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Publication Order of Samantha Cody Books

Devil's Playground (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Blind (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Original Sin (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Samantha Cody also known as Sam is the main character in a novel series written by American bestselling author DP Lyle. Sam is a retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer now working as a deputy sheriff in Mercer Corner, California. DP Lyle is American bestseller and is the Benjamin Franklin Silver Award, Macavity, Silver Falchion, Antony, USA Best Book and Agatha-nominated novelist of several fictions and many works of non-fiction. The author has worked with many writers and many writers of famous television shows such as Diagnosis Murder, Law & Order, Monk, Pretty Little Liars, Medium, House, and many others. For the last three and half decades, the author has practiced Cardiology in California and he is a co-presenter with Jan Burke on a twice monthly program aired on Suspense Radio.

The first novel in Samantha Cody series by DP Lyle is Devils Playground published in 2001. Double Blind and Original Sin are the second and the third books in the series published in 2002 and 2014 respectively.

Devil’s Playground

Deputy Samantha Cody also known as Sam finally bagged her man. The jury’s decision: three counts of murder and in the first under exceptional circumstances and a recommendation of death via lethal injection. Only Judge Westbrook’s final decision stands in between San Quentin and Richard Earl Garret death row.

Now tired from the three weeks of trial and mostly haunted by the flashing images of the three mutilated children and fed up with Garrett’s arrogant defense that the devil made him undertake the killing, Sam’s only wish is to wash her hands off this loathsome animal.

It appears that Mercer’s Corner could finally be at peace and Sam could once more focus on training and pursuing of joining the world of women boxing when Beeson, the jury leader dies in a fatal crash with a involving a stolen gasoline truck. Subsequently, the Rodriguez brothers also die in a mysterious murder-suicide. Furthermore, the two jury members are ritualistically murdered with Garrett’s knife which is apparently missing from the evidence room.

These mysterious deaths attract a series of character to the small California desert town: Nathan Klimek, a great reporter for Straight Story: Penelope, and her satanic followers; Awinita Stillwater, local Indian spiritualist and Billy Thibideaux and his disciples.

Sam’s policies and hard facts spin out of control as two more murders occur and each respective murder with Garrett’s signature, the Reverend whips the local town into a killing mob frenzy and Penelope seeks Sam’s assistance since she fears that Garrett is taking control over her as Sam also experiences sensuous and strange dreams.

Awakened from another terrifying dream, Sam is confronted by Carl Angelo, the Reverend bodyguard and must fight her life. With his last breath, Carl speaks out some words which could only come from Garrett. Sheriff Charlie Walker and Sam confront Garrett who claims that he is the right hand of Satan and brags of the details that only the killer could know. Angered by Garrett’s words, Sam threats to finish off Garret but is she is blindsided by a blow from her partner Sheriff Walker who has now fallen under the killer’s control. On waking up, Sam finds herself deep in the desert and bound on the trunk of a car. Her ankles hang on the same mine shaft that the mutilated children had hung some months ago and all she can do is but to watch as the killer prepares her for sacrifice. Fortunately, she slips her bonds and confronts Garrett in hand to hand combat for her life and soul. She must use her experience and boxing skills to overcome the right hand of Satan.

You might have probably read about many strong female lead character stories, but D.P. Lyle’s Deputy Sheriff Sam strength is almost unwavering from the start to the end. The first novel in the series is both a gripping suspense and a mystery story where the good fight against evil. The characters are well crafted- you will love some and genuinely hate others for the crimes they do against the real people, story flow well and connect well from chapter to chapter. Devils Playground is a real page turner that will keep you hooked from the start to the last page.

Double Blind

Sam, the deputy sheriff, has just won her 3rd boxing match, and all that she expects now is a relaxing and stress-free vacation in her friend Alyss Cameron’s place in the small mountain community of Gold Creek, Colorado. Unfortunately, her expectations are immediately turned upside down when she stumbles upon a brutal murder. Two more deaths occur, and Sam finds herself not comfortable in the position of being both an investigator and witness.

Police Chief Forrest Wade’s prime suspect, Billy Bear Wingo, a mountain man matches the killer’s description, but is he the real perpetrator? Is he the mysterious creature that has been seen roaming the mountain slopes, mutilating cattle and terrorizing hikers? Does the handsome Burt Eagan now unusable pharmaceutical research lab in the deepest part of Gold Creek Valley have anything related to the recent murders? Does the stroke-stricken mind of a former medical researcher and a Nobel nominee Dr. Edgar hold the key to the answers everyone is searching for? Sam must, therefore, survive the harsh mountains and rock mine as well as a conspiracy of corruption and greed long enough to find answers and uncover the truth.

Original Sin

Sam, though she was over with trouble when she quit her job and watched a corrupt Sheriff take over her small town of Mercer’s corner, unfortunately, she cannot seem to stay away. So when her longtime friend and a retired boxer, Dr. Lucy Wagner finds her career as well as life in danger, Samantha runs to her rescue.

Dr. Lucy was famous, her career was thriving, and her reputation was a great one. She was the only cardiac surgeon at the Medical Center in Remington, Tennessee and had a pediatric cardiac unit dedicated to her. However, when John Scully the founder and spiritual leader of a local church succumbs in her operating table, Dr. Lucy’s success comes to a halt. She starts experiencing strange nightmares and fainting spells while her patients experience violent psychotic breaks. However, Samantha comes to her rescue and is forced to lead her into the past and confront some evil forces she never knew they existed.

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