Poison Wars series. Check out the novel that is winning Hawke high praise from authors, readers, and critics alike. Terry Brooks called this book a story of deceit, treachery, and poisons that is sure to keep its readers ‘entranced’. This fantasy debut is the perfect book for you if you love this genre or are a fan of the works of authors like Naomi Novik and Robin Hobb.

In this novel, the main character is the heir to the chancellor. Jovan has long been a friend to the Heir to the Chancellor; in fact, they have been friends for all of the Heir’s life. The Heir is charming but a bit irresponsible, as children can be. Kalina and Jovan live together as brother and sister. Their family has a secret, and that is that they are all heirs to proofing, the family heritage.

Jovan was just seven years of age when he was poisoned for the first time. Their uncle has always worked as a proofer, meaning that he is the one to see if things are poisoned and make sure that everything is okay. This means putting his life and health not to mention reputation on the line and make sure things are okay for the Chancellor. It would be very bad indeed if the Chancellor were to be poisoned.

Kalina doesn’t quite have the constitution to enter into the family line of work, but Jovan does. He’s always been quiet and able to slip into things unnoticed. He is one of those people that can just blend in when it comes to being in a crowd. Jovan is easy to forget and doesn’t really stand out much, but he is a quick study and has taken on the training that Kalina could not due to her delicate health.

Jovan is an experienced friend of the Chancellor and the best friend of his nephew. The fact that Jovan is well born makes it a perfect cover. Unknown to many, he has mastered the science of chemicals and poisons alike. He is well trained in order to protect the family from any betrayal or treachery.

But the proofing fails when the Chancellor is affected by a poison, the origin and composition of which remains unknown. This type of poison has never even been seen before and may have been invented specially for this. Then things go from bad to worse when the Chancellor passes away and an army decides that it would be a great time to lay siege to a city. Jovan must fill the position as Proofer now that there is none.

Now it is only up to Jovan and his sister to do what they can.The city is about to come under siege. Jovan is the one that must protect the heir of the chancellor and do what he can to rise to the occasion, even if it means finding out that all of the values that he has at his core and at the heart of the city may just be lies after all.

Can Kalina and Jovan protect the Heir and do their best to save the city-state that they live in as well? The stakes have never been hire. With the threat of betrayal, treachery, and danger in every corner and around the bend, the spirits of the land are now rising up and they are angry.

Check out the book that Kate Elliott says is a book that Sam Hawke writes “with nuance”. This story is going to unfold gradually and build a world of fantasy that you’ll want to escape to again and again! Read this book for yourself and find out what happens of Kalina, Jovan, and the city and the heir that they are determined to protect.

Pick up City of Lies and catch the ending for yourself and find out why people like Adrian Tchaikovsky are saying this is ‘an enormously enjoyable’ read and one of the best fantasies to debut on the bookshelves in a long time!

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