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Sam Jameson Espionage
Sam Jameson is a thriller series by Lars Emmerich. The series follows the life of Sam Jameson, a special agent whose life is surrounded by danger. Sam is one strong, intelligent, and caring woman. While she is the perfect definition of a badass, her persona softness at times, this often happens when Sam is dealing with her boyfriend and her family. In a world where spies are hiding in every corner, ready to trade secrets that could put many people in danger, Sam is always busy. Part of her job is staying alert and ensuring that the country secrets stay within its border, a job she does very well. This puts her life and that of those she loves in danger, but Sam will move mountain before she can let anyone harm her family. Follow Sam on her adventures and see how she tries to juggle her roles at work and at home.

The Incident: Inferno Arising
Inferno arising is the first book in the Sam Jameson series. The series introduces Sam Jameson, a Special Agent well known for her prowess in the field. While this has earned her respect amongst her peers, she has also accumulated many enemies. Sam is having a terrible week. One, people are trying very hard to kill her. While Sam is used to walking through the thin line between life and death in the counterespionage world, things are a bit different now. The people who want her dead are the good guys, and Sam cannot help but think that she is at the center of a major conspiracy. Why else would the DC metro police be trying so hard to kidnap her?

Is it possible that her bosses want her dead?
Besides doing all she is required to at work, Sam also has to find out who wants her dead. The bombing of her home and the attack by the DC Metro police leaves Sam traumatized, and it doesn’t help that her bosses feel that there is no cause for alarm. It will not take Sam long to realize that the CIA, HSA, and Pentagon are filled with incompetent and sadistic traitors only concerned about individual accomplishments.

The author has built a solid plot in this action-packed story. Sam will encounter a ruthless mercenary, an American traitor, and a cryptic she will need to decipher to save her life. The talented agent will discover that everyone she talks to seem to be ending in the morgue, and she will be next unless she catches the people responsible for all the killings. The thrill starts right from the first page, and the pace doesn’t ease up until the last page.
Sam is a great character. While she is a badass in a male-dominated world, she still manages to show her feminine side in this book. Even the bad guys are well developed, and it is thrilling to figure out their plans long before Sam can piece all the details. The author also paints realistic situations and geography, and these, in addition to the natural action flow, makes this read like a true story.

If you are in the mood for a well-written, intense, and action-packed detective story, Inferno Arising is ideal. The characters are well-developed, and there are some you will love while wishing death on others. In the end, the storyline comes together beautifully revealing secrets the people involved have gone to extra lengths to keep hidden. Will Sam find all the answers she is looking for? What will Sam be up to in the future? You have to pick the next book in this series to find out.

The Incident – Reckoning
Reckoning is the second book in the Sam James series. The book starts where the first one ended, so you get to know what happens to Sam, her boyfriend, and the forces working against them. While Sam handles all her troubles well, there seem to be enemies in every corner, and this special agent can barely catch a break in between all the action. Fortunately, Sam has people around whom she trusts with her life and can depend on when the going gets tough.
When you first meet Sam in the first book, you will love her and wish her well. Things do not change in this book. Her character develops more in this book, and it is cute how her boyfriend, Brock, exposes all her vulnerabilities. Other characters develop as well. It is interesting to see how much Peter Kittredge has tied himself with the major players. You will witness as his character changes in the course of the story and get to understand where he is coming from. It is also fun to get to know Dan better and understand why Sam trusts him so much. The author does a great job of using imagery to bring several scenes to life, and for a while, you are going to have a hard time telling the good guys from the bad ones.

Once again, Emmerich’s writing style, descriptions, and vocabulary turns this book into a page-turner. Through the main characters, the author assesses humanity and the differences present in this race. Who can you trust to have your back, and what happens when you can’t trust those around you? It is also clear that the author is not new to the investigative world as descriptions of Agencies, processes, and international affairs are quite accurate.
Reckoning is a convoluted tale of avarice, betrayal, revenge, and double-dealing. The book is masterfully written, and it comes with a relentless pace, a host of great characters, and a storyline that reads like a true story. There is gore, blood, and torture, and in the midst of it all is a talented agent who cheats death a few times. How is Sam able to do all this and still maintain her cool? If you love investigative thrillers, you better set enough time for this book because once you pick it, it is going to be hard to put it down.

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  1. Jocelyne Chartrand: 2 years ago

    I would like the titles of the books following Sam Jameson in the order for which to read them. Thank You.


    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Hi Jocelyne – not sure what you are asking. The list in both publication and chronological order is above.

      • Pam: 2 years ago

        Hello – I have the same question as Jocelyne. I read the first two that were provided free. Between the labels of “seasons” and “episodes”, I’m having a difficult time knowing where to go.

        I inadvertently ordered the same books from Barnes and Noble (I have a Nook) that were provided for free.

        The books are excellent, and are we left in the dark as to what happens next after Sam confronts Jarvis, etc.? Thank you for your help.

        • Graeme: 2 years ago

          Hi Pam – I would suggest either reading in the chronological order above or the publication order. It does jump around a bit which is why many prefer the chronological order.


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