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A highly talented author hailing from Canada, Samantha M. Bailey is extremely accomplished as writer, coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Largely writing suspense and thriller novels, she knows how to evoke a feeling of unease in her work, one that really draws the reader in. An effective storyteller, she manages to craft her characters extremely well too, getting into their mindset, even when it’s sometime uncomfortable. Knowing them inside and out, her approach to the format of the genre is managed in an authentic manner, making it very real and believable. Resonating with the reader on a deeper level, it ensures that they really feel for the characters and their plight throughout.

This all makes for a compelling style of writing, one that is difficult for the reader to put down, holding them there on the edge of their seat. Taking intriguing premises, she manages to create an impending sense of dread, one that’s very engaging, as she writes with a lot of imagination. Using a seemingly simple set-up, she builds on this, creating an intricate narrative, whilst not leaving the reader behind at any one point. Definitely one to watch in the years to come, she’ll continue to write, putting out novels on a regular basis to an international audience.

Early and Personal Life:

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Samantha M. Bailey would grow up with a keen passion for the written word. Constantly reading and writing from an early age, she would develop this love of literature, building upon it throughout the years. This would continue into her adult life, as she studied her craft at a higher level, gaining an understanding of her craft that would really excel.

Gaining a Master of Education based in Applied Linguistics, this would set her on the path to writing her first novel. It was during this time she would also take a course in imagination, allowing her to become a lot more adept in what she does. Continuing to write from her home in Toronto, she’s not stopping anytime soon either, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career:

Publishing her first novel in 2019, Samantha M Bailey would make her big debut with the thriller title ‘Woman On The Edge’. Establishing her as a key figure in the industry, she would also create ‘BookBuzz’ prior to this, which interactively maps and promotes authors both in and around Toronto. Working with the Simon and Schuster publishing house in Canada, and Headline in the UK, she’s built herself a strong reputation. Receiving a lot of acclaim around the world, she has become revered by both critics and the general public alike, as her career grows from strength-to-strength.

Woman On The Edge:

Released through the Headline Publishing Group Limited outlet, this would originally come out on the 1st of June in 2019. Not being a part of any series, it would be a completely stand-alone title with an entirely self-contained narrative from Bailey. This would also be the debut novel from Samantha M Bailey, introducing her fiction to the reading public for the very first time. The story itself is a psychological thriller that uses suspense as its main driving force throughout the narrative, with an in-depth character study too.

Dealing with ideas of paranoia, this story uses a lot of intriguing concept to fuel its main initially story premise. The character of Morgan is well crafted, being a fully three-dimensional protagonist who the reader can really relate to. As the plot points are given out sparingly over the course of the story, Bailey manages the narrative with expert precision as well. Set in Chicago, it makes the most of its locations, bringing them to life for the reader off of the page, allowing them to feel as if they’re really there. Creating an ambiance and air of foreboding quite unlike any other, she really knows what she’s doing in this confident and masterful debut.

Standing on the platform of a train station, a stranger hands her baby to Morgan telling her to ‘take my baby’ before throwing herself in front of the train. This leads Morgan down a path she never expected to go, as she’s left doubting the events of that fateful day, as other witnesses can’t corroborate her story. The police are also suspicious given that she wanted a baby of her own, and it seems that she needs to prove her own innocence. Soon though, it transpires that the mother, Nicole Markham, might not have simply been paranoid, and that people were really after her. Now it seems that those same people are after Morgan too, putting her life in danger, as she finds herself up against the elements to clear her name and save her own life. Will she manage to find out the truth behind what’s actually going on? Can she prove her own innocence and keep out of harm’s way? What really happened to the woman on the edge?

Previous Writing:

Working as a journalist prior to becoming an international bestselling novelist, Samantha M Bailey was well known for her work with various different publications. Making a name for herself, she’d work for The Oxford Press, Now Magazine, and The Village Post to name just a few, working for a mass audience on a regular basis. These would help build her brand and her profile as an author, establishing her as an important key figure on the literary scene. This would also be backed up by her time spent working as a freelance editor, immersing herself within the publishing industry.

Honing her voice over time, she’d establish herself writing for a national and international audience, which gave her the chance to find her readers. This has led to where she is today, as she has evolved into the thriller writer she currently is, although she is highly versatile too. Not stopping any time soon either, her career will continue to develop and grow for many years to come yet, on into the future.

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