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The House of Killers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kill or Die (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kill a Spy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Stranger in Our Bed (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Criminal Pursuits(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black is the Night: Stories inspired by Cornell Woolrich(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reports from the Deep End(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Samantha Lee Howe is a USA Today bestselling author of mystery novels. She started out as a screenwriter and spent several years doing that until she got into professional writing in 2007. Since then, she has been working for large, medium and small publishers predominantly writing fantasy and horror. Her journey toward becoming a published author was a long one even though she has always been a writer. As an eleven year old, she made the decision to become an author but gave up her dream as life got in the way as an adult. She got back into the saddle when she decided to do a Creative Writing Master’s Degree. She wrote her first manuscript as the dissertation for her degree and her tutor liked it. Since Howe did not know what to do with it, she ended up publishing with vanity press and was surprised when in 2008 she won the Best Horror Novel Silver Award. Soon after that she found The House of Murky Depths, a small publisher that offered her a three book deal.

Since that time, Samantha Lee Howe has been working hard to become an established author. But it would take more than a decade and changing of genres before she got signed with HarperCollins. “Stranger in Our Bed” her debut novel was first published in 2020. The psychological thriller went on to become an USA Today bestseller and the author has gone on to write more bestsellers since then. She signed a three book deal with One More Chapter in 2020 and published “House of Killers” and “Kill or Die” in 2021. The novels have been called “Jason Bourne meets Killing Eve” as they are enemies to lovers, nerve shredding stories simmering with espionage and obsession. While there are only a few of her novels published, she has written more than 40 short stories, 3 novellas, 20 novels, a “Doctor Who” spin off and an audio drama. In 2020, Buffalo Dragon the production company signed a deal with the author to make her debut novel into a feature film.

The former high school and drama teacher has a bachelor’s degree in Writing for Performance, a PGCE in English and a masters in Creative Writing. Samantha Lee Howe currently lives with her husband and Linzi their lovely daughter in Lincolnshire. Reading is something she still loves to do and currently reads a lot of thrillers. She has said that this is because she likes to study what is selling on the market so that she can formulate her strategies towards what her audience wants. She still enjoys fantasy, horror and science fiction but does not read as much of them as she did when she was younger. She particularly loves the works of Tanith Lee and hopes to one day write like her. When she is not reading or writing novels she loves doing home improvements whether it be her own house or other people’s houses.

Samantha Lee Howe’s House of Killers has been described as a combination of “Jason Bourne” and “Killing Eve.” It sure does have a lot of similarities with the two works but Neva the lead comes into her own once the suspenseful story starts unfolding. Neva the lead is a coldly efficient and highly trained killer that works for “The Network.” She is usually called upon to take out people with no questions asked and she usually does her job efficiently. But then she is asked to kill a man that turns out to be a retired fellow assassin who had to leave work due to a breakdown in his conditioning. Neva feels some empathy, something she has never felt for any of her other marks. She goes on a quest for redemption that starts with taking out her handler. By taking out the man she has brought her into the radar of a persistent MI5 agent named Michael Kensington. He has been investigating several executions of whales working for “The Archive,” one of the most secretive government agencies. Despite knowing that she is an assassin, he is attracted to Neva but has to decide if he can trust her.

“Kill or Die” the second novel by Samantha Lee Howe continues to follow Neva and Michael Kensington, her handsome MI5 agent. She had finally made the decision to leave the shady organization that had brought her up to be an assassin ever since she was a child. The story starts off right from where the debut of the “House of Killers” trilogy left off. This is a good fast paced thriller set a few months after Michael the Archive agent realizes that he may have had his origins in the Network just like his girlfriend Neva. He has decided that the best way to destroy the organization is through infiltration. When he applies for a job there, he is allowed back in a reduced capacity as his former brothers still look at him suspiciously. But then Neva comes back to tell him that she had some information on a plane that had gone missing. In exchange for the information, she wants help finding the identity of the parents that she recently learned gave her up as a child. In the meantime, the Network is having to deal with a power struggle and the vicious leaders have been killing anyone that tries to stand in their way. Can Michael trust Neva with his future, heart and life?

“Kill A Spy” the third novel of the “House of Killers” trilogy by Samantha Lee Howe continues in the same thrilling tradition like the first two that went before it. She had been trained by “The Network,” a house of killers. The organization was created to train elite warriors that would take the company from the national leagues to the international, from amaterur assassisn to elite. Their mission was the perfect poison that had resulted in a monster that no one had ever seen before. But never in their wildest dream did they dream that one of their brightest would work his way into the MI5. Michael Kensington is consumed by rage and hurt and intends to take out their best assassin. With the body count rising, Neva tries to convince the man that the only way to stop the bleeding is to do it together.

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