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Publication Order of Samantha Brinkman Books

Samantha Brinkman is a crime mystery series by Maria Clark. The series follows Defense attorney Samantha Brinkman through her life as she tries to build her practice from the ground. Her first case turns out to be quite challenging, but it also gives her the lucky break she needed. Samantha is hardworking, determined, and her instincts rarely lead her the wrong way. She deals with all kinds of clients, mostly those accused of murder, and she tries every way she can to keep them out of jail. How often does this attorney get the results she desires? Read the stories in this series to find out.

Blood Defense

Blood Defense is the first book in the Samantha Brinkman series. The book stars Samantha Brinkman, a criminal defence attorney working hard to make a name for herself. She owns and runs a fledgling practice in an area of town where walk-in clients are few. To make things worse, most of her clients are in jail and have little, if anything, to pay for her services. When a double murder involving a beloved TV star and a decorated LAPD detective happens, Samantha can only hope that such a case would fall on her lap and give her practice the exposure it needs to grow. As fate would have it, the accused police detective, Dale Pearson comes to her for help.

Samantha is more than happy to take up this case. While she is not convinced that he is innocent, she brings her two associates to the case to establish what really happened on the day the TV star and her roommate were killed. Samantha doesn’t shy from getting her hands dirty where such a case is involved, and she puts enough effort to unravel the truth. Once unveiled, the secret comes as a surprise to Samantha and all involved. The defence attorney is even more heartbroken when she discovers that this client is not only telling lies, but she could be dealing with one of the most treacherous sociopaths in her career.
So, did this case come to Samantha by chance, or is there a sinister motive? This story will catch your attention from the first page and hold it all the way to the end. The story is very readable, and the narrative comes with a good dose of humour. At the heart of this story is a detective who is accused of murder. The detective has many secrets he wants to keep from the world. Dale’s history with women is one of the things Samantha uncovers. When details about his relationship with one of the victims, things start becoming complex. How will the world believe that he is innocent while his past tells a different story? As the trial approaches, Samantha has to rush against time and work with a shoe-string budget to gather enough facts to ensure that her client is acquitted.

Blood Defense is a legal thriller that will keep you wondering to the end. Just when you think you have the killer figured out, the author will throw you completely off-guard and throw you on a different path. Follow Samantha and her team as they work on this case that proves to be more challenging than they initially thought. What details do they uncover about their client? Is there any hope his client will deliver the results the practice needs? You will have to read this book to the end to find out.

Moral Defense

Moral Defense is the second book in the Samantha Brinkman series. For Samantha, her business is not about whether her client is guilty or not. Her job is to keep anyone who comes to her out of jail. The last case ended on a good note, and Samantha’s practice is attracting more paying clients. Her current case involves a savage attack done by a teenage girl. Cassie is the adopted daughter accused of attacking her mother, father, and brother. The scared teenager approaches Samantha for help, and the case turns personal when she reveals that the killings were caused by years of sexual abuse by the same people who promised her a safe home.

As Samantha delves deeper into this family and its secrets, dark memories, she would love to keep buried begin to come to the surface. It doesn’t help that Cassie’s story keeps changing with every turn. How much is Samantha’s client keeping from her? How does she separate the dangerous lies from the truth? Once again, the author takes you on a thrilling ride that will leave you at the edge of your seat. It is horrifying that a daughter would plan to take out her whole family, yet when the past is unravelled, you begin to see where she is coming from. Can Cassie get out of this without any jail time? What does this mean for Samantha’s practice, given the public uproar over the case?

This story will take you or a roller coaster ride characterized by lies and secrets. With all that is revealed in the story, it is hard to determine whether Cassie is guilty or just a victim. As the defence team works to build Cassie’s case, the author also lets you in on Samantha’s past, highlighting some of the unfortunate events she had to go through. Can she remain objective considering how much her past resonates with Cassie’s? How will Samantha and her team choose to act once the whole truth behind the murders and attempted killing are revealed?

If you are a legal thrillers fun, you are going to love Moral Defense. This book is fast-paced, the story is believable, and the ending is satisfactory, given the circumstances. Samantha is an intelligent woman, and it is fun interacting with her as she goes about her business. The more the author reveals about her past, the easier it becomes to identify with her. Read this story to see what happens once this case goes to trial. You may think that you know the outcome, but the story might just surprise you.

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