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Sam Lloyd is an upcoming English author who likes to write mystery, thriller, crime fiction, suspense, and adult fiction stories. He has recently written his first novel called The Memory Wood and is expected to release it in a month or two. Lloyd was born and brought up in Hampshire. He says that he always liked building secret hideaways and making up stories in the local woods while growing up. Currently, he resides in Surrey with his family. Lloyd is happily married and has three children. His loving wife and beautiful kids support him in his write prospects and are hopeful that he will succeed in making it big in the writing field someday. In addition to writing novels, Lloyd likes strong coffee, craft beer, and a quiet atmosphere. He always looks to find silence and peace so that he can focus on building his stories and characters.

Generally, he finds such a place in the study room of his house. At times, he even steps outside and visits local coffee shops when there are not busy. This helps him to be in the natural surroundings and look for inspiration to create different characters. Lloyd has a habit of watching things closely. He also notices the habits and traits of people and notes down things that amaze him in his diary. Being in the company of his pets is something that he never likes to miss. He loves to take long walks with his dog and play with him whenever he finds free time from his busy schedule. Lloyd has already started receiving positive reviews and comments from different critics and reviewers for his book, though there is still time for its public release. Many people have said that it has been a long while since they have read such an edge of the seat and breathtaking thriller novel.

Lloyd’s debut book is one of those novels that makes the readers keep turning pages frantically to discover what happens next in the story. There are several shocking and unexpected twists mentioned by Lloyd that also help to keep the readers firmly on their toes. The book starts off with a typical child kidnapping/detective story. Author Lloyd has mentioned the lead characters in the role of a young boy and a young girl named Elijah and Elissa respectively. Elissa is introduced as a 13-year-old girl, who is a chess champion. She gets kidnapped when she comes to participate in a chess tournament. After this, the story takes a sinister, fairytale turn and describes the switching of the narrative between the experience of Elissa of being kidnapped and the mysterious Elijah, who visits her in her captivity. There are numerous references to Hansel and Gretel.

The creepy and dark aspect of this folklore and fairytale appealed to the critics quite a lot and it is expected to appeal to the readers as well after its release. Another important character mentioned in the book is that of the detective, who is given the charge of finding and rescuing Elissa. As she investigates the traumatic case, she is forced to deal with the trauma of her own. Elissa’s character turned out to be the breathtaking character as author Lloyd kept the main focus of the story on the experience of the victim. Lloyd hopes that the feisty, brave girl depicted in the form of Elissa will stick in the minds of the readers for a long time. The book appears to be one of those that is not possible to put down. There are shocking, emotional, and sinister elements filled in the whole story and are sure to leave the readers prickling and welling.

Author Lloyd thanked all the critics for their excellent reviews and for setting up the stage for his book’s grand release. He prays that the book goes on to become a grand success and help him in establishing himself in the ranks of the great authors of the crime fiction/mystery/thriller genre. He has even started working on his second novel and is expected to finish the writing part until the end of the year. As of now, he is looking forward to the release of his debut book and is organizing book reading sessions to let people know what he is trying to bring out for them. Lloyd hopes to get large support from the audience and develop a fan-following for himself based on the success of his book. He knows it very well that it is going to help him in the long run and come in handy to have a successful writing career.

The debut book written by author Sam Lloyd is entitled ‘The Memory Wood’. It features the central characters in the roles of Elissa Mirzoyan, Mairead MacCullagh, and Elijah. The book opens by showing the Elijah has always lived in the woods called Memory Wood. It has been his home for many years. Things take a different turn when Elissa arrives in the woods after being kidnapped by her abductor. When Elijah sees the 13-year-old Elissa for the first time, he decides not to inform the police about the place in the woods where the abductor has hidden her. Twelve-year-old Elijah does not have any evil intentions behind taking such a decision. He wants Elissa to stay with him as his friend as he has never had any friends all his life. Elijah does not want to let her go, but she is adamant about escaping the woods as soon as she gets a chance.

There have been other girls that were brought there before Elissa, and Elijah knows happens to them if they try to escape. He is well aware of the rage of the abductors towards the victims if they try to act smart. And Elijah doesn’t Elissa to get hurt. When the behavior of the abductor continues to grow more erratic, Elissa realizes that her only hope to survive and escape without getting hurt lies in the lonely and strange Elijah. The cat & mouse game of betrayal and deception of the two characters are going to determine their fate and both of them know it very well. This chilling and emotionally moving novel is written with terrific twists, scary characters, and a fresh take on the non-extraordinary stories of abduction.

Author Lloyd has told the story from the perspectives of all the three main characters, Detective Superintendent Mairead MacCulallagh, Elijah, and Elissa Mirzoyan. Overall, Lloyd has described an incredible and effortlessly flowing story. His description of Elissa as a determined and plucky girl is sure to attract readers and make them read her sad story. His effective writing style, excellent characters, and the atmospheric and immersive plot are what makes this story an edge of the seat tale about abduction and survival.

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