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Publication Order of Sam Levitt Books

The Vintage Caper (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Marseille Caper (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Corsican Caper / Murder in the Med (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond Caper (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Sam Levitt novel series is an exciting series of crime fiction, mystery, adventure, humor, cultural, and adult fiction stories. It was written by a renowned UK author named Peter Mayle. The series is comprised of four books, released between 2009 and 2014. In each book, Peter Mayle has depicted the central character in the role of Sam Levitt. Sam is shown as an ex-corporate lawyer, wine connoisseur, and crime expert, who gets involved in solving murder mysteries and find people responsible for dangerous criminal activities. He hails from France and is based in his hometown in France and Los Angeles. Sam Levitt is known to be an expert in his work and is often approached by high-paying clients to do things that no one else could do. His search for secrets and hidden truths behind the mysteries take him to different places in Marseille, Paris, Los Angeles, and Bordeaux. Peter Mayle has set the stories mainly in these four cities.

The excitement of the stories described in this series is increased further by the sumptuous wines, colorful characters, and culinary delights mentioned by Mayle. All these elements help to add more fun to the stories and make the readers remain glued to the books until the final page. Other essential characters that help to make the stories more interesting, as created by Peter Mayle in the respective books, include Dan Roth, Elena Morales, Francis Reboul, Oleg Vronsky, and several others. Sam Levitt appears to be the center of attraction in every book. He is seen drinking, eating, and romancing with Elena Morales all over southern France while investigating cases of deadly intrigue. All the 4 novels have been rated very well by critics across the globe. They have been reviewed with excellent comments by many noted reviewers. Many fellow writers have also given their praising words on the novels and have hailed the efforts of Peter Mayle in coming up with such intriguing stories. Peter Mayle’s fans expected more from him and wanted to read a few other characters and stories created by him. But unfortunately, he could only come up with so much before he breathed his last in 2018.

The debut book of the Sam Levitt series written by author Peter Mayle is entitled ‘The Vintage Caper’. It was released in 2009 by the Knopf Publishing Group. The book opens to show the extravagant home of an entertainment lawyer named Danny Roth. He is known to have a large collection of impressive wines. Recently, he was approached by the Los Angeles Times for writing a detailed profile on extolling Danny’s collection of liquid treasures. After the interview got over, he found that some of his world-class wine was stolen. It was only moments later that Danny realized the whole interview was just a set-up to carry out the wine heist. But, he doesn’t worry about it at all because his collection was insured with a multi-million dollar deal.

As the insurance company is faced with paying the huge amount to Danny Roth as insurance cover, they decide to take Sam Levitt’s service in carrying out a thorough investigation and finding the thieves. The search takes Sam Levitt to Bordeaux and the magnificent vineyards in and around it. Sam begins to love this case because he himself is a great lover of antique wine. Later, he comes to know about a billionaire wine collector from Provence, who might possibly be the culprit as he had previously shown an interest in owning Danny Roth’s wine collection. During his journey from Bordeaux to Provence, Sam Levitt is joined by an erudite and beautiful colleague named Elena Morales. Together, they navigate numerous chateau and take halts in between to enjoy the abundant pleasures of the countryside.

The second volume of this series is called ‘The Marseille Caper’. It was also published by the Knopf publication in 2010. In the last book, Sam had succeeded in infiltrating the elite class of France and rescuing the priceless wine collection that belonged to Danny Roth. With the threat of powerful enemies still looming, he thought it would take him some time to return to France as he had the beautiful company of Elena Morales to make him want to stay in Los Angeles for a few months. But, when the immensely rich Francis Reboul, who was the victim in the last heist carried out by Sam, asks him to carry out a task for him in Marseille, he thinks it will provide him yet another opportunity to enjoy the exciting countryside of France.

Elena is also unable to resist the tempting possibility of the upcoming excitement. Shortly after accepting Francis’ offer, Elena and Sam begin enjoying the delectable food & wine and the coastal sunshine of Marseille. But, the excitement begins to subside when Sam finds himself stuck in a dangerous and intrigue-ridden real estate grab with deadly threats looming from all sides. Elena is right beside him and is dedicated to getting the man she has started to love out of the dangerous Marseille as soon as possible.

Peter Mayle was a famous British author of travel and nonfiction books. He was mainly popular for writing stories detailing life and culture in Provence, France. During the early days of his career, Mayle worked in advertising. He spent 15 precious years of his life in this industry before leaving it completely in 1975 to focus on writing educational books. One of his interests at that time included writing about sex education for young people and children. The highlight of Peter Mayle’s career is his 1989 book called A Year in Provence. It had become an instant bestseller and made him a popular author overnight. His popularity was increased further when he came up with the Sam Levitt stories. Peter Mayle’s novels have been translated into as many as 20 languages. During the peak of his writing career, he was also involved in writing contributing articles for newspapers and magazines. Mayle’s book, A Good Year, was adapted into a movie in 2006 with the same name. It was made under the direction of Ridley Scott and featured Russell Crowe as the lead actor. Peter Mayle was born on June 14, 1939, in Brighton, England, and his death occurred on January 18, 2018, in Provence, France.

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